Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

8) We Who Are to Restore the Lost Heart (Shimjung)

Fallen men lost three hearts (Shimjung) simultaneously. Adam and Eve were God's son and daughter; through the fall, however, they lost the heart of young, small children, and they lost the heart of brothers and sisters that was centered on God's love.

Adam and Eve grew up as brother and sister; however, Eve seduced Adam and made Adam fall. Eve killed Adam. They could have been a brother and sister of goodness, but instead they became a brother and sister of evil. Simultaneously, they lost the heart of children, the heart of husband and wife, and the heart of parents, which are the realms of heart within God's love. The problem centers on how we can restore this.

We must become like children by entering God's realm of heart. You must unite and restore the lost heart of brothers and sisters, the lost heart of husband and wife, the lost heart of parents and the lost heart of children. Unless we connect the disconnected heart relationship and realize the realm of restoration, we cannot escape the fallen realm.

God lost the son and daughter whom He truly loved from the bottom of His heart. When viewed from the relationship of man and woman, we lost a God-centered husband and wife. And when viewed from the children's position, we lost the True Parents. Through the one act of the fall, these three all were taken. Therefore, the problem of restoring these three hearts (Shimjung) and setting up the standard which God can recognize remains. First, we must restore the standard of loving God as true sons and daughters. Through that process and when the time comes, we should become husband and wife centering on God, bear children of goodness and form the four-position foundation that God desires.

For thirty-some years, the life of Jesus was a life to fulfill his mission as God's son. The history of Christianity for two thousand years was a history to search for the love between husband and wife. If the love of husband and wife can be found, then the love of parents will be realized. If this love of parents is realized, then they, as representatives of God, can love their children. If we look at this centered on the individual, the stages of love move from children's love to conjugal love, to parent's love. Unless you feel these stages of love centering on God, restoration is not possible. You should feel these three loves.

What is required as one seeks the final way through faith? First, there must be the way of the founder who appears with the relationship of God-centered brothers and sisters. Then, there should be the way of the founder who appears centering on the relationship of husband and wife. Last of all, there must be the way of the founder who appears with the relationship of parents.

Originally, one human being was to feel the four great hearts (Shimjung) of parent, husband and wife, brother and sister, and children through his or her reciprocal partner. This is why the family is necessary.

The horizontal providence of restoration through indemnity centering on God's heart has started. The providence to restore the lost realm of heart all at once has begun. For this, we have the Unification Church. No one can understand why the members of the Unification Church are moving together with one united heart under the direction of the Reverend Moon. No matter how hard people of this world try to understand why you and Reverend Moon work with one united heart, they will fail.

All the members of the Unification Church, even men, love Reverend Moon to the degree that they shed tears wanting to see Father. If someone doesn't have the experience of shedding tears wanting to see Father, that person is not a member of the Unification Church. That is wonderful -- not for me, but for God.

I love you centering on God's love, and you love me. You should love God and also love each other. You should love each other as you love me. My hope is that you love each other more than I love you. Then you will be able to love your neighbors more than your parents or your brothers.

You should not only bring a logical interpretation of victory, but you should also be victorious in practice. You should become a group of people who love your neighbors as your parents and brothers and sisters. Then, even if you don't want people to come to you, they will want to visit you and see you to the degree that if they can't, they will become sick. It was like this when I was a student. All my friends came to see me at my lodgings, to discuss things which they could never tell other people. Then I would let them hear the words of God through which they could inherit the realm of God's heart. Because there is a theory which can be practiced, I could make them become one with God.

Today, in the near future, there must be a place where humanity can rest in peace and unity. Where could that be? It is the world of heart (Shimjung). The world of heart is a world where a father cannot live without his son and a wife cannot live without her husband. This is the nature of the true world to come.

What are called "isms" in this world may represent the stages of revolution of consciousness and the standard of conscience. But, from now on, there must appear something with which we can be victorious finally through our fate. That indeed is shim lung.

From now on, there must appear a new view of history with which we can revolutionize people's Shimjung and set up the standard of the heavenly way. Based on this view of history there must appear a heartistic principle with which we can create a new view of life and the world. Then, what would that principle be like? That principle will center on a heartistic view of life, a heartistic worldview, and a heartistic view of the universe. History has waited for this. The Unification Church is the place where we can teach these things.

An eternal concept which can revive us is calling. Eternal thought is waiting for us. Those who love eternal thought will live forever. It will be like that. If someone cannot unite with that, he or she will receive judgment. That person will be judged and the position and level that he or she will attain in the spirit world will be determined. 

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