Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) Try to Become Sons and Daughters of True Parents

What is the hope of humankind? It is to serve the True Parents. Six thousand years ago, Adam and Eve were to have had a holy wedding ceremony and the whole of humankind was to become the descendants of God. However, because of the fall, humankind descended from Satan. Therefore, today we must set up the True Parents on the heavenly side, whom we lost six thousand years ago, and through the love of the True Parents, we must be reborn. Only by doing so can we become the people of heaven.

In order for us to become true children, True Parents in appear on this earth and we must be reborn through them.

You and the True Parents must form a united relationship, and this relationship should never change.

All men and women are created to become heartistically one with God. Human beings who are the children and God who is the Father are united through heart.

The Unification Church is a place that teaches the way of the heart (Shimjung). You must be engrafted to the heart of God. You were born as children of Satan and grew up as children of Satan. How can the children of Satan be engrafted to God's heart? You have to be engrafted in the place where a father and mother live together and raise their children. Before having any sons or daughters, before the father gets married, in other words, before the mother comes into being, from the time the seed is made in the father's body, that seed must be engrafted to God's heart. This is the history of restoration. Victory starts from here.

The Principle is the law of restoration. This is not the same as the scientific principles taught in universities. Because human beings fell and lost their parents, the Principle teaches the formula to search for parents. Is it right for a person to be ignorant of that Principle? Further, what are you supposed to do if you happen to know that Principle? Is it right just to know the Principle and casually observe? No, you must practice it. You must study yourself and you must put it into practice. If you try to act according to the Principle, you must believe in the Principle.

Then, what will you do after hearing the Principle? Because the parents practiced the Principle, it became a law. Therefore, the children must live centering on the words of the Principle.

What is the purpose of putting the Principle into practice? First of all, it is to subjugate Satan. We must subjugate Satan who is the parent of servants. Next, we must subjugate the parent of the adopted children. Then, for the first time, we can become the direct sons and daughters of God.

What is your hope? It is to meet the True Parents. We must search out what has been reversed. This is restoration through indemnity. Therefore, the people who were born through this reversed set of circumstances must go in the opposite direction. They must go the direction opposite the one the world is hoping you will go. The more we go in this opposite direction, the more our relationship with the fallen world will be cut off.

The way of religion is the way of cutting our relationships with this world. Through this way, we can enter the original world, in other words, we can enter heaven for the first time. We become the people of heaven. Therefore, we must be born again. Even the kings and presidents of this world must be born again.

The fall was improper love engaged in during the completion stage of the growth period. Then, how strong will love in the completion stage of the completion period be? It cannot be expressed in words. If a woman joins the Unification Church, her husband with whom she was living will seem to be nothing. If you join the Unification Church, you will feel a strong spiritual power.

It is same for men. Men should long for me more than they long for any woman in the world. Only by doing this can they be restored. This is the Principle. At least three times men should cry out loud, longing to meet True Parents. It used to be this way, but now you do not think of me so much. There were times when men went and bought train tickets unconsciously wanting to meet me.

You should cry, longing for True Parents in the position of the substantial God. You should want to see the True Parents always. You should want to serve the True Parents even by making them a cup of rice or by giving them a glass of water. You should always have such a sincere heart. You just have to have a heart overflowing with tears. Then, centering on me, if you become heartistically united with me and breathe together with me, you will come to understand the standard of my character, my past, and the situations surrounding me. You will also be able to inherit everything.

Because women came to the Unification Church and followed me, their husbands complained about their wives not coming to them. Because men followed me, women complained that their husbands weren't coming to them. It is made to be like that. Men, if they want to see me, should also shed tears. Those who cannot shed tears cannot enter heaven, even when the heavenly age of the Unification Church comes.

Because Adam left shedding tears not being able to feel God's heart, there must be reunion with tears. Our tears must liberate the resentment of Adam and Eve who separated with tears. There is no other way to become united. Throughout the world, there are even men who cry wanting to see me. However, are there such people here? You terrible people! A long time ago, everyone was like that. At the very beginning, everyone was like that.

Unless the Unification Church lays that condition, it cannot take responsibility for restoration. Before, even men could not tolerate waiting to see me. You know what's called a love syndrome. They had that syndrome. Everything in the world was troublesome to them. Only when they received an order from Reverend Moon and were working on it were they relieved. Otherwise, they were powerless. It should be like that. Is that the way you are?

All men in the world are archangels. Therefore, they cannot take a bride as they wish. They are not qualified for that. Women are on the Lord's side, as the bride of the coming Lord. They do not belong to men of this world, but to the coming Lord.

When woman fell, it took place through two processes. Therefore, in order to restore it, we also must go through two processes. This is why women must like me and long for me. Even if you don't want to, you have to like me. Women in the Unification Church must be absolutely obedient to all of my words. Then she can be said to be a person who likes me. Then I can make you marry if I want to and I can send you out to witness if I want to. I can make you marry or not marry a black person. I can make you marry or not marry an American. Is this good or bad? Those who say it's bad have no relationship with me. Only those who say it's good are related to me. This is why even old women come to me. Do men in this world feel good about all women coming to me on this condition? This is why men in the world are against the Unification Church. Women aren't.

Then, what should men do? They have to live the life of a servant to their death. They have to go through the course of a servant. They have to be treated as a servant of servants. Men are in a position of adulterers before God. They are a tribe incurring God's resentment. Therefore, they have to take the role of servant of servants. Even if I tell them to die, they should be able to die saying "Yes." Otherwise, they cannot be restored. Men should do that which is most difficult in the world. Until now, they have mistreated women, who had no real husbands. But when the Lord comes, from that point on, they cannot do that anymore. If they do, they cannot be restored. Are these my words or the words of the Principle? Say it clearly, you who think you are intellectuals. Are these my words to threaten you, or are these words of the Principle? [They are words of the Principle.] Then you should follow the Principle. Therefore, men must become full-time members.

I have been treated badly until now. I have been fighting for over fifty years, but people are still shooting arrows at me. You should not stay silent watching this. You should not be the archangel on Satan's side. You should become the archangel on heaven's side and you should attack Satan. This is why I put you on the frontline. Have I ever appeared in the public arena of the satanic world? Have you ever seen me appear? If possible, I try not to appear and I try to put you out in front. Because Satan rebelled against heaven and altered the heavenly Principle, you have to stand in the position of the archangel supporting heaven, and you should establish the way of loyalty to heaven. Then for the first time, a way of restoration can be opened. This is why I make you stand on the frontline.

You are people whom I bought. You are people whom I bought by giving the whole of humankind and the universe. Therefore, God wants to judge heaven and earth through you. God bought you people in the position of servants in the satanic world and made you stand as His sons and daughters. Therefore, you are glorious children, receiving the blessing of God. Therefore, if the whole world says it wants from you, you have to be able to give. You have to be people who can give even to Satan.

I bought you with my blood and sweat. I bought you by giving my body. Therefore, you have to do the same as me. I want to be proud of my members. Let's pledge in this position.

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