Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The Mission of the Unification Church

What does the Unification Church do? The Unification Church introduces the True Parents and True Children. This is where it is different from other religions. Most of today's religions have insisted on religion centered on the founder, but the Unification Church is the religion of parents. This is our defining characteristic.

The parent becomes the founder. Who is this parent? It is the parent centered on God, standing in the position of a God-centered parent to humankind and of an ancestor of humankind inheriting the tradition as a parent over the generations.

This parent is not a parent who lives in one single age, but is one who, until the whole world is restored, gives us rebirth, engrafts us, corrects those who are not qualified to become true children, and shows and teaches us the content required to become true children. This is the content owned by the Unification Church.

The Unification Church introduces the True Parents and teaches the way of parents. When the tribal foundation has been prepared, the parents must prepare a worldwide foundation. When the church foundation is prepared, a national foundation must be prepared. Descendants who connect to parents who do not know how to prepare for the environmental stage one step higher are destined to perish. In order for the Unification Church to survive, and in order for our descendants to survive, we must prepare a worldwide environment. In order to make the world survive, we even have to prepare the spiritual environment. We even have to influence the spirit world.

For example, when you are working in Japan, you oftentimes experience the spirit world working. This occurs because the members working in Japan are working believing in me. These things occur because we are the Holy Spirit Association. If you don't believe in the Unification Church, it's no use explaining to you at all.

The Unification Church introduces the relationship between Father and children. This relationship is a vertical heart relationship. Even though the person who comes as your parent has a physical substantial body on this earth, you will receive numerous spiritual phenomena just as the disciples did with Jesus. This person will also teach you many new facts. Even having a substantial body, this person will be able to do what the people in the spirit world can do, developing it horizontally on earth. Unification Church missionaries testify that wherever they go for their mission, the True Parents appear and directly teach them what to do when they are facing difficulties such as imprisonment. Our church members engaged in a multitude of activities in countries such as Japan and the United States are working tirelessly. I'm sure you understand that this is because the True Parents directly lead them spiritually, showing and teaching them what to do.

In the Unification Church, we use the words "True Parents" and "True Children." Do you know why? This is because the Unification Church is a God-centered movement to reveal the True Parents to all humanity and to show the way a True Child should go.

What kind of a group do we constitute as members of the Unification Church? We are the group of people who have learned the doctrine of the True Parents and who have become the sons and daughters of the True Parents. There is no place other than the Unification Church which teaches the principle that we must become the sons and daughters of True Parents.

Eve fell by forming the first love relationship as a false one, with the archangel. Eve fell by forming an un-permitted husband and wife relationship. Through this unprincipled, unlawful love relationship, who was thrown out? God was thrown out and the True Parents were thrown out next. In other words, those who were to be the True Parents became false parents and their children became false children. Thus, true husband and wife, true children, true family, true clan, true tribe, true nation, true world and true universe all were lost. Through this unlawful love, the heavenly principle was completely destroyed. Where is this woman who caused all this destruction? I am not trying to benefit through disclosing this genealogy. Did Eve succeed, or did she fail? [She failed.] Because everything was lost through the formation of an unlawful love relationship, everything must be found once again through the formation of a principled love relationship.

Therefore, what is the Unification Church trying to do? In order to reconstruct this destroyed history, we are practicing restoration through indemnity. The way of the Unification Church is to take this mission. But we cannot go this way alone. Therefore, we form a family. The mass wedding ceremony of the Unification Church is the moment God blesses us as ideal husbands and wives centering on the principled love relationship.

Jesus came as the unfallen True Parent. Then, what were Joseph and Mary? From this world's view, they were Jesus' father and mother, but if we look at them from the providential viewpoint, they are not father and mother of Jesus as the True Parent. Jesus was the Messiah, who came with the idea of discovering what was lost and with the mission of becoming the True Parent whom God could recognize. Joseph and Mary were in the position of children before the Messiah, even though they externally were Jesus' parents. In other words, Jesus was their ancestor. Can you believe that? You know there is the expression, "the beginning of heaven and earth." What does this mean? I think of it in this way. I think that when a son becomes a father to his father, it is the beginning of heaven and earth. Can this possibly happen in this world?

Therefore, Joseph should have become a filial son before the Messiah and Mary should have been the most filial daughter. Also, Joseph should have been the loyal subject of the Messiah and Mary a loyal woman. They should have been the first ones willing to die for Jesus. If they had, Jesus would not have needed any disciples.

However, Jesus had to die without being able to say anything about this. The father had to die without telling anything to the son. Jesus, who had the heavenly mission, had to die without being able to tell all his secrets to Joseph, who was in the position of his father in a worldly sense and of his son in the internal sense. How sad Jesus must have been! Jesus said, "I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he wilt guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come." (John 16:12-14) It is heartbreaking to read this verse.

There is an expression, the beginning of heaven and earth. What does it mean? Does it mean that the nation turns over and the world turns over? No, it does not. It is the beginning of heaven and earth when the mother becomes the daughter and the daughter becomes the mother. Nothing can signify heaven and earth beginning more than this. When parents become children and the children become parents, this indeed is the beginning of heaven and earth. The last becomes the first and the first becomes the last. If you are the last when everyone is going forward, when everyone is told to turn around, what will happen? This is the restoration, in other words, the beginning of heaven and earth. The beginning of heaven and earth must occur one time. The father must become the son and the son must become the father. Then, what will the grandfathers be? They will become grandsons, and the great grandfathers will become the great grandsons. According to the Unification Principle, who will be the last grandson? It will be Adam. In other words, those who are born later physically are not the farthest descendants; they are the ancestors. In other words, the later generations are not the descendants but are the ancestors. Do you understand? This is the beginning of heaven and earth.

What does the Unification Church do? They are a group of people who bring the movement for the beginning of heaven and earth. Then, will the mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers not oppose? The satanic world desperately tries to go against it. From their point of view, we are a group of scoundrels. They do not know, but according to the Unification Principle, we must do this. The pride and honor of the satanic world mean nothing to us. Unification Church members are those who go forward thus prepared. Don't you think it's wonderful? But the satanic world is not wonderful; it is completely messed up.

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