Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) False Parents and True Parents

Good and evil originated at one point. This one point is love. Can you love alone? Love requires two people. They become husband and wife and then parents. This love went in the direction of evil, creating false parents.

In order for us to receive the parents of goodness, God works spiritually. But how will He work? When the time comes, God makes the morality governing the relationship of parents and children ambiguous. At that time, the phenomenon of children ignoring their parents appears worldwide. God works that way to cause good to depart from the boundaries of the evil world. Therefore, as the world is restored, the moral bond between parents and children will become more and more insecure. As a balance, who appears from the other side, the heavenly side? The Messiah appears. In other words, the True Parents appear. At that point, the true world starts based upon a true principle.

Then what will be at the center? The false parents and the True Parents become the centers of their respective sides.

People living in North Korea call Kim Il Sung their father. His name, translated into English, is "gold-sun-accomplishment." You, the Unification Church members, call Reverend Moon your Father. If we analyze my name, Moon means truth. Sun Myung means a very clear and pure thing, or a bright light. The Chinese character, "sun", is interesting. The fish connotes water and the lamb connotes land. These are in a reciprocal relationship, signifying the world. If we unify all these, the moon and sun together shed bright light. In other words, my name means a substantial being of truth which illuminates the darkness like the sun and the moon.

Korea is the only nation in the world which is divided into two centering upon two fathers. If they are standing in opposite positions, can they both be true fathers? No.

Then, do I fear Kim Il Sung, or is Kim Il Sung afraid of me? What is not based on righteousness is false, and the time when the false father appears is the Last Days. Because we have made this clear, the communists hate Reverend Moon and they hate the Unification Church. The democratic world has hated Reverend Moon until now, but from now on it will like the Reverend Moon. The time has already come when America will start to like Reverend Moon.

Soon the time will come when the American citizens will say, "Reverend Moon is more precious than our senators and even the president. The presidents of this world govern a country for four years or eight years at the most, but if we center on the Reverend Moon, the nation will start to move toward heaven, which has certain eternal value." This is why it is a logical conclusion to say that you must value Reverend Moon more than you value anyone in America.

Can two True Parents exist? In North Korea, Kim Il Sung is called father, but this is different in quality from the meaning of Father in the Unification Church. Today, we are in a fight with Kim Il Sung. The name "Father" is very precious. Therefore, both Satan and God are fighting over that name.

Who will judge this fight? Man is to be the judge and make the decision. We human beings will choose the True Parents, saying, "Our True Parents should be like this." Man should know very well why fallen parents are what they are, and what makes good parents good. Satan also knows very well that humankind has pursued parents of goodness. Therefore, Satan tries to set up a false parent. By this method he is trying to attack the good parent.

What will be the standard of good and evil? This is the problem. By what means can we determine the standard of good and evil, or beauty and ugliness? In our everyday lives, we see the standard of good and evil change all the time.

What we need is an absolute standard, not a relative standard. Unfortunately, no one in history has been able to set up that absolute standard. Therefore, we don't know exactly what is the greatest good and what is the greatest evil.

What would be the greatest evil? The meaning of the greatest evil is the opposite of the greatest good. Then what is the worst thing? We have mentioned that the most virtuous thing is love-the love of parents, husband and wife, and children. Then we can say that the worst thing is to destroy or remove that love. Therefore, the standard of good and evil, and the standard by which good people and bad people are judged, is determined through love.

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