Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) The Purpose of Human History is for Mankind to Receive the True Parents

What was the historical hope until this very day? It was to serve the True Parents. God set up the nation of Israel and Judaism so that He could send the Messiah. What kind of a person is the Messiah? The Messiah is the True Parents. The reason God started Christianity and made the global Christian cultural sphere was in order to receive the Messiah. The Messiah is the True Parent who comes as the third Adam.

If we look at history in stages, the Old Testament age was an age to separate the creation, the New Testament age was an age to separate the people, and the Completed Testament age is an age to separate the family of love which Adam and Eve lost, centering on the victorious Adam and Eve. This age is the completion age. In other words, we lost the parents of humankind, so everything must be separated centering on the parents of humankind. In order to go through the process of separation, the parents must come to this earth and go the way of hardships. This is a Principled viewpoint.

At the time of the coming of the True Parents, all the nations in the world must become brothers. This is why the victorious nations freed the defeated nations after the Second World War. The winning nations hit the younger brothers from the position of the elder brothers, so if the elder brothers didn't pray for the younger brothers, at the time of the True Parents, the elder brothers-the winning nations-will be punished. This is why they freed the defeated nations.

Everything in history was for the sake of receiving the Messiah. Religion has been searching for the True Parents, the world has been searching for the True Parents, and the nation has been searching for the True Parents. They all have been pursuing a way to find the True Parents.

Christianity prophesies the Last Days. The Last Days is when the hope of God's sons and daughters is fulfilled. Christianity has a concept of a bride and bridegroom, and it thinks of the consummation age as the end time. The bride and the bridegroom are in the position to become parents. They fulfill the messianic mission as the son and daughter and are raised to the position where they can fulfill the mission of parents. At the time of the Last Days, the age of sons and daughters ends and the age of parents begins.

The hope of the sons and daughters is to unite with the lost parents, or the parents whom they never met, and once more to receive the love of the parents which they could not receive. Now is that time. This is the most glorious time, for which the children are hoping. The Last Days is not a time when the world is burned down at the order of God and is not the time of judgment, as is believed in Christianity. Rather, it is the time of the appearance of the parents for whom the children had been waiting. It is the time when the heavenly family centered on God's heart appears. It is the time when a society, nation and world centered on heavenly morality are realized. It is also the first time that parents teach these things. Through this education, we can become one with the love of the parents, and we can develop the foundation upon which we become one with the parents horizontally. It is the time of a universal historical transition into a new world. This is the providential view of the Last Days.

Until now, so many religions appeared throughout history, bringing the light of the truth. This was in order to set the foundation to receive the True Parents. The True Parents are the perfected Adam and Eve; therefore, those who were born before the True Parents all belong to the archangelic world. Therefore, all religions which appeared before the Unification Church are archangelic religions. We can understand the true value of the Unification Church when we look from this principled perspective.

What is the culminating point of history? It is when everything meets the True Parents. The appearance of the True Parents is the hope of history, the hope of the nation, the hope of all intellectual yearning and the hope of the providence. The time when the True Parents appear is the climax occurring only once in history, never before nor again. From the perspective of eternity, a human lifetime is but one breath.

I don't know whether you are blessed of God or were just lucky, but to be born in this age and to come to the Unification Church has significance. You should know that many of your ancestors dedicated their sincerity so that you could return to this place. After your ancestors invested their total sincerity, and over the period consuming thousands and tens of thousands of people, life goes around and around, and just as the highest bud receives the light first when the sun rises, you people gathered here are the ones who have some kind of relationship with heaven.

The relationship called love has appeared for the first time in human history. What gives value to life starts here. This is the time that, through our affirmation, the authority of the nation and the world comes to have greater value. This is the time which becomes the origin of history and the focus of hope. It is the time when eternal life begins.

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