Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) True Parents are the Center of Historical Hope

True Parents are the most hopeful beings in human history. They are the center of historical hope for which no tribe can help striving.

Where has history been heading until today? It has not been heading towards one nation or world. The goal of history is not a particular nation or even the entire world as it is today. When we look at history externally, it seems as though it has been heading towards a particular nation or state of affairs in the world. However, the goal of history is not defined externally.

The purpose of God's providence is to save the world. In order to save the world, parents of goodness should form a complete foundation on this earth and give birth to descendants of goodness. Otherwise, there will be no way to save the world. Therefore, the whole hope of history, after all, was not for a nation to dominate the world. What history had been pursuing, more than anything else, was to set up the True Parents.

Here, viewpoints of the nations and the world today cannot be permitted. Viewpoints centering on the national and world levels should not appear until after inheritance of the tradition of the True Parents. When the family of True Parents appears, then for the first time a God-centered clan and tribe can be formed and the world can be restored back to God. Without the True Parents, nothing can be restored. You should know that without having the True Parents, nothing can be accomplished.

What has past history sought? What is our age seeking? What will future generations seek? The answer to all three questions is: "the True Parents." Therefore, unless everything moves toward and accomplishes this conclusion, the standard of happiness will never be found anywhere in the process of history or in the universe.

True Parents transcend history. What this means is that history has been hoping for the True Parents. Do you understand? History until now has been longing for the day to come. This means that hope was centered on the future. However, the hope of the Unification Church is not in the future, it is in the past.

When I say "past", I mean the past that is not of this world, but the past which transcends the historical past. It represents reality. It is the fruit of the past, center of the present and starting point of the future. It is the center of the unified whole. In this sense, True Parents transcend history.

The people who are alive today, people who will come after a thousand years, those who will live a thousand years after that, all must walk forward toward the hope of a thousand years ago. This is why the True Parents transcend history. The concept of the Unification Church allows people to serve the substantial being within their living realm, while at the same time actually transcending space and time.

If you say, "We are the fruit of the six thousand years of history; we are the center of the world population of three billion; we are the starting point of a new history," then you will become very serious. You must understand this. Until now, purpose was centered on the future. We have been prolonging the purpose to tomorrow and tomorrow. But, if we continue pursuing the purpose in the future, the Unification Church will not appear. Until today the fallen world has been calling for the future, future, future. Communists say that the world develops through conflict. However, at some point the purpose of the world has to stand at the center of history. If this cannot be done, a unified world cannot be realized.

We are not to assign our purpose to the future a thousand years ahead. The purpose for which we are looking, and for which our descendants also will look, is in the past. What is it? It is the True Parents. The True Parents are of the past, present and future. The True Parents are for all eternity. Do you understand?

From now on, you should not be people who just welcome the world to come, which is centered on this ideal. You should live serving and longing for the True Parents. Therefore, you who live in this age are living in the present, but you are also the fruit of the past and you should also be the origin of the future. You should unite these three periods. You should become someone living in the present who can unite the past behind you and the future in front of you.

Then, with what do we unify? We unify as sons and daughters with the love of the True Parents. Who are the sons and daughters? They are the sons and daughters centering on the love of the True Parents. In other words, they represent the sons and daughters born of the unfallen Adam and Eve. From here we can become the heavenly sons and daughters. Therefore, the position of being born in a love relation with the three ages is the position of the sons and daughters of the True Parents. Even if man falls, we must reverse the process of history and restore that position.

When you pray, you say, "We, who are the fruit of the history of six thousand years." Why are you the fruit of six thousand years? You are children before the parents. Because you are in the position of children having a relationship with the True Parents, you become the fruit of history and the origin of a starting point of the future.

Therefore, your hope is not in the future, but is in the True Parents. The day you become completely one with True Parents, the world will be united completely. This is a matter of time.

Who is the center of you? It is the True Parents centered on Jesus. All the people in history should unite centering on the True Parents. Here the starting point of future tradition is set up. An origin of tradition for unification begins here. The center of the number three is here.

The Unification Church is where people can serve the True Parents, who are the center which history has been seeking. It is a place where people can serve the True Parents, who are the center of the demand of the age. I can inherit the relationship with the True Parents, who become the origin of the future. I am the historical center. I will become the origin and the ancestor of the future. You should know that this will be realized only when you come to have a heartistic relationship with the True Parents.

When you completely unite with the True Parents, the nation, tribe, clan and family can come to exist. The True Parents are the substantial standard of value of the glory of heaven and earth united. Will you exchange the True Parents for all the money in this world? Can you exchange the True Parents for your life? Therefore, things are different from what they were in the past. Wherever else you may go, you have to come and visit Korea to serve True Parents. Your sons and daughters and your descendants of one thousand and ten thousand generations all must do the same. This is why the Unification Church is different.

The True Parents are the core or the center which determines the standard of value of the myriad existing beings active in heaven and on earth. The True Parents are the factor which determines the value of that for which the beings hope. This is why God is always with the True Parents. This is why God is like True Parents. God is the origin of the principle according to which we pursue the historical fruit, the center of the age, the master of the future. Therefore, the True Parents are the central department in which God can dwell.

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