Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) True Parents: The Hope of the Whole

We cannot deny that we were born descendants of the fallen Adam and Eve. Neither can we say that our parents are parents of goodness. In a larger context, not one tribe could inherit the standard of a tribe of goodness. If we are descendants of the fall, we must admit that we did not originate from God, but from Satan, and that we are still in that satanic realm. Human beings in this fallen realm, or realm of death, must hope for this environment to change.

What kind of beings are the True Parents? The True Parents are a symbol of the hope for everything. They are the absolute symbol of hope for fallen humankind. They are the fruit of all history, the center of this age, and the center of the realm of nations numbering three billion people. The True Parents are the starting point of a line that leads to the future connecting to the ideal world.

Then what is the hope of our ancestors, who lived in historical times? And for whom will a unified world search? They will hope to find the True Parents. In other words, they hope to have an eternal encounter with the True Parents.

What is the hope of all humanity today? Before hoping for a world or a nation, humanity is hoping for True Parents. From whom do our descendants want to trace their descent? Your coming sons and daughters do not wish to be born in your blood lineage. They wish to be born in the blood lineage of the True Parents. Therefore, the True Parents are the starting point of a new future. God absolutely needs the True Parents. Even the omniscient God cannot complete His providence without the True Parents. Millions of people in the spirit world also absolutely need the True Parents. If the True Parents do not come to exist, the support furnished by the people of the archangelic. spirit world to accomplish the providence was in vain. The True Parents are necessary for them to be able to stand before God.

What is God's hope today? God is hoping to make Himself visible in these Last Days. Therefore, He is hoping to appear as a heartistic and vertically restored perfected man, the Messiah. Therefore, a central figure who takes the place of a perfected Adam and perfected Eve must appear.

In the Completed Testament Age, God will appear before humankind in the form of the True Parents. This is the reason that the Unification Church has enormous power, which cannot be controlled by any political authority. The tradition of our Unification Church is one of accumulating experiences of the realm in which we directly feel and see the living God.

The hope of humanity is to meet the True Parents. The True Parents are the people we definitely must meet even if we have to go the way of death to do so. We may lose our history, our present era or our descendants, but if we meet the True Parents we will recover our history, this era and the future. You should understand that this is the nature of the True Parents.

Historically, man and woman lost their parents and became orphans; therefore, they could not become one with their parents.

All problems were to be solved by the original parents, but this did not happen. Therefore, everyone needs the True Parents.

When we unite through God-centered parents' love, then a true son and daughter can be born. You who have received the Blessing are now standing in that position. You are standing at the central point of unification of the parents, children and whole creation.

What are adopted children supposed to do? They are to be engrafted with the True Son. The wild olive tree must be severed at the base and have a bud of a true olive tree engrafted onto it. We must carry out a movement to make the wild olive trees into true olive trees. In order to be reborn, we must inherit the blood lineage of the True Parents. Therefore, the True Parents are the hope of all humanity. Jesus and the Holy Spirit hope for the Marriage of the Lamb.

True Parents are the core existence of the fruit of history. The entire surroundings will link to this one family and what had been tangled will be re-united at one starting point.

Therefore, those who love True Parents are those who can stand up, saying, "I will love the world completely." Those who try to love the True Parents are those who can love the world sincerely. And, those who know how to love the True Parents are valuable people who know how to love even the future descendants. Therefore, in order to receive the love of True Parents, you should have a heart of gratitude even at the risk of your life. Such a person never falls short in ability to inherit the love of True Parents. You should understand this clearly.

Today, you know the term "True Parents." This is a term which no one could use throughout history, indeed which no one could ever conceive. However, today we not only can use and know this word, we are standing in the glorious position actually to be able to serve the True Parents. In this respect, you should know that you are standing in a position happier and more precious than that accorded anyone else in history.

When we think of history as containing so much hardship and sacrifice in order to prepare the victorious foundation for the True Parents, you should know that the term True Parents is indeed the blessing of blessings among the words of God. When you think of the two words, "True Parents," realize that history starts from True Parents, the origin to which we return. The new world starts from the True Parents, who possess the internal relationship with which we can dominate Satan, who controls the external world. Furthermore, they possess the center with which we can liberate God from resentment. Therefore, you must first be thankful for the amazing blessing of being able to live with the True Parents and to act in accordance with their instructions.

The mothers and fathers with whom you are so familiar are all false mothers and fathers. Don't you think so? We should restore this false world into a true world, but how do we accomplish that? Are we to destroy the whole satanic word? Instead of destroying it, we should push it out. You should have such a determination.

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