Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) What Kind of People Are the True Parents?

Originally, if Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have become the parents of all humanity, forming a world centered on God. However, through the fall, they became false parents dominated by Satan. Therefore, the True Parents, whom God planned to set up according to the ideal of creation, were lost. The true ancestors of humankind were lost.

What is the nature of the new parents? Adam and Eve, who fell in the Garden of Eden, became the fallen parents long ago. The parents who must give rebirth to humanity in the future are the unfallen parents who stand in the original position. Because they are united with the will of God, God can publicly recognize these original parents. Having not fallen, these parents can fulfill the will of God and form an ideal family in the bosom of God, centering on God's love, and can multiply children of goodness. They are the parents standing in the original position. They have no relation to the fall.

What is the position of the True Parents? it is the position of Adam and Eve becoming completely one with God, free from Satan's accusation. When Adam and Eve rise above the perfection level of the growth stage, leaving behind no accusations from Satan, then the True Parents can come into existence. This is the origin of the True Parents from the Principled viewpoint. However, to attain that position is not easy.

What does the Bible teach? The Bible teaches true love, which is the core of God. It teaches us to search for and unite with the ideal of True Parents, and to save humankind with true love. Two thousand years ago, Jesus died without being able to perfect true love. In Genesis it is written that there was a Tree of Life and a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. These symbolize the True Parents. The pillars of fire and cloud also symbolize the True Parents. The two tablets on which were engraved the Ten Commandments also symbolize the True Parents.

Jesus came to this earth and called God "My Father." He also declared, "I am in the Father and the Father is in me." This means that everything finally has to unite. Father and child must have a relationship which can move together, uniting flesh and blood.

The truth of Christianity is simple. God is the Father and Jesus is the bridegroom. Therefore, Jesus the bridegroom must have a bride. And we are brothers and sisters as God's children. The Father, bridegroom, bride, son and daughter must unite and cleanse the satanic world. In terms of the process of history, Jesus came as the ancestor of humankind. Because Adam fell and lost that position, Jesus came as the second Adam. Jesus, in the position of God-centered bridegroom on this earth, was to find a bride and they were to become husband and wife, the True Parents of all humankind. God's providence reversed the process of the fall.

God sent Jesus as the second parent of humankind. The third parent cannot come into existence unless what is incomplete from the second parent can be completed. Jesus could not stand victoriously unless he restored what was lost by Adam and Eve, who were to become the first parents. However, Jesus went the way of death on the cross without being able to restore their mistake. Therefore, the providence had to be prolonged to the age of the Second Advent.

The Lord of the Second Advent must restore through indemnity the mistake of Adam and Eve, who failed to become the first parents, and also what Jesus and the Eve who came with the mission of the second bride could not accomplish, establishing a substantial foundation of victory both spiritually and physically. Otherwise, the Lord of the Second Advent cannot appear on this earth as the victorious True Parents.

The True Parent, as the perfected Adam, should restore the base of the first parent, which Adam lost. Also, the True Parent must complete the base of the parent which Jesus, who came as the second Adam, failed to accomplish.

In this period of the Second Coming, the reason I had to set up the tradition of suffering is that Jesus formed only a spiritual base and not a worldwide spiritual and physical base.

Jesus came with the mission to stand as the parent of humankind, but he had to die without being able to accomplish this. Therefore, in the age of the Second Coming, if we cannot restore that same position through indemnity, we cannot rise to a higher level. The Unification Church has been doing this.

Throughout history, there was not even one person who, representing all men in the world, could be victorious in the name of God. Until now, I have been fighting in order to set up that standard. The Unification Church and I do not need to go through hardships, but because I know the Principle, I cannot avoid going the way of hardship.

Because Adam fell, his family, clan, tribe, nation, world and even God's hope were lost. Searching for these, Jesus came on the base of an altar prepared for four thousand years. However, because the altar -- the nation and the people -- opposed, Jesus had to go the way of the cross and die. The time when Jesus comes in order to set up that base again is the Last Days. That person will come with a tribal, national and worldwide hope. This is why Christians are waiting for the Second Advent of the Lord, saying, "Bridegroom, please come." The person who is like the true individual at the time of the creation, the model of man, is truly the Lord of the Second Advent.

This person's mission, after setting up the individual standard, is to find Eve and form a family base and a clan, tribe and nation.

What is the Lord of the Second Advent? Because the first Adam failed, Jesus came as the second Adam, and the person who comes as the third Adam is the Lord of the Second Advent.

Adam was to become the true ancestor of humankind, but the fall turned him into a false ancestor. Because Adam became the false ancestor, God formed Judaism. On the foundation of Judaism, Jesus came as the true ancestor, but the Jews, in the position of bride, did not form a relationship with Jesus. Therefore, parents could not come into existence. Because of this, ancestors also could not come into existence. Therefore, Jesus had no option other than fulfilling the mission of spiritual parent.

Man represents heaven and woman represents earth. Therefore, in order to set up the position of a man representing heaven spiritually, Jesus ascended to heaven. The Holy Spirit, who is the Goddess, came down representing the earth.

The Holy Spirit is the Mother Goddess. This Mother Goddess prepares a spiritual foundation and then meets the substantial Lord with a substantial body. That meeting is the time of the Feast of the Lamb.

The person who reverses the six-thousand-year history, a history which did not produce the parents of goodness, is the True Parent, who comes at the end of that history.

The Lord of the Second Advent becomes the True Parents, creating the True Children. He has to vertically unite with God, centering on God's love. The vertical love of God and the horizontal love of husband and wife must meet, engraft, and form a sparkling point of love.

Centering on true love between husband and wife, when God's vertical love and the horizontal love of husband and wife connect at an absolute right angle, that point of connection is the center. That very moment is the time for which God hoped when He created Adam and Eve, and that very position is the place where the True Parents must stand.

What is the position of the True Parents? A true son and true daughter must grow up as a man and woman of goodness, without any consciousness of sin, and they must set up a position where they can unite vertically with God and horizontally with each other.

The Lord of the Second Advent mentioned in Christianity is the person who comes hoping to form and be the head of the most victorious family. If you are trying to get married, you have to do it in a smart way. In this area, the Unification Church has made many discoveries. Then if we were to name this person, what name would we give him? What would be the most appropriate name for this person? Reverend Moon of the Unification Church named him "True Parent." How about it? Is it the right name? This is a very simple and easy word, but if you know its content, it is a great word.

Then where is the base of his life? It is not centered on the family. His activity centers on heaven and earth. There is nowhere this person will not go. Nothing that he does fails to become historically significant. Every footstep that this person takes from one to one thousand will remain eternally as something more valuable than anything else in history. Even a piece of paper which he uses will be valued. Everything becomes global and universal. A great person does not become great by virtue of his genes; his seed is not different. The person who vows to save the world in one generation at the risk of his life, and practices this determination, is great. He is a great person if he determines to do it, even if he cannot accomplish it in one, two, three or even ten generations. In that case, heavenly fortune activates through that person. It is the same principle as steel being pulled to a magnet naturally without the magnet moving.

If you look at your ancestors, what kind of a person is a good ancestor? Is a person who lived and died knowing just his or her children, spouse and parents a good ancestor? No. A good ancestor is one who sacrificed his or her own family to live for the sake of the neighbors, for the town, for the society and the nation.

True Parents have value and meaning tremendously different from what we think of as parents' value. The commonly held value of parents derives from the fallen world. The head of Japan is the emperor. The emperor leads for a certain number of years as the head of the Japanese people. Similarly, every nation has a leader who governs it. Today, the leaders of the nations are not doing anything to unite the world. The True Parents of humankind are necessary for the unification of the world. Only the True Parents can make this world one. Only the True Parents can accomplish this. Therefore, the True Parents are the fruit of the hope of human history and of all human desire. They are the fruit of the victory which indemnifies everything. Therefore, the value of True Parents cannot be compared with anything in the world. It is the highest and most valuable.

You should understand that until the True Parents appeared on earth, there were so many unimaginably tearful situations. I don't know how many tears I had to shed in places of which you can't even conceive. I'm sure only God knows everything.

Throughout my life I have shed tears and blood while fighting Satan. That course was one of hardships and I cannot talk about it without shedding tears. God walked the path of tears, so I also had to go that path.

I did not go through that course shedding tears for my own sake. You should shed tears for God and True Parents. Without shedding tears, no one can go through the course of restoration. This is because God has walked this course of tears in order to save humankind.

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