Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Feast of the Lamb is Held on Earth

If there were some event which could start a new history and open heaven and earth, what could it possibly be? It would not be something that unifies the world through war. It is, rather, the great fortune of heaven and earth making a woman appear in front of a man who is to inherit the whole creation, and God performing a wedding ceremony for this man and woman. This is the event. On this day heaven and earth will open. This day is the day of the Feast of the Lamb mentioned in Christianity. People could not understand this until today.

Through the fall, humankind has been transmitting the blood lineage of the false parent. Even the noblest person, the president of a university, to whom students bow down saying, "He is our teacher," or a person who boasts of his qualifications, saying, "This position should be enough"-if we took at their origin, they all have false stickers made in fraudulent factories. If they hear me say these things, they will feel bad. However, they cannot do anything about it. These words should have national-level public recognition.

Therefore, the Messiah is needed. Jesus could not become a complete Messiah, so a new Messiah is necessary. What do you think is the nature of the Messiah who should appear? Jesus was a spiritual Messiah. However, a spiritual Messiah cannot completely accomplish salvation. In order to become the Son of God, this person must have another person in a reciprocal position. Therefore, a Messiah as a parent is necessary. Humankind was born with the blood lineage of a false parent through the fail; therefore, true parents must come. If Christians hear this, they will say again that I am a heretic.

This parent should come as the true olive tree and cut the wild olive tree which is fallen man and woman, and engraft the branch of the true olive tree onto it. Through this, the wild olive trees in this world can be made into true olive trees, completing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Doesn't this fulfill God's purpose of creation? However, if the Messiah appears on the clouds, what sort of millennial celebration could they enjoy? When the Lord appears as the literal bridegroom, Christians who then try to hold the wedding ceremony without any preparation, not even thinking of what food to serve or clothes to offer, will be very miserable.

Should the first prince of God, after the Feast of the Lamb with his bride, ascend to heaven on the clouds? Or are the couple to live on earth? If you have found the person for whom you are looking, you should dance or watch others dancing. Why would the Messiah come and take the faithful Christians up into the sky to hold the wedding ceremony? A marriage ceremony in the air requires what kind of air? When they rise, to where do they rise? These days we can rise into the sky in rockets, but we must always come down again. The purpose of rockets is to put satellites in orbit around the earth, not just to rise up in the air.

The purpose of Jesus, consequently, was to take a bride and have a family. People who do not understand this may say, "I went to the Unification Church, and there a person called Reverend Moon told me that Jesus had to have a family. I felt sick listening." Those people must be thinking that they will be the first bride or the special bride and rise up into the air. However, the Principle teaches differently, and I cannot change it.

Today, the Christians are waiting for the Feast of the Lamb. However, this Feast of the Lamb is not a marriage held in the air. Because Adam and Eve fell and lost their family foundation, another representing perfected Adam meets the perfected Eve and has a family. This is the Feast of the Lamb. By going through the suffering of giving birth, the way to salvation is opened. Since fallen humankind was born through the flesh and blood of fallen parents, the wild olive trees must be cut, engrafted with the true olive tree and bear true fruit which God can dominate.

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