Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) The Realization of God's Ideal through the Feast of the Lamb

As you know, God planned to realize His kingdom on earth from the beginning. In other words, God tried to fulfill His will through Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve faithfully had obeyed God, they would have become perfect, and God would have made them marry, forming the first family on earth. This family would have been the cornerstone of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth.

Adam and Eve were to become the true father and true mother of all humanity. The Garden of Eden symbolizes heaven on earth. The world then would have become a world returning joy to God.

However, the first Adam and Eve failed, leaving the ideal of God unfulfilled. God had planned to realize the original heaven and tried to complete a world of joy. Therefore, 4,000 years later, God tried to restore His nation on earth through another perfected Adam. Jesus Christ was this perfected Adam.

In I Corinthians 15 there is a verse which mentions Jesus as the later Adam or the second Adam. Jesus came two thousand years ago as the perfected Adam to fulfill the mission of the first Adam, who failed.

The restoration of Adam alone does not bring about the Kingdom of Heaven. A bride-in other words, a woman-is necessary. Therefore, another Eve was selected. God sent Jesus Christ, who came as the perfected Adam to restore his own bride, the perfected Eve. Their family would have restored the family of the first Adam, lost in the Garden of Eden.

Because of the betrayal of the chosen Israelites, the perfection of the second Adam and Eve was not realized. However, since the will of God does not change, God promised the second coming of the Christ.

Since the death of Jesus Christ, approximately 2,000 years have passed. Already, God is preparing to send His son as the third Adam.

In the course of history, God fulfilled His goal by guiding humankind through three stages. Three is the number of completion. Finally this time, God will hold the festival of the marriage in order to bless the perfected Adam and Eve. Then God will form the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, fulfilling the goal which He kept over the long historical period.

The Book of Revelation prophesies this culmination point. This is the "Marriage Feast of the Lamb." The Lord of the Second Advent is indeed the Lamb and the perfected Adam. The Lord will come as the perfected Adam and will restore the perfected Eve. Then Adam and Eve will become the first parents of humankind and God's joy will be completely fulfilled.

"The Feast of the Lamb" means that God blesses one person who is perfected as the subject of love, life and ideal, in the position of the original ancestor created 6,000 years ago, a sinless parent. This is to place that person in the position of the ancestor of goodness before all humankind.

When the invisible and visible God, who becomes the parent of humankind, unites and gives birth to His sons and daughters, then a substantial human being with eternal spirit appears. When the spiritual and substantial being comes together, then, for the first time, the son and the daughter born from there have an eternal spirit.

Then we become sons and daughters who can call to the Father both spiritually and substantially. In the Last Days, we must unify that which God, Adam and Eve could not, horizontally and vertically centering on the eternal life, love and ideal. Therefore, when the spiritual God and the substantial true parents become one, not only the spiritual and the physical body of an individual, but also the position of children will be restored within the harmony of heaven and earth. Then we will be restored to the position of sons and daughters who can receive God's love.

Jesus tried to unify this world as sinless sons and daughters, sinless clans, sinless tribes and a sinless world coming from sinless parents. However, because Jesus died on the cross through the unfaithfulness of the Israelites, the Lord has to come again. Therefore, when this world perfects God's love, God's life and God's ideal on the individual, family, clan, tribal and world levels, then this world becomes the heavenly Kingdom of God.

God's greatest hope for humankind was that we in the object position and God in the subject position completely unite with the will of God in the relationship of father and children and, together with the holy true parent, become true children, a true clan, and a true tribe and finally realize the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Therefore, men and women were to realize a Heavenly Kingdom on earth in which God's eternal love, life and ideal could be connected in every direction.

What is the "Feast of the Lamb" mentioned in Christianity? It is to substantialize, in the Last Days, the true parents whom God tried to send 6,000 years ago and to substantialize the position of brother and sister and the position of children. This was the hope of Jesus in whom we believe, and it was the hope of God who has been suffering throughout the 6,000-year history in order to guide us.

You must clearly understand that the "Feast of the Lamb" refers to a providence of salvation which has its hope fixed upon the original world in which Adam, Eve and God can rejoice after this miserable history.

Where is the son and daughter who can call God "My Father" longing for Him in the midst of their desperate search? The day God can find such sons and daughters is the day of His hope and the day of His liberation from resentment. In religious terms, this day is called the "Feast of the Lamb."

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve could not unite with God and instead betrayed Him; therefore, they became servants. However, if they can unite with Him now, restoration can begin. This, in other words, is the Feast of the Lamb. The Bible mentions the day of the Feast of the Lamb. This could be called a day when two are united into one. All humankind has been waiting for this day, for this day is a day to be celebrated eternally. Therefore, the goal of the providence, the ideal of human history, and the purpose of religion come to a harmonized conclusion at this point.

Unification is only possible when a true man and true woman can stand in a position to be publicly recognized by God. This truly is the "Feast of the Lamb."

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