Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) The Blessing of Jesus and Christian Thought

When we took at the Principle of Creation, God first created Adam and then created Eve centering on Adam. Therefore, Mary should have supported her son and should have looked for a bride for him. Mary should have done this, not only Jesus. Mary had to support Jesus and had to look for the bride.

In this respect, we can understand that Mary did not fulfill her responsibility. Mary told Jesus at the marriage in Cana in Galilee that they had run out of wine, to which Jesus replied, "Woman, what have you to do with me?" Jesus was saying, what does the other man's marriage have to do with me? In other words, the time for Jesus to have a wife had come and he was asking Mary why she had not realized that. Mary did not fulfill her responsibility.

If Jesus had married, his sons and daughters would have been God's grandsons and granddaughters. Jesus' sons and daughters would have been God's family. Some people say, "Jesus is God Himself," but those people are crazy. Those people are the heretics of heretics. They are saying, "What does it mean for Jesus to get married just like us, earthly people?" They would lose their hope if they understood the Holy God got married. Why is that? If someone gets married, why would he or she cease being holy? The most holy thing for man and woman is to get married.

If Jesus had married and had had a son and daughter, then who would have become the Pope? Would a person such as Peter have been the one? [Laughter.] No. The sons and daughters of Jesus' direct lineage would have become the Popes. Then, naturally, Jesus would have become the king of the world.

However, because Jesus, who tried to form a foundation on this earth, died, Christianity lost Israel and could only realize the spiritual Israel. Therefore, God does not have a nation in which He can prepare His foundation. Are the churches a kingdom which Jesus can possess? This is why the churches have been rejected.

The Unification Church appeared with this secret, so the Christians who are in the position of servants are afraid and now oppose us. If they want to oppose, they can go ahead. We can stay still. This is similar to the Communists coming out to throw down the bourgeoisie. They should be careful. Who will be thrown out? Will they be thrown out, or will Reverend Moon of the Unification Church be thrown out? They will be thrown out. The problem is not the number of people. The problem is one person.

Why did Jesus have to die? If Jesus had married, would he have died or not? If a woman from an established church hears this, she will be astonished. She will murmur, "Jesus getting married . . . ." Everyone: was Jesus a man or a woman? [A man.] If Jesus were a man, would or would not Jesus have had the characteristics of a man? [He would have.] Then if there was a good woman, would or would not Jesus have wanted to marry her? There is no question about it. If there were time today, I would answer all your questions, but there is no time today. When I have time, let's meet again. You should understand this very well through the Principle.

If you were born as a man, you were born knowing that there is a woman. Then did Jesus, who was born as a man, need to get married or not? [He should have gotten married.] If Jesus, who came as the son of God, married and had a son and a daughter, what would they be? They would be the grandsons and granddaughters of God. Would God dislike looking at His grandsons and granddaughters or would He enjoy it? There is no question about it. God would like it.

Then why did Jesus have to die? It was because Jesus' mother, Mary, could not find Him a wife. This is why there is resentment remaining. This was why Jesus criticized Mary, saying to her at the marriage in Cana, "Woman, what have you to do with me?" He meant that her concern was a nuisance. She was worrying about wine, when she should have been preparing a way for her son. These circumstances drove Jesus into a comer.

However, the Christians, without knowing this, are believing in vagaries. Are they saying that they will go to heaven and become the Lord's bride? In order to be a bride they must know everything about the groom, from his situation and mission to the sadness and pain through which he went, and then they must serve. I see people saying, "Jesus went through suffering," without knowing anything, and that is not right. We members of the Unification Church are different from such believers in the established churches.

You must remember that Jesus stood before Mary and pleaded in tears three times. Jesus' mother, Mary, did not listen, so Jesus had to leave his home when he turned thirty, starting his public life course.

Then, what was Mary to do? Mary was to prepare the reciprocal partner of Jesus and prepare a historical foundation. In order for Jesus to complete this foundation, Mary was to support Jesus and take all the responsibility to alleviate Jesus' resentment. Furthermore, based on the foundation of Joseph's family, Mary was to pick a bride for Jesus and prepare a holy wedding for him. However, this dissipated as if it had been a dream. Mary was tied up too much with her living concerns and her own problems with her husband.

The child-mother cooperation until the time of Jesus was part of the foundation to search for a son. In what position was Mary standing? [A servant's position.] Mary gave birth to her son, but it was through her body as a servant. Jesus needed a bride. According to the Principle of Creation, a woman must be created. Jesus, in the position of Adam, had to seek the lost Eve. Then, Jesus could marry.

However, was Jesus able to find Eve? No. Jesus was searching, but he had to die; therefore, Jesus has to come again. Jesus comes again and marries. Is that right? Jesus died without being able to get married, so he has to come again in order to get married. The idea that Jesus should get married is Christian thought. [Laughter.]

Therefore, at the time of the second coming, what celebration did I say would be held? [A marriage feast.] What is a marriage feast?

A marriage feast means that the woman goes to the man and the man receives the woman. A marriage feast is a marriage ceremony. Isn't that right? [Yes.] If I tell this story, people make a fuss saying I am a heretic. Christians become very envious.

In order to hold the marriage feast, that is, the feast of the lamb, Jesus needs a bride. Therefore, the bride must be found. Who is that bride? It is Eve. It is Eve who was together with Adam before the fall. The Lord of the Second Advent is the third Adam. Jesus was the second Adam; the Lord who comes after Jesus is the third Adam. The third Adam comes in the position of Adam before the fall and has to search for Eve before the fall. The third Adam must find the unfallen Eve and have the feast of the lamb.

Through the fall, Adam and Eve, who were to become the parents of humankind, became the parents of evil. Therefore, if we can find the parents of goodness before the fall, then the restoration will be completed. Therefore, parents of goodness are necessary for humankind. The feast of the lamb is necessary for the parents of goodness to be recognized. Christian thought is very simple. This is the backbone of Christian thought.

When we look at Jesus, Jesus could not love his family. Think about how miserable Jesus was. Christians mention many things, believing in Jesus as the Messiah, but think of how miserable Jesus was. Was Jesus able to love his family, or the nation, or the world, or God? No, he couldn't. He couldn't love, though he tried with all his heart.

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