Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) Jesus' Resentment

Jesus was the true ancestor of humankind, but he had to die without being Blessed. You all know this very well. This is the sorrow of heaven and the sorrow of Jesus.

If Jesus, who came as God's only son 2,000 years ago, had han (sorrow), what would have been its occasion? His sorrow would have been over not being able to get married. The Korean word "chang ga" (man getting married) has a very deep meaning. If we reverse it, it becomes "ga chang" (the head of the family). When a man gets married, he will become the head of a family, so this makes sense. In order to become the head of a family, a man has to form a family with a wife and children. Because Jesus could not have a wife, the history of humankind became a tragedy. Especially the family of Zachariah and the Jews came to walk the path of destruction.

Through Jesus dying on the cross, the Holy Spirit was also lost. Jesus went the path of death imagining how his wife might have looked, saying, "The reciprocal partner for whom I wished, or the figure of a true mother for whom I sought, should be like this." This hope penetrated deep inside his heart. He died thinking of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus died leaving his han on this earth. In order to dissolve this han, the Holy Spirit must come on earth. This is not even written in the Bible. Have you ever heard a phrase like "dissolving han"? The han which Jesus could not dissolve has to be dissolved on this earth. Jesus had the heart to love all humanity as a parent, and he had the heart to save the whole of humankind through the Israelites. However, Jesus had to die with this concept, leaving han in his heart. The spiritual work to dissolve Jesus' han was exactly the history of Christianity developing until today.

Whether or not Jesus was supposed to marry remains the problem. From the point of view of original human value and the Principle of Creation, Jesus was to get married. What was Jesus to do after getting married? Jesus was to become a perfect man, completely unified, and as a man who could realize God's full potential of creation, Jesus was to give birth to his sons and daughters. However, Jesus was unable to do this. This is the most important responsibility for a man, but Jesus failed to fulfill it. Therefore, Jesus' life-long hope was, as he mentioned, "I am the bridegroom and you are the bride." Therefore, throughout the providence we have been searching for a bride and a bridegroom who can inherit all things, and for a nation and a world wherein the bride and bridegroom can use all their power as representatives of God.

God created Jesus as a man; therefore, Jesus desired to marry through the Blessing of God. Jesus also wished to have a family and desired to be called a husband and a father. You must know that God's and Jesus' resentment can be resolved through you conveying the message that today's Christianity appeared because Jesus could not form this relationship and had to die.

In other words, the 4,000-year history of the Jews was to form a foundation for the bride to receive the Messiah. Because Jesus said when he died that He would come again to fulfill a relationship of bridegroom and bride, Christianity has been preparing for 2,000 years to be the bride.

What does the concept of the Son of God mean in today's Christianity? And where can the Daughter of God be? Jesus finding the Daughter of God would have transformed the history of providence. However, since Jesus could not find the Daughter of God, there was historical tragedy.

How was the Daughter of God to be found in the history of recreation? The daughter of God was to be re-created through Adam. We must take into account the fact that God created Adam's spouse from Adam's rib. This does not mean that God literally took Adam's rib, but it means that God created a spouse resembling Adam. Adam and his spouse were to grow up to follow God's will. This was why Joseph's family and Zechariah's family were necessary.

Jesus was to fulfill the ideal of bride and bridegroom and was to be embraced in the bosom of God. Only then would Jesus completely restore what was lost by the fall of the first ancestors, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve fell together, so two people must accomplish restoration. This is why there is the Blessing ceremony in the Unification Church.

Jesus, without dying, was to form a relationship of a husband and wife and was to Bless in the name of God his twelve apostles and seventy disciples, and then the one hundred and twenty followers. Jesus giving the blessing spiritually after his death is meaningless. Jesus died being persecuted and opposed without fulfilling his mission; therefore, his resentment is still left on this earth.

Jesus himself was to form a family and become a parent of sons and daughters of goodness. If Jesus had become a parent of a son and daughter of goodness, he would have had offspring. If Jesus had borne children, then Christianity would not have divided, but would have become a unified group.

What has Jesus been doing for 2,000 years in the spirit world? Those who went to the spirit world believing in Jesus are like the seeds in the body of Jesus, who is in the position of a father not yet able to get married. Those people are still in paradise, not able to go to heaven, waiting for the bride of Jesus. This is because of heavenly law. Then what do we need to do? The bride must appear and we must vow through the bride. In other words, if we are not able to make the vow with the bride, then we cannot claim the heavenly nation as our own, and we cannot mention that heaven is the ideal world in which we will live. Jesus could not marry, but if he had, he would have stood in the position of a perfected man capable of having a child.

The Blessing is the hope of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When we accomplish it, a new history can begin. Therefore, the Blessing fulfills the hope of the whole. Jesus could not fulfill this mission; therefore, he has to come again to complete his mission.

The Lord of the Second Coming will stand in the position of a perfected Adam. Adam has to be born on earth and accomplish the course of going through Eve and being Blessed. Without that, Adam cannot claim his position as a perfected Adam. He must fulfill this mission not only in heaven, but on earth. 

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