Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Original Jesus

The fall is the same as being broken down. When something breaks down, we need a repair factory and a mechanic. We need to be repaired as an individual, as a family, as a nation and as a world.

Then, let me talk about the nature of an unbroken person, who has the unified, perfected love, perfected life and perfected ideal, as God originally intended. This is the person who goes the way of a son from the time he is born until the time he dies, receiving the love of God. Are you receiving the love of God? No, you are not. Sons and daughters born with the love of God must marry within God's love when they grow up. Then, they should give birth to a sinless son and daughter. Have you ever given birth to a sinless son or daughter? Originally, you were to have a sinless child and become a sinless parent and then a grandparent.

Wouldn't God need a perfect king and queen on this earth also? Has God ever enjoyed a time like that? God should have such a time after chasing away Satan. It is obvious that God wants to gather the individual, family, tribe and nation completely and have a nation, people, sons and daughters, and family, which He can love individually, as a family, as a nation and as a world. This is what we could not realize.

Through the fall, we came to have fallen ancestors, fallen grandfathers and grandmothers, a fallen father and mother, fallen tribe, fallen nation, and a fallen world, and also we became a people lacking any relationship to the unfallen world. The chosen nation of Israel were the people formed to repair all these individually, on a family level, clan level, tribal level and national level.

This was the purpose of Jesus' coming. Jesus was to come as a perfect unfallen man and form a perfect family, becoming a perfect grandfather and perfect King. God created two people, a man and a woman, as His object. However, because they fell, God had to take them to a repair factory.

Jesus as the perfect Adam needs a bride. A bride whom God can bless is necessary. If Jesus had had a bride and had married, would He have had sons and daughters or not?

If Jesus had had children, the numerous Christian denominations we have today, Roman Catholic and Protestant, would not have formed. Would Jesus have become the King? Jesus could not fulfill this dispensation of God; therefore, He is to come again. The Jews, who were the first Israelites, perished without fulfilling this mission, and the Christians, who are the second Israelites, took over the mission.

God sent Jesus on the foundation of promising through the prophets for two thousand years to send the Messiah centering on the nation of Israel. The nation of Israel and its religion were to unite and become one with Jesus, but because they could not unite, Jesus had to die on the cross.

If they had united, Jesus would have become the high priest of Judaism. And then he would have become the King of the Jewish nation.

There is a problem here. Was Jesus supposed to be single when he became a high priest and a king? No, he wasn't. If he were not single, then what would have come about? There would have been a family centered on Jesus. Then Jesus would have realized the mission of true parent, which Adam and Eve were to have fulfilled without falling. If a Christian minister is here, he must be surprised to hear this. I myself also once believed in the Presbyterian Church and its view of Jesus. However, when I solved the questions of the Bible, I realized these facts. I was persecuted heavily because I told these stories. However, they are facts, so I cannot deny them.

Jesus was in the position of a perfected individual, but he, as a man in the subject position, was unfortunate in that he did not have a bride and leave the tradition of God's love on the family level. Therefore, a family centered on God's true love did not appear on the earth until now. No one could establish the true love of husband and wife based upon the authority of the Messiah, nor the tradition of true parental love and the true parent-child love of which God can approve. If such a family had been formed, then, centering on this one family, everything would have developed horizontally and vertically through the process of history, automatically forming one world centering on God's love.

However, as we know, Jesus himself could not form the tradition of a family centering on God's true love. Therefore, the central foundation where God, all humankind and all things can rejoice could not be formed. Because one family based on God's love could not be formed, there never formed the foundation for a true clan based on God's love, a true tribe-level foundation, a national foundation and a unified true world.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus came to this earth with the messianic mission. Unfortunately, He could not fulfill that mission. Maybe he was the first true son of God to come on earth, who had a movement of love centering on the love of the true God. However, we must deny the contention that he realized a true tribe, nation and world of God based on that foundation. People believing in Christianity today may oppose my words, but these are historical facts which no one can deny.

What was the mission of the Old Testament age and the New Testament age? It was to seek the reciprocal partner (spouse) of the Messiah on this earth. It was to create Eve for the Messiah.

When we enlarge the realm of Eve, which absolutely subordinates, and if we receive the Messiah, who is the subject of love, in the midst of welcoming all things, then everything will be linked automatically. It was the mission of the Old and New Testament ages to create this worldwide environment.

Originally, Jesus was born in the position free of Satan's accusation; therefore, he was not supposed to be killed. Why, then, did he have to die! It is said that Jesus had to die because of our sins, in order to save us. That is ridiculous. Does the Son of God have to die in order to save humankind?

Why did Jesus come to this earth and fail his mission? It was not because he could not speak all the words he was supposed to during the thirty-odd years he was on this earth. Also, it was not because he could not do everything he was supposed to do with his followers and their families during his three years' public course. The reason for his failure was nothing other than that Jesus could not stand in the position to be Blessed. The direct reason that Jesus had to go the way of the cross was only secondarily because the Israelites betrayed him and the Jews were against him. It was mainly because Joseph's family could not prepare the day for Jesus to be Blessed. If that one day had come, Jesus would not have died on the cross. Then as a conclusion, what was the cause and the motive of the crucifixion? It was because the Blessing was not realized. This is why Jesus had to die on the cross.

If Jesus and his family had united completely, then Jesus would have transcended the individual level, and the formation of the family level would have been possible. Jesus was to marry in the midst of the blessing of his parents, brothers and sisters and relatives, and new children of goodness were to be born on this earth. If Adam and Eve had become perfect without falling, then a unified God-centered family would have begun.

Jesus came with the mission to indemnify Adam's family, and Jesus' marriage has this meaning. However, the foundation was not formed, because Joseph's family could not fulfill its responsibility. Therefore, Satan could invade Jesus and Jesus had to die on the cross. The family which was to inherit the new blood lineage of goodness could not start. Therefore, to indemnify the failure of the Israelites, God until now has been working through Christianity to form a world-level spiritual foundation.

What would today's world be like if Jesus had not died but had met an ideal spouse, and they had become a husband and wife with love unified with God, giving birth to children of their direct lineage? When children of Jesus direct lineage were born, would God have become angry and scolded them, saying "You have sinned"? If Jesus' children had been born, most of today's population could have been descendants of Jesus. Heaven could have been formed on earth already through Jesus' lineage.

God may think it important to save one fallen man, but that is nothing compared to having a child of Jesus' direct lineage. Since the time of the fall, we must reflect about whether God was able to have true sons and daughters or grandsons and granddaughters.

Because Jesus had no foundation to stand in the environment, Jesus left John the Baptist and had to go into the satanic world and re-create the family and tribal foundation while fighting with the satanic world. Even after that, the Jews did not believe in Jesus. Therefore, Jesus could not form a God-centered family, and this finally led him to the death place of Golgotha, saying, "I am the bridegroom and you are the bride."

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