Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) Jesus and the Blessing

The history of six thousand years was a history in search of what? It was a history in search of one man. What was it for which countless ancestors sought from the time of Adam's family until now, paying the price of sacrifices? In other words, what was that suffering for? What were they seeking? They were seeking one man, who is Adam. What were they to do after finding that man? Through the man, a woman was to be found. When God created Adam and Eve, He first created Adam and then created Eve through Adam. Similarly, in order to fulfill the historical responsibility to search for Adam, they had to fight centered on God.

What kind of an existence was Jesus, born in the place of Adam? There are numerous people in this world, but there is no one person necessary to God. On this planet earth with so many men and women living, the first man to be born as the mediator of God's love was indeed Jesus. Jesus was in the position to receive God's love. It was not the position of the fallen Adam.

Jesus did not start from the fallen Adam's position, which cannot receive God's love, but from the perfected position, which can receive the complete love of God.

According to the Principle of Creation, after creating Adam, God created Eve with Adam as the model. Therefore, unless there is a perfected man who can be born centering on God's perfected love -- in other words, unless there is a true man -- according to the law of recreation, Eve cannot be found. Through the birth of Jesus, with a man as the Lord, a God-centered movement in search of Eve could appear for the first time on this earth.

Then how can Eve be found? Eve must be created through Adam. She cannot be made at random through clay.

Jesus was born as a man in order to indemnify every failure after the fall of Adam. However, Jesus cannot fulfill God's will by him. self. Even if Jesus made the Israelites inherit the complete content of the providence, Jesus could not form a nation by himself alone, For Jesus to form a nation, he had to first form a new family.

In order to form a new family, Jesus had to find a woman who could represent all women on this earth. In other words, he had to find one woman who could represent all the women on the national, world and cosmic levels.

God's loving son must have a reciprocal partner. Where should he greet his reciprocal partner? It is not in heaven. As the result of the fall, Eve was lost on earth; therefore, the reciprocal partner should also be re-created on earth.

The Lord will come as the man of character representing Adam before he fell in the Garden of Eden -- in other words, Adam before getting married. In the position of Adam in the Garden of Eden before the fall and marriage, the Lord should get married. Therefore, after coming, what did Jesus have to do? He had to find a woman, the True Mother.

In what position would the Messiah as Adam come? He would come at the completion level of the growth stage. This is the position at which one gets married.

Jesus came to the earth and spoke of a bridegroom and wedding feast. Jesus had to find his bride. Why did he say this? Love is linked between two people, a man and a woman. Is that not so? A universally historical representative of man and a representative of woman, with great hope, must form an original relationship which can attract and involve God's love.

Jesus said he would come on earth again as a bridegroom. Then will Jesus as a bridegroom be able to perfect love alone? If there were a perfected woman such as God had been seeking and such as Jesus had been seeking as his reciprocal partner, would it be sinful for Jesus to love that woman? Would God stop Jesus from loving that perfected woman?

Please think. If a loving son and daughter of a parent grow up and die unable to marry, how would the heart of that parent be?

Would it be peaceful, or not? The parent would lament deeply, saying, "Oh, how could you die without even being able to have a wife r' Parents will intensify their heart one thousand times for the sake of setting up their child's marriage. That is the heart of a parent. God is the same.

Through the Messiah, through the birth of Jesus, God now had come to a time when he could feel the same happiness He felt at the time when His lost son was boor in the Garden of Eden. Then what should that son do after being born? God does not need him to be good at fighting or earning money. He should get married. However, did Jesus get married? No, he did not. Why could he not marry? Jesus was well-prepared as the bridegroom, but there was no prepared woman to be his bride.

What was Jesus' desire? It was to get married. If the people of the established churches hear this, I'm sure they will fall down in surprise. Jesus' desire was indeed to get married.

Why did Jesus have to have a wife? It is because human history began with fallen ancestors; therefore, humankind has not had a true ancestor. God's ideal of creation was to make the true ancestors hold their holy marriage ceremony united with God's love. Through this, it was the purpose of creation to make a family lineage formed from a God-centered direct blood lineage. However, the blood lineage became different. Therefore, no matter how much faith people living on this earth had, they could only be adopted children. Adopted children do not have the same blood lineage.

If Christians hear this, they will be amazed. Jesus was to get married. If he did not need a wife, why was he born as a man? If he did not need to have a wife, he could have been an asexual person, or a woman. Jesus could have been asexual, changing to a woman or a man according to situations.

Today, there are many people who commit their lives to such a lie. When I ask, "Will the Lord come on the clouds? What would the Lord do after coming on the clouds?" they say, "What would he do? What do you mean by what would he do? I am only to follow everything the Lord does. That's all." This is robbery. They are making their father and mother suffer while saying that they themselves are good. Think about it. The fall occurred on earth, so the restoration should be done on earth as well. What is lost on earth should be found on earth. Are you saying that it was lost in the air? It is a lie.

The Lord as the bridegroom should greet the bride. Then, what is the Lord to do with the bride? They should form a family. When I mention these things, people persecute, saying that the Unification Church is heretical. But we will wait to see who is heretical and who is orthodox, and who will perish and who will prosper; then we will know.

Was Jesus a man or a woman? The purpose of Jesus coming to this earth was also the same. It is to perfect the great love which is the principle of the universe. When he tries to perfect this love, a man cannot do it atone, so it is necessary for him to find a bride. In the Book of Revelation in the Bible, "the marriage feast of the lamb" is prophesied. It refers to Jesus meeting his bride and them loving each other. In the Garden of Eden, Eve could not become the subject of love promised by God. Eve was caught in Satan's trap, leaving behind Adam who was supposed to be her husband. A woman's mind is like a reed swaying back and forth, so it cannot be believed.

Christians say, "Reverend Moon is teaching that Jesus had to marry. Reverend Moon is a heretic." If Jesus was a man, he would have had the feelings of a man, wouldn't he? To deny the physiological Jesus is to say that Jesus is the same as the invisible God, and is not a realistic Jesus. Believing this, Christianity is a false religion and it will regress, while the Unification Church will develop because it is a practical religion. Where can we find the core of love? Perfected man has the inevitable destiny to meet a woman on his way. In other words, man is born to meet woman. Therefore, man and woman are made to meet each other. When a man and woman meet, God dwells in them like thunder. When God dwells in them, then for the first time, the core of universal love is formed. The power of love causes the supreme effect.

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