Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) Who is the Messiah?

From the time fallen Adam and Eve gave birth to their offspring, a fallen family, tribe, nation and world were formed on this earth. God has to find one person from this fallen enemy world. However, God cannot find His beloved one from a victorious position. In order to find the person whom God can appoint and use from this enemy world, history had to go through wars repeatedly. In order to find that person, God must stand in front, pioneering the environment, and must tell him of His internal sufferings. God cannot but search for this one person. This is why, behind history, over several thousand years, God has been carrying out the work of searching for this one person in order to reorganize the history of humankind filled with evil.

When we look at the providence of restoration, where is the concluding point of this providence, which has mobilized many religious people in search of one world of goodness? Before this world can be realized, there must appear a nation, but a tribe must appear before a nation, a clan before a tribe, a family before a clan, and one person before a family.

Then, who should that person be? Should it be a woman, or should it be a man? Who should it be? It should be a man. From the viewpoint of the Principle of Creation, God, when creating human beings, created Adam first. Because God created Adam first, we must go through Adam. It is written in the Bible that Eve was created from Adam's rib, but what does this mean? This means that God created Eve from Adam as the origin.

When we look at the history of six thousand years until now, it has been a history in search of a man. It has been searching for a man. This is because women are restored through men. At the time of creation, woman was created after man; therefore, it is an unchangeable fact that history is in search of a man. The principle of history does not change.

What kind of a man could this person called the Messiah be before God? If there were only one love inside God's heart, and all of this love came together from the same starting point and was put together moving in one direction, the Messiah would be the first person to receive this love. This person is indeed the first-born son of God. The Messiah is the eldest son of God to stand before God, born for the first time through God's love. This is why Jesus, referring to himself, said he was the "only son" of God. Being the only son means to receive all the love. If God is the absolute subject, then the Messiah comes to stand in the absolute subjective realm as a man. It is a relationship of father and son. Therefore, this is a person who conveys God's entire love to the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation and world. The Messiah is the person who comes with the qualification to receive the representative love as the eldest son of God with a standard transcending all realms.

Who is the Messiah which Christianity claims? The Messiah is the son who can inherit God's love. This is why the Bible mentions Jesus as the only son. The only son is the only son of God. This means the son born for the first time centering on God's love.

As what kind of person did Jesus come? Jesus came as God's son, or the only son. He received the love due the only son. He was the only son who could receive God's love for the first time. This is why "the only son" mentioned in Christianity is a great word. Because the first human ancestors Adam and Eve fell before becoming perfect, without being able to form an objective realm, the Messiah is the person who comes in the position to inherit ideal love, with the qualification to become the ancestor for which the whole of humankind has been hoping. There is no way to liberate humankind other than going through the Messiah; this is why the Messiah can conclude that "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me." And we Unification Church members have discovered that.

We need God's love. When an unmarried man and woman love each other, they will defy even death in order to fulfill their love. Similarly, when we become one with God's love, we will be able to practice God's love. The unification of the world then will be realized automatically. What is required for us as fallen humankind, then, is God's love and that we become people who can love God.

This will be realized when the Messiah comes and links God's love to us. The Messiah is the person with a unified mind and body, who has God's true love dwelling in him. He is also the person who does not waver until he reaches God's love, preparing the new road. The Messiah is the person who brings God's love, which can unify the world, nation, family and individual. God's will is to send the Messiah who can become the subject of love and build the world of love. God is trying to realize this through religion; therefore, religion is necessary and the Messiah is a being absolutely necessary to the whole of humankind. This was the reason Jesus Christ said, "He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me." From this point, Jesus can become the Messiah.

Furthermore, Jesus said that He was the "only son of God." This means that He could receive the true love of God. Jesus also compared himself to a bridegroom. This also means to form the standard of a family having true love.

What kind of a person is the Messiah? Humankind lost true love through the fall. Therefore, the Messiah is the one who comes to find true love. In other words, the Messiah is the one who comes to restore the lost true love.

What kind of a person is the Messiah? The Messiah is the reappearance of a person with a character of unlimited value and unlimited treasure. This is a person who comes to the human world having dominion over heaven and earth and with a position that can never be changed by anything.

God knows very well that man needs a reciprocal partner; therefore, God had to send the most precious Messiah to this earth. Because God loved humankind, God sent the most precious being, the representative being who can touch humankind as a friend, teacher and father. This representative being is the Messiah. You should know that the Messiah is the only friend, the only teacher and the only father to humankind. The Messiah is sent to this earth with the mission of being the only one and the greatest being. If you hold on to this Messiah while shedding tears, giving up your life, and if you love the Messiah as your life, you can instantly enter into the realm of the universally historical life and love of God. You should know that this is the best gift of love from God given to humankind.

The Messiah is the true man for which God, man and all things have been hoping. The Messiah comes as the substantial being of truth and speaks the Word of Truth, but He speaks from a position of oneness with God's love. The Messiah would act in a truthful way, but based on the motivation of love. His life would not be one of formality, based on rules, but would be based on God's true standard. His method of saving this world will not be through this worldly means and statistics, but will be a way centering on God's true love. That kind of a person is indeed the Messiah.

From this sort of person, the true love movement will spread throughout the world. This true person will find a wife, form a family and, centered on this family, realize one clan, one tribe, one nation and one world. This truly is the "desire of the whole" hoped for by God, humankind and all things.

With what qualification did Jesus come? He came with the qualification of a father. He came as the True Father of humankind, in other words, as the true ancestor. However, he was not able to bring a True Mother with him. Because the True Mother was taken by Satan, the original man, even at the risk of his life, must restore the True Mother out of the satanic world.

When the Lord comes in the Last Days and greets the bride, the bride is liberated. Today, in developed countries, feminist movements are developing, but they do not have a center. Therefore, Jesus has to come again to become the center. If Jesus' mission was to be a savior as humankind's brother, he would be able to continue his work of salvation without coming again. However, because Jesus has to fulfill his mission as the father, he has to come once again. The father cannot be two persons, so Jesus has to come again.

What kind of a person was Jesus, and for what reason did he come? Jesus was the True Parent of humankind with the mission of a True Father. If Adam had not fallen, he would have received God's blessing and become the True Father with Eve as the True Mother. However, because of the fall, the Blessing was lost. In order to restore that, on the foundation of four thousand years of historical preparation, God sent Jesus with the mission of True Father.

In the entire universe, God created only one Adam. From the time God created just one person Adam, God's desire started to expand. Then, because it was not good for Adam to be alone, God created Eve. God created Adam and Eve and said that it was very good. Because it was not good to have just the vertical relationship between God and Adam, it was necessary to make a horizontal object in order to form a reciprocal relationship.

Therefore, in the providence of restoration, a being the same as Adam should reappear on earth. This is the thought of the Second Coming of the Messiah. If Adam does not appear, Eve cannot be made. Even if there had been a human being before Adam, it was not truly human. It was the same as clay. It was not a human being even if it looked like one. According to the law of the ideal of creation approved by God, it cannot be considered a human being. Only Adam is a human being as God desired. To restore this through indemnity is the mission of the Second Coming of the Messiah. He is the Messiah appearing for the second time. When this Messiah appears, then for the first time the Eve which God wanted, the bride, can be met.

As what sort of person would the future Lord come? Jesus came as the second Adam, but the Lord coming in the future would come as the third Adam.

Why does the third Adam need to come? Because a mistake was made on this earth; because an accident occurred on this earth and it must be fixed. Therefore, an undamaged, new Lord who can repair this should come. This is why you should always long for the time when the new Lord will come and repair the accident.

Who is the third Adam? He is the third person who comes to this earth with the name of the human ancestor.

We know that the Lord of the Second Advent will come in the Last Days. Then with what kind of purpose will he come? The age of servant has passed and the age of son has also passed. Therefore, the Lord coming in the future will come as the Father. He will come in the glory of the Father. What is He to do with that glory of the Father? He will breathe into each human being the heart of the Father, not the heart of the son. It is not the heart of Jesus; it is the heart of the Father.

What kind of a person is the savior? He is the substantial being of faith and hope in this fallen world. The purpose of your faith is that you unite with the Messiah, who is the substantial being of faith, and the purpose of your hope and the purpose of your love are also that you unite with this person. The Messiah is the person who comes to organize humankind and to restore the Garden of Eden. The person who can completely dominate himself can dominate his world and his love. And this person has hold of God completely, so the person who can completely hold on to this Messiah can take hold of God,

You must know that there is only one problem which we definitely still must solve. What is this problem? Where can this problem be solved? It can be solved only by God's love. From where does God's love come? God's love does not come from the false parents, but will be clearly realized on this earth through the True Parents. In order for True Parents to exist, there must first be a True Father. The person visiting this earth with the personality of the Father, with God's love, is the Lord of the Second Advent. It is he whom today's religious people place at the center of their expectations.

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