Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) Juvenile Delinquency and the Unification Church

We are now in the Last Days, which resulted from Adam, Eve and the archangel's disobeying the Word of God in the Garden of Eden. Consequently, the time comes when people will not listen to anyone's words. Then, what will they do? The fall in the Garden of Eden amounted to the assertion of free sex. We see this in the young people of America today. Through this, the value of man and woman has fallen even lower than that of animals. Love has fallen to the same level as that of animals seeking physical satisfaction only.

Satan wounds and scars people so much that they cannot return to God even when they try. However, because God is the God of love, He feels pity for humankind and by showing humankind the model of an ideal character, He tries to form a united world in the heavenly realm, creating an order of love for the family, nation and world. You should know that the Messiah is the one God has sent to fulfill this work.

As the Unification Church forms its foundation, the world will deteriorate to the point at which people will have no way to cope with their many problems. Now is that time. Look. Are the young men and women throughout the world functional people? There isn't one who seems to be useful. Are the families of America normal? Can we solve these problems with worldly power? Because families, the nation and the world are falling apart, there must come a person who has the power to solve these problems. We conclude that only that person can solve the problems of the world.

When are the Last Days? The time now is as it was when Adam and Eve fell. Teenage sons and daughters go out saying, "I have nothing to do with mom and dad. I don't need my brothers and sisters. I care only about what I like." This is why teenagers are falling. What is this phenomenon? They fall in love and fall while their parents do not even know. There must appear a group opposing this, which insists that they never behave this way. This is why free marriage is not permitted in the Unification Church.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, centered upon whom would they have married? God would have been between them, and they would have married centered on God. Adam and Eve knew that they were brother and sister at first, but when the time came, they began to feel sexually attracted toward each other. just as our heart gives orders to our body, God gives orders to our heart, dwelling there and moving the heart to form a relationship.

Human history began from Adam and Eve's mistake of leaving the heavenly way of God and loving each other as they wished when they were still a boy and girl of sixteen years of age. We can say that the corruption of today's young people results from this cause. This is the same as harvesting when autumn comes. The young generation's acting as they wish and falling is the harvest of the wrong seeds which their ancestors sowed. The Unification Church has appeared in order to completely cleanse and demolish these problems.

In the last half of the twentieth century, why has juvenile delinquency become so serious? It is because love toward children is lacking and parents are living selfishly. This is why their children are out on the street or at the dance clubs doing all sorts of things. Then they end up becoming so miserable. Therefore, we must determine ourselves to take the responsibility to solve all these problems during our age. You should clearly know that you are to take on this heavy responsibility.

Today, the universities are becoming corrupted because the same condition as when Adam and Eve fell in their teens is recurring. Now is the time to harvest the seeds sown by Adam and Eve. In other words, this period is the same as autumn. This is why people are falling all throughout the world. Reverend Moon is trying to restore all of this. I am trying to solve these problems according to the heavenly law.

Today throughout the world, juvenile crimes are very serious. When teenage young people become corrupted in both the communist and the democratic world, it is the Last Days. Everything is confused and crumbling. Fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters all are separated because of false love. Couples also divorce because of false love. The reason the younger generation is rebelling against the older generation is because they could not receive love from their parents. False love causes division between parents and between generations. When this occurs worldwide, it is the Last Days. Therefore, we must sow a new seed that can unite everything that is broken. When a bud sprouts from a new seed and grows, it should break down the false love and absorb it as fertilizer. This is the heavenly way. This is the same as cutting the surrounding grasses and using them as fertilizer when sowing a new seed.

Then what must we resolve to do? We must re-create the destroyed things into their original form, centering on the thought of the Unification Church. We must create a new order of love and life. Then a new heaven and earth will be opened. This indeed is Unification Thought, or Unificationism. This is the purpose to be accomplished by the Unification Church.

If young men and women of America, representing the whole world, are corrupted, how much effect will they have on youth worldwide! What is free sex? What are hippies? This is why in the Unification Church young men and women are not even allowed to hold hands. You should know that Satan is always pursuing us. In American society, to teach the true relationship between man and woman is the way to knock down the enemy Satan.

Therefore, we say that we are born connected by a mutual destiny to work throughout our lifetime to overthrow the enemy of God's love and the historical enemy of all love who has caused suffering to humankind. Therefore, we must attack the enemy of God no matter how much the nation or the world opposes us. We cannot fail or become tired. When we wake up in the morning, we must start the new day in prayer, saying to God, "Father, I will go forward today to overthrow Your enemy." I am not a person who looks to live an easy life.

If the American hippies and yippies are the Cain-type hippies and yippies, then you are the Abel-type hippies and yippies. Cain-type hippies are corrupt morally and sexually and they are separated from their parents and families, but the Abel-type hippies are living for the family, nation and world. They are also working on the frontline to overcome communism. If we work just for three and a half years, then the Unification Church can externally completely resurrect the Cain-type hippies and yippies and unify them. After that, you can go home and restore your grandfather, grandmother, father and mother all at once. Now, everything is turning according to the Principle.

The lives of Cain-type hippies and yippies are corrupt, but the Abel-type hippies and yippies are working so hard that their bones melt. These men and women are not even allowed to love each other. Abel-type hippies and yippies are people searching for God's family, nation and world, and they are the people who are to marry while being welcomed by the whole world, nation and the family. You are doing the most difficult job, but it is so that you can receive my standard totally.

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