Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) The Worldwide Phenomena of Division and the Unification Movement

As a result of the fall, the whole world has divided. Although there are so many people on this earth, they are all people with divided personalities. We can conclude that this result was caused by the fall. Because the world is so divided, confusion is occurring.

This is the reality of the world today. In such a world, we absolutely cannot become united by ourselves alone. Human beings by themselves cannot pursue the ideal.

Atheists insist that God is dead. They urge us to throw away all hope and ideals because human beings are about to be destroyed. They see God and religions as having been created by human beings. However, there is no way to understand this world if we look at it centering on ourselves. We cannot understand the world even by looking through ourselves or our family. Not even the deepest knowledge on this level can enable us to understand. We conclude that, after all, we should see the world from God's viewpoint and realize that we should overcome the satanic world through finding true love.

Today in this fallen world, there are those who have killed their parents, brothers, relatives and neighbors. The vertical historical conditions made over several thousand years by brothers and clans killing each other are appearing today all at once horizontally. In this situation, people are becoming individualistic. They do not even care about God. They are becoming individualistic dictators who have not the slightest care about their parents, brothers or neighbors. This is the reality of our world today.

You all also have become individualistic. The more the nation develops, the more the people become individualistic. Individualistic people are the locomotive running in the forefront of the satanic world. In their eyes, there is no nation, family, or even brothers and sisters. There is only the individual. Individualists have a thinking style like that of the archangel, who made Adam and Eve fall.

In the fallen world of angels, there are no reciprocal relationships. If a man or woman become individualistic, like the fallen archangel, they will lose the nation and even the family. That person can only think of himself, and therefore will lose everything.

Today, most people living in the democratic world don't think about their nation, society or history. As with animals, sex dominates their minds. just like the animals, women desire men and men desire women. They are only looking for fun. One-night stands are now usual for them; they wake up in the morning and leave without having any breakfast or even greeting the other. This is only one example of how serious the moral problem is in the United States. It is a sign of destruction.

Therefore, we must teach people the heavenly ideal centered on the natural law of love. Reverend Moon, whom most people call crazy, calls for people to form a new system of family ethics by teaching them to go the proper way.

Today religious people are saying, "We should become people of goodness by living a faithful life But even if I become a "person of goodness," the world cannot be saved by only one person. American ministers verbally oppose hippies, but actually are following them. We betray ourselves without even knowing. We are to follow God. If I take off my tie, you should also take off yours. If there is no hint of a spiritual purpose for something, it's better to throw it away. We would only be pretending to use it properly. You should know that you are sinning when you feet the pangs of conscience.

Bring all the money from throughout the world that people use to buy their ties. How wonderful it would be if we donated all that money to the miserable people starving throughout the world!

In the United States, the ministers have nothing to do. They drink and smoke, and they do not like the Reverend Moon. How can we use people who claim to be heavenly sons and daughters but are actually being used as the weapons of Satan? Therefore, we should straighten out this world. Reverend Moon is saying big things, but can he really do it? If we cannot answer, we cannot accomplish God's will at all. If I say "Yes" then I must make myself like that, rebuilding the family, clan and tribe. And I must also build a new world, forming one brotherhood, one tribe and one nation.

Now is the time to harvest. The seeds sown by Satan are scattered all over the place. It has come to a limit. Therefore, we must unite everything. The Unification Church is this kind of movement.

This is a world of individualism. The family, parents, children, brothers, clans, tribes -- everything is divided. But the Unification Church is proclaiming one world transcending nation, tribe and family. We are proclaiming the opposite of Satan.

A long time ago, only people from the same tribe would marry. However, in our marriage, five different races have gathered from six large continents. Japanese people are marrying Koreans, something of which they never even dreamed. And black and white people are getting married. They are doing that of which they never even dreamed as though it were nothing. In this way, we are uniting everything. In the midst of the division and conflict of the satanic world, the Unification movement is bringing people into God's world.

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