Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Reality of Satan in the Last Days

What kind of god is Satan? Satan is a god of adultery. In the Last Days, Satan denies God, the churches of God, and the family traditions of God. Today, when we see these things happening around the world, we can understand that communism indeed began from the work of Satan.

Communism denies the existence of God. Also, it calls religion an opiate and seeks to destroy religious families. This is because Satan knows God is working to make him surrender through religion and religious families. Satan knew very well that if he denied God, he would also be denied. Satan also knew that human beings would one day go back to God. Therefore, Satan thought that since eventually we would not serve him anymore, he wanted to keep us from serving as well. You should know that this evil is indeed Satan.

When Adam and Eve were still immature, the first step of heartistic action that they made without God's order or direction became the motivation of their fall. Young people living in the Completed Testament Age should have no relation with or interest in the seduction coming from the fallen environment. Otherwise Satan will work until he plays out every idea to ruin humankind.

Communism encourages people to "play, sing songs, dance and make love." This is their strategy to destroy. Satan is making this environment in order to destroy humankind.

Satan is cynically laughing at God, saying, "Can You unify this separated world? Judaism and Christianity, which You have been leading for several thousand years, are all messed up and have become a den of communism. How are You going to take control of this situation?" Also, Satan is accusing God, saying, "When we look at the religious world of today, they are dancing, and men and women are doing all sorts of things, with the excuse that they have to be social. Can You dwell in them? Are there people having relationship with You? Among the four billion people of the world, where is there a religion or religious person with the heart to realize Your will?"

Satan is attacking God, saying, "What kind of a person is the Messiah which you have promised to send? What is the Messiah going to do? You are saying that the Messiah is coming with a responsibility to unite the world, the nation, and all heaven and earth with the original love of creation, but can the Messiah do that work on this earth? How can the Messiah do things which even God cannot do?" From this viewpoint, the religion that should appear-that God should form-is a religion with strong power calling to unite the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, world and heaven centering on true love.

Do you know that Satan is tying a rope on your hips and pulling you? Your father and mother are pulling, your country is pulling, and the person whom you loved before is pulling you. I'm sure there are people who think, "Being pulled liked this, I should reconsider following Reverend Moon. I'll think it over for a while and then follow. Why should an intelligent person like me voluntarily go a sacrificial way, living a difficult life?" There are people who say, "I want to live a relaxed life, enjoying myself from time to time. I can understand that the way of following Rev. Moon is good, but I don't like working so hard." Please raise your hand if you can say that Satan has not tied at least one rope on your hips.

No one raised a hand. Therefore, you cannot make big claims. You yourselves are miserable. How can you walk around being proud of yourselves? Can you become like me by doing that? Among you are people who have received a doctorate. Even Ph.D.s must cut this rope and overcome.

Until you cut Satan's rope, both men and women should bury their love symbol in cement. But don't worry -- no matter how hard the cement is, when there comes the spring of a heavenly nation, it will dissolve naturally.

There are two kinds of love. One is love which Satan likes and the other is love which God likes. You should know that there is a happiness, ideal and love which Satan likes, and another happiness, ideal and love which God likes. God's criteria are based on eternal things and Satan's criteria are instantaneous or temporary things. Which happiness would you choose? I'm sure you would choose the eternal happiness, and you should. You should prepare and try hard to search for eternal love. If you only seek instantaneous love, you will eventually die. When an instantaneous impulse or desire arises within you, pray for the power to seek eternal love and to avoid the darkness of death.

To overcome the satanic fallen world is much more difficult than winning any war in history. The war to overcome the satanic world is the last war, in which God will be the commander, giving commands directly to go forward. You should all know that this time has come.

If I did not know the Principle, terrible things would have happened. There would have been not only temptations from man, but countless temptations and trials from Satan. Satan, who has been accusing God for six thousand years, has enormous power. Most people fall down once they face a big hardship. The reason I was able to succeed until now was because I knew the heavenly law based upon the Principle. This is why I was not caught by temptations. You should be proud of this. 

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