Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The Phenomena of the Last Days: The Fall of the Younger Generation

When did Adam and Eve fall? It was during their teens. They were not old. Centering upon what did they fall? They fell centering on love, and two different kinds of love appeared. As a result of the illicit love relationship, evil seeds were sown throughout the world.

This gradually expanded, causing the world to divide into two and creating the problem of right and left. When a storm sweeps across the world from the most developed to the least developed nations, centering on the problem of love, you know that it is the Last Days of the world. We reap what we sowed.

When did Adam and Eve fall? They fell during their teen years. A false love was sown and humankind was born through this false love. The time must come to harvest the fruit.

Today, no matter where we go, the most serious social problem is the ethical problem of the younger generation. Through the universal law of cause and effect, the sown seed bore the exactly corresponding results. We must solve and overcome this.

Now young people are falling, hiding behind trees. This is because Adam and Eve had an illicit relationship behind trees, without the permission of their Parent. Because Adam and Eve sowed this seed, we now are harvesting the same action. The time is coming when the same phenomena will occur throughout the world, transcending national borders, age, ideology and principles. This is the Last Days. Has this time arrived or not?

Today, juvenile delinquency is widespread. This is a result of the fall. The problem of university students, people in their teens and twenties, is very serious. Those young people even sell out their own country if they have the desire. When they protest, the nation is puzzled. Isn't that the case? When the younger generation demonstrates, the whole nation rocks. Demonstrations and subversive activities started by young people are taking place everywhere.

Sexual problems are also an issue. When they fall, how do they do it? They do as they wish, without their parents' permission. Even when husband and wife love each other, they do as they wish. Love is the origin and power of life and should follow heavenly law. But it is becoming a game out on the streets with people dancing around and engaging in corrupt activities. These phenomena indicate that it is the Last Days.

Today, what is the reality? We already are too late. Young people are poisoned by drugs, and satanic love and free sex are rampant. The whole free world is polluted by the corrupt standards in the United States.

Americans are traveling around the world seducing women of every nation. They are becoming unfaithful. If we cannot solve this problem, the United States and the world will be destroyed. The reason Sodom and Gomorrah perished was because of luxury, disbelief and false love. Rome perished also not because of any outside power, but because love toward the family, society and nation were destroyed and the people's power of life diminished and perished. In these respects, America is no different from Rome.

Humankind, inheriting the fallen blood lineage sown from the evil seed, has now reached the time of harvesting the result. I know that as of recently the fall of young people is increasing in Japan, also. This means that the autumn time is coming, when we have to harvest, on the worldwide level, the evil seed sown by the mistake in the Garden of Eden. When this time comes, there should appear people or movements calling for new, ideal relationships between men and women. The fact that a movement calling for ideal relationships has appeared is tremendously happy news for the whole world.

After World War II, the United States fell into the situation we see today because of its idea that "the world is ours," centering on itself only, without trying to move toward the land of the world-level Canaan. America does not have a true goal.

I shed tears standing on Fifth Avenue in New York City. New York is proud of having the Empire State Building and World Trade Center, but what are they going to do now? Accidents will happen when God leaves those places. God blessed this country for a reason. America was to do everything, even the construction of buildings, in the name of God, but America is going in the opposite direction and becoming spoiled.

If you took around the streets during rush hour, you see young people gathering, becoming corrupted. Did God bless this country so that this would happen? There should be young people standing up to start a new movement for purity, determined to save the world, but there are none. If there were even a few young people gathering around one rock symbolizing an altar, praying with tears to save the future world, this would bring one point of happiness.

You should know that God has now left New York City. There is a rumor now around the world that New York is a city of the devil. God did not bless this country hoping to create a city where murders are a common occurrence and women are raped in the middle of the day. The country has all the reasons to perish.

Young people are corrupted. I am sure you know that drug problems among young people are now very serious. Families have broken down and racism will become a greater and greater problem from now on. Furthermore, there is an increasing possibility that the country will be threatened by communism and economic panic will occur. Why do these things happen? It is because God has departed.

God should be dwelling throughout the United States, but He is leaving from every comer of America. God has left from your hearts. God has left the family, society, church and government.

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