Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

9) The Privilege of True Love

Love grants the privilege to participate together. If a father is in a higher position, a child in a lower position can jump up to that father's position. Because of this surprising fact that the privilege to be together is included in love, love is eternal even when I am separated and far away.

If you join a relationship of love with God, you would have the privilege of dominion and independence, and then the right of inheritance. Only those who possess God's love can have the privilege to inherit the power of all heaven and earth which God created.

How can I stand in a reciprocal position before the absolute God? By making effort? Or by power? Nothing of the sort would make it possible. However, if you create a relationship of love you can go to an equal position immediately.

If you want to stand in an equal position or the same position as God, you must possess the love of God.

You must know that if the Unification Church combines the power of love with God's true love, then the right of ownership has already been determined. It is same as the husband's right of ownership becoming the wife's right of ownership when they have a relationship of true love. A husband and wife united with love share the ownership of all their property. Similarly, a person linked with God by true love inherits God's right of ownership.

The problem is, how can an omniscient and omnipotent God unite with human beings who are a limited existence? If an invisible being and a visible being cannot unite, the unification of the universe is not possible no matter how much we long for it.

What kind of person can unite with God? Only a true person can unite with God. The true person who can unite with God is a person with true love.

I am sure there is no one who is against the conclusion that "only a true person with true love can unite with God." I'm sure no one, no matter what historical background, color of skin, tradition, customs, language or culture, would be against this suggestion.

Centering on God's love, if a person makes a love relationship with God, he or she can stand in the same position as God. Why is it that Nancy, the wife of President Reagan, can have the same political rights as the president before the American people? This is because, centering on love, she is in a relationship of husband and wife with President Reagan. If one is united centering on love, he or she comes to have the right to stand in the same position as their beloved. Love contains this right.

Along with this right, love contains the right of inheritance. If you start to have a love relationship with God, you not only come to stand in the same position as God, but also come to inherit everything that God owns. Humanity originally is privileged to have everything that God has; therefore, it is obvious why human beings have the desire to become the supreme existence.

Even fallen man has the desire to stand in the highest, most honorable position. Whether academic, non-academic, black or white, the desire to have the highest position is the same. The problem is that only love can satisfy this desire of humankind.

When you take hold of the core of love, you are able to control God. Even if the wife of a handsome husband is ugly, she can control her husband if they have a relationship of love. Love has this power.

An innocent country girl, living so miserably as not even to have shoes, would be able to jump all at once to become the wife of a president if she makes a love relationship with a person having the possibility to become president. No matter how excellent the United States president, who can scold the whole world, and how ordinary his wife, through the relationship of love she has the right to participate with him wherever he goes. Love has this power.

The reason we feel sad is because God is feeling sad. This problem has been ignored until now. Since man and woman lost their original and absolute value as an object to the absolute God, we cannot stand before the universe with dignity.

Then how can I stand in the reciprocal position before this God who is in a high position? By making effort? Through power? Nothing can make it possible. Only love, only the rope of a love relationship, can raise you up to be in an equal position reciprocal to God.

Don't you think the world is like this, also? Even if you do not have any value, personality or intellect, then if you are close to zero in all aspects, if you make a love relationship with a great man, you can immediately have value as his object.

In other words, if there is a great "John," his wife automatically would become "Mrs. John." Other women would not be able to compete against the woman with this great husband. Don't you agree? Now, consider that we may be linked with God by love. The love between us and God would be stronger than the love between father and child in this world. Therefore, centered on this love, there is no reason why we could not be raised to a position equal to God immediately.

Love is unchanging and eternal, and therefore absolute. Thus we see the present as a time when we, who had forgotten our great original value, should restore the origin of our lives. 

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