Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

8) The Perfection of True Love

True Love is at the summit of the world of love; it starts from the highest point in the world. As thunder and lightning come down from heaven, true love also thunders down like lightning from a very high place.

When human beings love with true love, their cells are one hundred percent activated. Even in this fallen world, when a man and woman love each other, they say that electricity goes through them. The electricity that occurs for them is what comes from the archangel; therefore, it is only uni-cellular. The electricity that occurs in the original world is the lightning of a universal-level love and its power would be several thousand times stronger than normal lightning. Moreover, the sound made by all the cells of each organism would be the same as thunder. It is the Principle view that man and woman loving in the original world would not be able to meet God unless they put all their energy toward the point where the lightning of love meets. This also is the perfection of the purpose of creation.

From whom do you think true love, which forgives and embraces everything, starts? True love does not start from human beings. True love starts from God, who is the subject. God created human beings with true love; therefore, God desires to receive true love from humankind. Then, by God's returning that true love once again to man, God and man both perfect true love.

What is the holiest thing in this world? The holiest thing in this world is true love. True love starts from God. If God exists, there is no other way. God sincerely desires man to go the way of true love, and we must know that we cannot stand before God unless we go the way of true love. God desires to see, listen, eat and touch through love. Man desires this also. If we receive a kiss from God, we feel as though our insides are exploding with joy. This is where God's desire is. God does not feel happiness by possessing diamonds or jewels.

Any power melts before true love. just looking at or touching it makes you happy.

True Love completes the ideal of the unification of the universe. If a painting does not include the taste of true love, you would want to throw up even if it is a so-called masterpiece. If true love disappears between a husband and wife, their relationship is over.

What is the most precious thing for woman? It is man. Then what sort of man do you need? How he looks or how healthy he is, is not important. What is important is whether you can find valuable love in that man. This is the same in woman. A woman with true love is a true woman. Then, what is that true love? It is appropriate to define true love as that which can love very low things even more than high things.

Why is it so? Love is an action. A person who only looks at high things cannot unite with low things. Therefore, this person cannot become true. Love can be found through reciprocal action; therefore, if love can relate with high places from a lower place, it can be eternal and can go anywhere. Then, for the first time love becomes genuine. Therefore, we can come up with the concept of eternity when we try to make the love of the lower higher than love of the higher.

In this respect, what kind of an existence is God? God is not a God who can only love those people living in heaven because He is in a high position. God tries to love even those living in the bottom of hell. God must be the one who can love everything. Why should God be able to love the lower more than the higher? Because of the principle of action, God must be the one with a concept of eternity.

What is true love? It is love which makes you feel, when you meet a person, that you want to be with that person for hundreds and thousands of years. It is the love between husband and wife that makes them want to love each other eternally. In true love, there cannot be any hell or Satan.

The body of a human being has five senses. Man is made to feel and recognize true love through these five senses. An eye looking toward true love would be covered and intoxicated by it. How beautifully an eye shines when it is intoxicated by true love!

When a mouth is intoxicated in true love, think how enraptured those smiling lips are. Think how beautiful it would be to see the harmony of five senses moving toward God intoxicated by true love. God alone cannot experience the joy coming from this beauty. It can only be experienced when there is a partner. This is the purpose of God's creating humankind.

If there are a beautiful man and woman who want to touch the eye, kiss the lips, or play the melody of the mind intoxicated by true love, what would God do? If there is an Eve of true love, God would have the desire to at once travel the world of her heart. God would be driven to see how deep and wide is the heart of this beautiful Eve.

God would want to travel in the world of Adam and Eve's heart, which has more beauty than the heaven and earth God created. Definitely, God would want to travel in the world of the heart of a person of true love more than He would want to travel the universe, and God would not want to depart from the world of Adam and Eve's heart of true love. After God created humankind, if God became intoxicated in man and woman's true love, what would have happened to this world? God would have been living in man and woman, and the world which God and they created together definitely would have been a world filled with happiness and beauty.

If true love is perfected, the sensitive God would not regret being submerged in that true love. No matter what happened, God, if He was in true love, would always be happy. In the world of true love, humankind would live happily ever after for the rest of their lives without regret. There would be no history of war, complaints or unhappiness.

If true love were perfected in the history of humankind, then all the problems of politics, economy and culture, including struggles and fights, would be solved. All the difficult problems in the world now can be fundamentally solved only through the perfection of true love.

We must search for true love. Where are we to go to find true love? True love has no day or night; it is eternal and unchanging. It cannot be true love if it is only for myself. True love cannot be my individual possession. True love is for all people and for the whole universe. True love is what connects family, society, nation, world and the universe.

The phrase "love each other" in Christianity does not mean that each is to receive love. Love is for the sake of others; therefore, it means for each to "serve for the sake of others." What kind of a world would it be if all the people served and sacrificed for the sake of others and the whole instead of one's self? It would be a world of peace. If the whole world came to love each other with true love, even at the price of death, there would be a burning fire of rebirth. If all people loved each other, the flower of happiness and peace would blossom and fill the world with a beautiful fragrance. The world where true love is realized is indeed where the ideal of humankind is realized. However, when each asks to be loved first, struggles, fights, jealousy and doubts result. Truth does not exist far away from us. It exists within us.

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