Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) Mind and Body Must Unite

Today we know that within the body of a single individual, the power of the original mind, which desires goodness, is at violent war with the power of the wicked mind, which desires evil. These two minds are in great contradiction. When did this contradiction between the human mind and body begin? It began at the time of the fall. Through the fall of our first human ancestors, we came to have a mind and body that always fight and struggle, causing fights between families, societies and nations, and shedding the blood of unhappiness.

We must clearly know the reason that our mind and body cannot unite. If God exists, why would God have created persons whose minds and bodies cannot unite? An individual is born on this earth without knowing what human beings are like and what man and woman are like. If the only way for a man or woman to unite is through the way of love, then why couldn't we be born with an original foundation to be united? Why couldn't God create humankind like that? This is the problem. (Why did God create humankind to absolutely require the love of God?) When we think from this point of view, we can come up with the theory that neither God nor man and woman have been able to stand in their original normal position.

For us human beings, the most important thing is love; therefore, unless man and woman each search for love in a reciprocal position, they can never find God's love. God's love can only come to a place where the mind and body of true man and true woman come together in unity without any struggles.

You must become a parent with mind and body united, being able to love your true children by connecting the true husband's love, true wife's love and true God's love. When this is realized, a perfect family can be formed. True love appears where mind and body are united. True love should dwell in the heart and mind of a husband and wife; and by becoming one, they should give birth to their sons and daughters.

Furthermore, you must revere God more than your husband or wife. This is necessary for you, but it will be different when the age of your sons and daughters comes. You should love True Parents much more than you love your husband. The Principle says that after this, you can love your husband and your sons and daughters.

Do you know about the three points? Where these three points can come together is where God, Adam and Eve can come together. The place where God can unite with Adam and Eve is where Adam and Eve's mind and body unite. This is the place where their heart and Shimjung unite as well.

Then, where is the place a perfected man and woman live? It is the place where man and woman can, centering on the public heavenly providence, receive the love of God, completely unite their minds and bodies, and serve God as the subject. When a man and woman come to live in this place, they stand in the position of perfected Adam and Eve. When such people form a family and make a new start, this becomes an historical beginning. This becomes the historical first step of life. Adam and Eve were to realize this first step, but because of the fall they failed to do so. Therefore, in order to restore this, you must go searching for this place today.

Man's mind and body are in a relationship of subject and object, and this produces the power of existence by continuing the action of vertical and horizontal. Woman, too, has a mind and body forming a vertical and horizontal relationship and the power of existence results from that. Both man and woman have the reciprocal relationship of vertical and horizontal which is formed through the power of love. Only love can maintain the eternal ideal relationship of the mind and body.

Suppose a person is a poor farmer cutting grass in the countryside. If there is a burning emotion of love bursting in the mind and body of the farmer, his mind's five senses and physical five senses will completely unite, making him feel joy he never experienced before.

If there is a place in yourselves where God's love dwells, when God's heart swings once like the pendulum of a clock, your heart will also swing once. Therefore, you start to go around with God. Once you start to go around, you continue to turn. The further you go, the more the centrifugal force will activate, demanding that you love your family, society, nation and world more and more deeply.

When your mind and body become united and when you reach the point where you are to open the gate of love, your mind will resonate with the universe and you will become a writer or poet. When you can write a poem or story about love, it means that you are displaying the ability to connect love beautifully and happily.

When an eye of love opens, your mind and body will want to form a multi-dimensional relationship in the universe. You naturally will feel the law of nature and will smile watching the falling leaves dance in the autumn wind. You will also feet as though you yourself were becoming a flower and you will want to feel the beauty of the spring flowers.

Why do both man and woman enjoy love? A human being's body is formed from approximately four hundred trillion cells. All of these cells activate when a human being loves with true love. You should know that the time when a man and a woman love is the time they can activate all the cells of their bodies.

When your mind and body unite and shed tears of longing for someone, your bones will start making sounds. This is same in the case of animals. I'm sure you all know what happens during the mating season of cows. They even forget to eat. At that time, all nerves long only for mating. Similarly, when you love and long for each other with your mind and body united, there is no cell that remains still. All cells forget their original sense of direction and concentrate into one. When you meet your spouse, all the cells explode. This power of the explosion is enormous.

What are we to do by loving like this? We are to become like God. We would be able to feel happiness whenever God is happy. In other words, we try to feel the happiness together with God.

We must unite mind and body. There are two ways: one way is to unite your mind centering on your body, the other is to unite your body centering on your mind. You must choose the way to make your body become united centering on your mind. Even when your mind changes, it is better to unite centering on your mind. If you are searching for an ideal love, it is necessary to go this way. We conclude that we must make our minds and bodies unite centering on our minds.

Members of the Unification Church should always be able to unite their bodies with the standard of their minds, which is to center always on public thoughts. Centering on the purpose for which your mind seeks, your body should go out without any hesitation. In any difficult situation, if I made a decision to fulfill a goal, my mind and body never changed. Even if I had to go into a miserable situation, I played a game in order to overcome that difficulty. I had no hesitation at all because I always carried the thought that I would fulfill the goal by overcoming the difficulties.

Similarly, no matter how much you have to sacrifice, you should try to make your body unite centering on the purpose of your mind, God's will, God's unified world and God's ideal of creation. If you are not determined to go the sacrificial way, you will have to pay indemnity-by becoming sick, for example.

Therefore, your mind and body should unite centering on your mind. Then, a man and a woman whose mind and body are united should become one centering on a family.

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