Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) Adolescence and First Love

Therefore, as a result, we can say that the reason that women search for men and men search for women is to find God's love. The fulfillment of love is the road which leads to the most ideal home-town.

For example, when we reach adolescence, our mind and body start searching for love. We walk around without even listening to the words of our parents. The eyes of the mind and the eyes of the body unite into one and move around. If we have a nose Of love, we may come to like a smell we hated before. If we have a mouth of love, we may come to like a taste which we usually dislike. We want to listen to love stories all night long. Once you touch your object of love, you don't want to stop. Therefore, if you are invaded by the feeling of love during your adolescence, your eyes turn strange and everything seems wonderful to you.

When your mind and body unite and you fire a love gun, the bullet would be shot right into your partner's heart. Those who wish to have this kind of man's love or woman's love, please raise your hand. There is nothing love cannot digest. Love can eat and digest everything. If you have true love, no matter how ugly a man is, he will look handsome to you. Love is incredible. Therefore, whether good or bad, men and women can never forget the first love they experienced during their adolescence.

If a woman has a lover whom she loves at the cost of her life, but she has to marry a different man because of her parents' opposition, will she be happy throughout her life or not? For that woman, even if the man whom she first loved had a broken nose or irregular eyes, he would look wonderful to her, like a flower. Even if the man whom her parents chose was a person whom everyone agreed was wonderful in all aspects from external appearance to internal intelligence, the man for whom she had love in her heart a long time ago would be better, even though he was not so good externally. You can believe my words, can't you? [Yes!] But you don't belong to this class of people, do you? [Laughter.]

First love can dominate everything. Who is the subject of love? It is God. Since the subject of love is God, God is the only one who can love. Originally, man was supposed to make God his first love. However, the fall interfered.

With whom did Eve first make love? [With the archangel!] Eve was supposed to be loved with joy, but she had to love crying, with a frowning face. Do you think Eve said when falling, "Oh, it's good. It's very delicious to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil"? When Eve was being raped by the archangel, what did she feel in her heart? She felt the pangs of conscience as she was unwillingly being pulled by the seduction of the archangel. Eve was supposed to love with all her body cells, feeling joy as though she were a flower waiting for an early spring to come. However, she loved with all of her cells and heart dying.

Did you feel that first love was precious? I'm not sure -- how did you feel? [It's precious.] You are much cleverer than I. That's right. Those who answered seem to have experienced first love. [Laughter.] You should be silent when you are asked this kind of question. I just mentioned it to make you listen. If I heard that answer coming from the sisters sitting here, I was going to scold you, but since it was an ugly-looking man who answered, I persevered! Anyway, you have heard that first love is good.

Then with whom did you make this first love? Please think. If you had not fallen, with whom would you have made your first love? You should have made your first love with God. If Adam and Eve had made their first love centering on God, that first love would have been packed with love. Parent's love centering on the first love, husband and wife's love centering on the first love, children's love centering on the first love -- every root would be tightly connected with God's love. It is not love like yours that is separated by several thousand years of historical distance and that has to go through steps of individual or family restoration. It is love that can stick parents' love, husband and wife's love, and children's love all together at once.

The person who abandons this first love for God cannot go before God. The person who can say that he would abandon everything and would live and die because of his love for God can go to heaven. The first love between man and woman is also important.

Reverend Moon of the Unification Church held mass weddings gathering men and women of goodness in order to connect their God-centered first love. These men and women married, transcending nation and race, in order to realize God's love. Therefore, I heard people say that Reverend Moon became crazy. I heard these voices because of first love.

You must took at yourselves from this viewpoint. "How evil and hateful a mind and body do I have, and what a hateful being I am, betraying my own mind and body." If you find yourselves like this, you should know that it is urgent to change yourselves first before saying, "Oh, God. Please save me with love."

There are many young people these days who go around making love on the streets. I'm sure no one acts like this after joining the Unification Church, but I'm sure you were like this before joining the Church.

When a woman who loves a certain man finds another man much better than the first man, changes her mind, and says "Goodbye, goodbye" to her former lover, would it feel good or bad? ("Bad.") How bad would it be? I think you would want to destroy the woman and throw the man away. That's the heart of love.

It is the same for women. Would a woman feel good or bad if her husband, whom she deeply loved, started to love another woman? Any person who says she would feet good is much better off to die. There should not be even one person who feels good. Think about it. Because of man's pride, can you watch quietly when your wife is loving another man? You would feel better seeing her stop even if she had to stab herself with a knife. A man who doesn't have the guts for this is not a man. If this happened to me, I would feel the same way.

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