Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) Education and Marriage

Marriage opens the door to human happiness. Studying in order to open the door to happiness is very good. However, if that study is for the purpose of becoming rich or powerful, it is a mistake. Study must be for the purpose of attaining true love.

Why do you go to school? Happiness cannot exist without love. Therefore, we can say that the purpose of going to school is to shorten the road to love.

When young women go to university to earn a degree, ultimately it is in order to meet a good husband. There is no other reason. No matter how great a man is, he would be an unhappy person if he could not form a family that is united.

The reason for studying is to meet a true man and to become a true mother. In order to become a true mother, a woman must study for the country and become a true wife who can serve her husband as a true man. If you cannot gain this stature as a person, you will not be able to serve your true husband or have a true son. A woman must become a true wife and, as the homemaker of the family, must get along well with the husband until old age. If the study is for the purpose of becoming a good wife, then wouldn't all university graduates eventually be gray-haired couples? However, among university graduates are there more gray-haired couples or people who get divorced? Needless to say, people who are uneducated live together happily for a longer time.

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