Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) Why We Marry

For what reason do we marry? It is in order to fulfill the ideal of creation, i.e., to realize the purpose of creation. Then, whose purpose is this purpose of creation? Before it is the purpose of Adam, it is the purpose of God. Therefore, before Adam feels happy, God has to feel happy. It has to be like this. Then, in this respect, for whom do we get married? It is for God, and for God's will, which is the purpose of creation. God's will is to fulfill the ideal of creation.

The ideal of creation cannot be realized centering on oneself. All my heart (Shimjung) should unite with God who is the subject; when God moves, I should move, and when God is still, I should be still, too. We should become united internally and externally, centering on a heartistic point of unity. Therefore, unless we set up a base to harmonize with God, we are not able to realize the purpose of creation.

The reason I am getting married is not only for myself but is also for my spouse. What does it mean to get married for the sake of your spouse more than yourself? As everything in the universe is formed according to the principle of subject and object, for man and woman to get married is also a rule in the universe.

If man is on the right side, woman becomes the left side in order to form a horizontal relationship with the universe. If man is the subject, then woman becomes the object in order to form a vertical, upper and lower relationship with God. Therefore, marriage is not for the sake of just man or just woman. We have to get married in order to follow the heavenly law. This is why man and woman have different aspects. They are born that way in order to match with the heavenly law.

Man is born to meet woman and woman is born to meet man. And man and woman together are born to combine with a higher level of love which is God's love. Neither man nor woman can touch God's love alone. If a man or a woman alone tried to unite with God's love, it would just be a one-sided love. Neither one would be able to combine with a three-dimensional, spherical love.

Therefore, man and woman must get married in order to jump into the realm of a higher-level three-dimensional love. In the original world, the more man and woman become united, the greater the center of the activating power becomes, forming a sphere. Therefore, the more man and woman connect horizontally, the more God, who is the maternal womb of the vertical power of love, becomes connected. Then our mind and body become united.

The reason for woman to meet man is to understand man's world. For what reason do women try to take over the world of men? It is to realize the unity of love.

Why do we get married? How good would it be if you did not have to get married if you did not want to? If women did not get married, they would not be able to live fully as a woman and would even get sick. Centering on all the circulating system, a woman's body is made to meet man and to function normally through married life. Women must know that it is not normal to stay unmarried. Therefore, the ideal behavior for a woman is to go through a normal life-course.

What is the normal way? The normal way means the middle way where the average of all aspects can come together in unity. This middle way is the normal way where everything will be in harmony. It will not have any attachment or tilt toward one side or the other.

Where would the road of destiny of an individual, a man or a woman, lead? I am sure no one would want to go down a winding road of destiny. The original psyche of man desires to go a straight way. Both man and woman desire to choose a family life, which complies with their destiny.

Single men and women of today think that after becoming successful, they will form a good family and be good parents. Therefore, husbands, wives, men and women all desire to have a good partner. Why is this so? This is because they feel they are inadequate. Although they feel inadequate, they desire to have excellent sons and daughters. Wouldn't it be great if you could supplement your inadequacies and become better through your reciprocal partner? With these thoughts deep in mind, people desire to love someone.

I want to ask you, where is the Unification Church heading? To Moscow? Then, what is the Unification Church to do by going there? It is easy. We are to go there looking for the kingdom of heaven on earth. Then, why are we to get married? We cannot go to heaven without getting married. We must get married in order to qualify to enter heaven. What is the qualification to enter heaven? It is to resemble God. Then, how can we resemble God? We can resemble God by practicing God's words. We must make God's love my love and God's words my words.

Therefore, representing God, I would say to the world, "You mankind! You should go to heaven!" And then I would say, "In order to go to heaven, I should love mankind as God does and take the whole world with me to heaven." Then you would be a person of God, a person on heaven's side, and there would be no mistake in concluding that you are qualified to go to heaven. Then you would be well qualified to get married.

Well? What was the reason for us to get married? In order to go to heaven. Also, for the sake of humankind. Men should know that the women standing before them are God's daughters and the daughters of all humankind. Man is qualified to become a husband if he can love a woman as a woman loved by all humankind and as God loves her as His daughter. If he cannot, then he is not qualified to become a husband. This is true for women, too. You should not think that that man is my husband. Before thinking of your husband as "my man," you should think of him as God's son and as a man representing all men.

You should become a woman who can love more than the whole of humankind and even more than God. And you should get married thinking that you will transmit the footprints of love for God and for humankind through your family, by yourself becoming the right foot representing man and the left foot representing woman. Because the right leg is the husband and the left leg is the wife, you end up being one-legged if you do not get married. Furthermore, the right and the left legs are to become perfect. If either side cannot become perfect, you are disabled. Therefore, you can have a harmonious marriage only by man and woman both becoming perfect.

Therefore, what I like about my husband is what I like about humankind and about God. And loving my husband is my loving humankind and loving God.

The purpose of marriage is to unify the world of heart and to perfect the love of man and woman. Therefore, to say that you have married is to proclaim that you will prove this. If you have realized the perfection of love and the perfection of heart through married life, then we can say that you have realized the ideal of a family. If you have realized this, then at the time of death, without a doubt you will be able to go to heaven.

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