Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) Love Is Not About Progress or Revolution

Love is not about revolution, progress, or setbacks. Love cannot be improved, nor can it undergo a revolution. The original model of love itself is perfect, unchangeable, eternal and absolute.

Love has nothing to do with progress or with revolution. Love is eternal and perfect; that is an immutable truth. It is wrong to experiment with love, thinking that it brings progress. In this sense, Americans who exploit love to make money can only perish. God has no reason to bless their future. If America does not self-destruct, I might even explode a love-bomb to make it perish. We should absolutely never use love as a means or as an expedient for making a living.

A husband does not want any revolutionary change or gradual development in his wife; he wants her to remain as she was when they first fell in love. A wife feels the same way towards her husband. All husbands and wives want to preserve the pure love that they had when they first loved each other. They do not want any tint to be added to their pure love; certainly, they do not need any revolutionary change. Truly, husbands and wives want their pure love to remain eternally as it is.

Why does the problem of divorce occur among people who have loved each other? Considering that the people who have divorced or wish to divorce once loved each other desperately, we can conclude that something must have gone awry. There are many reasons to get divorced, but in general, it is because something has changed, something has become different between the two. It is because they could not keep and cultivate their love. Love itself did not change; it is the person's mind that changed.

When a man and a woman become husband and wife, the important thing they need to know is how they can realize unchanging unity. In that unity, singing songs of happiness-that is eternal happiness. Only by possessing something of the unchanging Subject can they attain the true measure of affection.

A woman is happy when she marries her husband because he is a handsome man. Suppose one week later the husband has a car accident and is permanently disabled. Her love would not be true love if she then asked for a divorce. That would be false love.

A study on divorce reported that over sixty percent of divorces were initiated by the woman.

Today, in most advanced countries, white people are the upper class, in the position to lead and move society, and black people are the lower class, in the position of being ruled. However, when it comes to the depth of parents' love for children, there is no difference between white people and black people. Regarding love, there are no rulers and no ruled. This never changes. The loving heart of parents for their children, the loving heart of a wife for her husband, and the loving heart of a husband for his wife-these true loving hearts between true lovers can never change, regardless of how history changes, progresses, or goes through revolutions.

True love is absolute, unchanging and eternal.

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