Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) Man: Integrity; Woman: Chastity

From now on, you must conceive your idea of heaven centering on the family. You must think deeply about your family. You have to become the prince of your family. You have to become the prince of all the subjects in history. To do this, you as a man must keep your chastity.

Until now, society has emphasized the chastity of women. Right? Who lost their chastity in the Garden of Eden? Was it the woman or the man? [Ans. It was the woman.] Did you say the woman? The man also lost it. Adam, who was the center of Eden, also lost his chastity. Because Adam was seduced by Eve, Adam, who was originally the root, was also cut off. It was the woman, Eve, who made the man, Adam, fall. To indemnify this, women have been trampled by men. Isn't that so? Now, in order to liberate women, I am promoting a movement for the equality of men and women and a movement for the liberation of women. We must carry on these movements more for the sake of posterity than for the people today.

What is the bridegroom who stands before the bride? He is a chaste man. He is a world-level chaste man. You have heard of the expression "a chaste woman" before, but have you ever heard the expression, "a chaste man"? Jesus was a chaste man. He was the chaste bridegroom for all humankind who stood in the position of his bride. Jesus was the man among all men, officially recognized by heaven and earth, by history, by his age, by the present and the future. How could people think that they could be Jesus' brides when they cannot even acquire the title of "a chaste man" or "a chaste woman"? It is the style of a robber to ask to be Jesus' bride without becoming at least a chaste man and woman. Imagine if a woman living in a cave of beggars went about shouting that a world famous president like President Kennedy was her husband? Everyone would think she is crazy.

Yet, that is what the Christians are doing. Like beggars, they have been calling out to the prince of God, "Oh, my bridegroom, please come." They are in rags calling to Jesus, "Please come here and live with me." They have done nothing to liberate Jesus from his deep resentment and help him to complete his purpose. If they do not liberate Jesus from his resentment, can they liberate God, who sent Jesus? No, they cannot. They cannot liberate God; they cannot liberate Jesus; hence, they cannot liberate the world created by God.

You women! Don't look around at the many men out there in the world. No man should be able to have his way with the women of the Unification Church. If you are assaulted, you should either kill yourself or stab the attacker in the stomach with a knife. Do you understand?

Your chastity is more precious than your life. You women are to open the historical path for your husband's love, your sons' and daughters' love, the nation's love and the world's love. With truth and sincerity, you should devote all your heart to the serious task of building the foundation upon which woman's beauty, nobility and emotional tradition can shine.

Now, are you allowed to love someone as you wish, or not? When a man calls you on the street, are you supposed to follow him, or not? You are not. Nevertheless, you follow, don't you? [Laughter] You should not have such an inclination. You must guard your body until the right time. You should not give away your pure heart to a goblin. Men who wander aimlessly on the streets are all like goblins. Will you entrust your fate to a man like that? This is not a trivial thing. You can never regain your chastity, so one wrong step can ruin your entire life. Is that not true? It is the same for men. Until now, women were admonished to keep their chastity, but henceforth men must keep their chastity also. This is the way to restore everything. Your behavior should not deviate from the prescribed and correct path, regardless of how evil and rough the world may be.

You should not sully your innocence during adolescence. It is the precious period when you can overcome and indemnify the resentment of Adam and Eve, who lost their innocence during their youth. You should preserve your innocence, precious and clean. You should have the integrity and determination that, "Even if I have to live alone for a thousand years or ten thousand years, I will not allow anyone to trample my love."

The tradition and teaching of the Unification Church is that you cannot meet and love your partner unless you love your people and nation. You cannot obtain and love your partner unless you love the world. You cannot obtain and love your partner unless you love God. Therefore, after you love God, love the world and love the nation, then you can love your wife or husband. This is a fundamental law.

Some married men, when they see a pretty woman, think how nice it would be if she were their wife. Such a person has two minds. We call him a man with the mind of a thief. Satan started from two minds; thus it is right to call such a man with two minds "Satan." He is no different from Satan.

The time has come when men as well as women should keep their chastity. If a man takes a wrong step and loses his chastity, it is as if his entire clan committed a serious offense against God's Will. The time has come when it is no longer acceptable for an elderly man to have a secret affair. A man's philandering will ruin his entire clan. Once you understand the Unification teaching, you cannot do that.

We have now entered the age in which men as well as women should keep their chastity. Men as well as women should keep chaste and create a historical tradition of purity. We participate in the Eucharist, eating Jesus' flesh and blood, in order to embody the tradition of Jesus' pure flesh and blood.

There is a saying, "Man: integrity; woman: chastity." This saying means that one should have integrity for realizing God's purpose and chastity for the fulfillment of love, which is God's will. "Woman: chastity" means that a woman should know only one love. "Man: integrity" means that a man should devote himself to realize just one purpose.

Consider Adam and Eve: their path should have been one of integrity and chastity, but they failed and fell.

For a man to love a woman centered on God, he should maintain his position. He should be able to declare, "I have loved her completely. I have loved her with a love never changing from beginning to end." A woman, for her part, should seal her body well shut. A woman should conceal her essence deep inside, like a peony which is wrapped with many layers of petals. Then she can welcome the coming of spring. She can start her new life in tune with its harmony of heaven and earth. This is how she can love well.

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