Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) The True Perspective on the Opposite Sex

Man symbolizes heaven and woman symbolizes earth. Man and woman should come together and create harmony.

Men and women are different. Men's muscles are rugged and women's are smooth. Men grow beards and women do not. Their voices are different, also. Their opposite qualities suit each other. Therefore, harmony arises between them.

The physical structure of a human being exhibits a complementary relationship of left and right. The two halves are put together exactly.

Do you think it is good to be only high or only low? It is better to make harmony. Looking towards the horizon, fishes live below, and mammals and birds live above.

A woman menstruates once a month. Her body changes with the moon, like the tides which rise and fall. It is like breathing.

A man and a woman in harmony move in parallel. Why do people like Disneyland, with its various rides going up and down? It is because the universe is like that. Which feels better, the concord of some men or the concord of a man and a woman? We prefer the concord of a man and a woman, because the universe is like that. In the universe, the harmony of yin and yang brings about concord; everything follows this pattern.

When two people of the opposite sex make harmony, they begin a circular movement. When they become one in love and bear fruit, God comes down and they rise up, meeting at the center. God becomes the central point of the circle, and the circular movement becomes spherical movement. From the central point, God can reach out in all directions. At this central point is the harmony of love, the quickening of life, and the starting point of egalitarianism and communalism. This all happens because the power of love is there. Love is the power which activates and embraces everything in the universe.

Our young girls say they do not, but their eyes steal a glance at the face of a handsome man. Young men also have much interest in pretty girls, don't they? That is love in the fallen world. No matter how good looking a man is, a girl should first think of him as her brother. She should think of him as one of her brothers, the one who resembles her father. This is because the closest person to a girl is her brother. You should associate the man with the men who are closest to you. Should you come to regard him as closer to you than any of these men, someone who would live for you, then he can become your husband.

Are young girls naturally inclined to think of their partners first? Even if your brother is ugly, he is the one to whom you girls want to go and discuss things with when you have difficulties or when you are happy. You also feet this way towards your father. Then how wonderful if you think, "I will treat my husband better than I treat my father and my brother!"

You already have the love of your brother, who treats you as a true sister, and the love of your father, who treats you as a true daughter. You have to arouse and elevate those loves and find a way to connect them to a higher love. This is the reason you should determine to treat your husband better than your brother and father. Therefore, your husband loves you more than any other man does, even more than your father or your brother. This is how you can be elevated to the next level. This is the reason why young girls wish to get married, even forsaking their father and brother.

Likewise, when a young man meets a girl, he should feel, "Oh, my loving sister!" He should think, "Oh, she is like my loving elder sister, and she is the extension of my loving mother!" A woman should regard her husband as her bridge to the world. Through him, she should be able to love men of every race and nationality.

In the vertical God-centered world, marriage is the training ground for limitlessly extending the road of man and woman's love. In the world where all are related, people learn to love all people, young and old, men and women, through raising their own children. Would not such a world be close to the ideal world?

From the viewpoint of the principle of complementary relationships, when a man and a woman meet, who is the subject? Is the woman the subject of the mind, and the man the subject of the body? Are they both subjects? Is the man the subject, or is the woman? When it comes to affection, women are much more affectionate than men. In this respect, the woman is the subject. However, no matter how affectionate a woman is by nature, she does not become truly affectionate until she meets a man and serves him. Right? A woman is the field of affection, and a man is the seed of affection. The field must be there for the seed to be sown. The seed is not there before the field. When we view the matter from the seed, the field is the object.

Today in this fallen world, love has become the most dangerous thing. Because of the fall, if people do not properly care for love, the whole world breaks apart and turns inside out. People have not understood why love became something false and filthy. Nevertheless, human beings try to guard and protect love out of their original instinct, which longs for true love to appear.

For human beings, love is eternal. Love is one, not two. Once a man and a woman unite in love, they are meant to share happily married years together for a long time on the earth and live together eternally after their death. Although there are two bodies, they unite by rotating as one. When the two bodies unite, they are to rotate with God, forming the Four Position Foundation of love. This is the ideal world of love. False love cannot invade; only true love dwells there.

When a man and a woman receive the Blessing and attain perfection centering on God, God will always come to them. In a Four Position Foundation of love, you can come to love the heart of your spouse through the body of your spouse, or if you love the heart of your spouse first, your body will follow.

The Unification Church understands the providence Of love, which had been hidden for six thousand years. It has been expanding the foothold of the Blessing in order to fulfill the ideal of creation centering on God's love. Through the Blessing, it is establishing the holy of holies. This is the place where new life begins.

What do you think is the center where all physical cells and spiritual elements unite one hundred percent? It is human sexuality. After passing through the period of adolescence and maturing in both body and spirit, human beings seek out the way Of love) where their body and spirit resonate in complete concord and become perfect.

What is the color of love? Is it black at night, white during the daytime, and yellow in the evening? Does love have its own color? In the color at the center of love there is a power, which can bring peace and unity and which can achieve true human equality. Therefore, if people enter the holy of holies as they please, they will bum to death in its fire.

Don't you think that the Unification Church's idea of love is wonderful? The color of love in today's American society is, in a word, disgusting, the color of death. Instead of establishing a world according to the eternal ideal of creation, Americans are drowning in the abyss. Men and women should keep their holy of holies pure until the time of their Blessing. Then, once they love someone, they should keep that love continually. However, Americans are like gangsters and bitches, violating the most holy place of love. The only Americans who do not welcome the Blessing are invalids who have been blinded by love and cannot see what is in front of them. They are the destroyers, not the leading builders of their nation. If American society continues to go this way, it will not have hope for tomorrow, but will be filled with despair. Truly, America will be destroyed not by God's judgment, but by people who have destroyed themselves and lost their humanity.

Where is God's holy of holies? It is where love was to have dwelt had there been no fall, in the sexual union of man and woman. This was to be the most holy place of heaven.

What is love? Love is the holy of holies, the dwelling-place of God. With this love we must cleanse the fallen world. I have already clarified the meaning of the fall. Human beings who were supposed to pass through the period of adolescence without any problem, failed to do so and went off the track. Eve, the ancestor of the human race, fell first by having a spiritual immoral liaison with the archangel. She then fell physically by having a relationship with Adam. Consequently, their sinful lineage has been passed down to their posterity, all humankind.

Know that God can never dwell in a place where the trace of Satan remains. That is why to receive God's love, human beings have to die and be born again. Even in human society, when a woman gets married for the second time, her husband would not like her if she has not yet forgotten her former husband.

Therefore, God has been carrying out the providence of salvation, having human beings cleanse their sin by the process of restoration through indemnity.

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