Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Being that Is Absolutely Necessary for the Other

Love is what you absolutely need. Isn't that right? For human beings, the absolutely necessary elements are man and woman. Man needs woman and woman needs man. How much do they need each other? They need each other more than they need Korea, more than they need the world, even more than they need God. If there were no women, within a hundred years the human race would perish. A man might swagger about unifying the whole world, but all would be gone within a hundred years if there was no woman. Therefore, a man absolutely needs a woman.

What is the most precious thing for a woman? It is a man. What kind of man does a woman need? Whether the man is hand, some, ugly, or disabled is not the issue. The issue is whether he is the kind of man who will give her precious love.

What is the best thing in the world? For a woman, is it not a man? For a man, is it not a woman? The love that a man likes is not his own; the love that a woman likes is also not her own. Is that not right? Does your mind incline to love when you are alone? It does not.

When we say human being, we mean man and woman. No man is complete without his wife, and no woman is complete without her husband. A man was not born from his own desire, and neither was the woman whom the man needs. At birth, one is either male or female. One grows up either as a man or a woman. Eventually, one realizes that one's life is on a course to search for the person whom one needs to become a couple.

When a person is born as a man, does he know there is a woman? After being born, if he were to discover that there are only men, would he feel bad? A woman would also feel bad were she to discover that there are only women. Is that not right? Then, when a woman is born, is she born knowing that there are men, or not knowing? I myself was born not knowing, but the person who gave birth to me knew. The reason you are born as a woman is that there is a man who needs you. Likewise, the reason I was born as a man is that there is a woman who needs me. Isn't that so? We were all born that way.

Woman is the absolutely necessary being for man. Before a man absolutely needs God, he needs a woman as his counterpart. Human history has been so miserable because men could not recognize that they absolutely need women. Equally, women failed to recognize that they absolutely need men.

To taste true love requires that we have an ideal realm. For that reason, a man requires a woman and a woman absolutely requires a man. For the sake of true love, an absolute man and an absolute woman join together with all their heart and all their effort. When an absolute man and woman unite into one, know that God dwells in them.

Because God dislikes seeing a husband and wife joined in true love suffer any separation, He ordained that the love between an absolute husband and wife be eternal. Although God is absolute, omniscient and omnipotent, by Himself His existence has no meaning. Likewise, no matter how handsome and healthy a man may be, his life has no meaning without a woman. A man who is intoxicated with his appearance and health is a scoundrel, a good-for-nothing. It is a problem that many men in the world are so full of themselves. It is also the cause of much suffering in history. Know that God's providence is to change and elevate this world of vanity.

If a man looks for love by sitting down alone, he would be regarded as a crazy person.

True happiness for a woman is to meet her subject of love.

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