Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The Reason Man and Woman Are Born

The reason a being called woman was created was to become the spouse of a man, Adam. If there were no Adam, then a woman like Eve would not have been necessary. Why was Adam created? Adam was created because a man was necessary for Eve.

Human beings, man and woman, are not created to live for the sake of themselves, but to live for the sake of their counterparts.

Therefore, a man is not born as a man for the sake of himself. Neither is a beautiful woman born for her own sake, even if she hates men. Look at her appearance! She was not born for herself. We are not born for the sake of ourselves, but for the sake of our counterparts.

When parents live for the sake of their children, and children live for their parents, both taking good care of each other, they start a rotation. The more they live for each other, the faster they rotate. This is the ideal form of their relationship. It is not square, but round and three-dimensional. As we live for the sake of the other, we give each other a push. Therefore, the more we live for each other, the faster we rotate. We form a sphere, which lets us exist eternally.

The Earth resembles a sphere. The human face is round. Our eyes are also round. They are completely engaged in give and take. In the body, the veins and arteries also engage in give and take. Sickness breaks out when there is a loss of balance-for instance, a way to give but no way to receive. Thus, it is evident that no existence can remain in motion eternally unless it follows the principle of acting for the sake of others. You must know this.

What was the primary reason for man to be born? We cannot deny that man is born for woman. Woman, for her part, is born for man, not for woman. When a woman is not convinced that she was born for the sake of a man, a problem arises. We must know this.

God, the ultimate subject of the creation of heaven and earth, made this the law of creation. Unless we follow this law, we cannot enter the world of goodness, happiness and peace, the world of love and ideal.

Male was created for female, and female was created for male. God does not dwell where one has regard only for oneself. God only dwells where people value others. According to the view of the Divine Principle and the laws of nature, we are walking with two legs.

A woman is born to meet a man, and a man is born to meet a woman. Right? This is the highest truth. Therefore, according to this principle, we must go forward seeking the realm of Blessing. To break away from the realm of the highest truth is most evil.

Men and women are physiologically opposite. While women tend to go in one direction, men go in three or four different directions. Women stay at home, while men wander about the world. In such ways, man and woman's characters are totally opposite. How can a man with subjective character and a woman with objective character unite? They can unite centering on love. It is also love that can unite human beings and God.

Why is a man born? It is not for knowledge, money, or power. It is for a woman. Man is born for woman. A man does not have a bigger frame than a woman so that he can earn money and live for himself. Rather, it is to support his wife and children. The male organ is different from the female organ. For whom do they have these organs? Their organs are not for themselves. A man's organ was made for a woman; hence, it belongs to the woman. Likewise, a woman's organ belongs to her man. Have you ever thought this way? [Laughter.] This is not a laughing matter.

What represents the love between man and woman? Where is love's final destination? It is the sexual organs, which enable a man and woman to become one. The sexual organs provide the path for the mind and body to unite completely in love. The man's sexual organ is not his, and the woman's organ is not hers. The man owns the woman's and woman owns the man's. You must know clearly that you do not exist for yourselves. You were born for your counterpart.

Man is not born for man. Woman is not born for woman. Viewed horizontally, their relationship is one of head and helper, subject and object. A woman is not born with a feminine figure for the sake of woman, nor is a man born with a masculine physique for the sake of man. They are born for each other.

Looked at this way, how can a woman realize her purpose? She cannot realize it by herself. That is impossible. She must realize it together with a man. Indeed, she can realize it only through a man. Doesn't the joy of man and woman lie here? This is something beyond dispute.

Man and woman were created on the earth in order to love each other. God, the Great King of wisdom, exchanged at the creation the man and woman's love organs. Therefore, a man does not own his male organ. It is the same for a woman. Those who use them as they wish, disregarding their owners, face judgment for the violation of love. If you knew that you would receive the most severe punishment required by any law, could you dare even to think of such a thing, disregarding your wife? Could you wives dare to think of such a thing, disregarding your husbands?

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