Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) The Original Love of Man and Woman

When God's most precious masterpieces, man and woman, love each other centering on God, their love is the highest and most transcendental love, not worldly love. Their love is the most beautiful love, the representative of all love, and the love that shines forever.

Even though a man and a woman love each other, the issue is whether their love agrees with what God originally meant love to be, and whether it meets the standard of love that God intended for human beings. The issue is whether their love corresponds to the model of love that God has in mind. We can conclude that if the first man and woman had become one in love centering on God, they would have become the model for a love-centered universe.

God must have desired such love for human beings. Man and woman must have also desired such love from each other. This quality of true love has to be the core of the universe. It should be the standard, like the metric system.

The love between man and woman must be love centered on the ideal of creation. When a husband loves his wife and a wife loves her husband, their love must be centered on God's ideal of creation, not centered on their own couple.

If a husband and wife are a God-centered couple, the wife can move about anywhere in her husband's world and the husband can move about anywhere in his wife's world; and they can move about anywhere God dwells.

For whom are human beings supposed to live? When God created Adam, Adam's value of existence could not be complete since Eve did not yet exist. Adam needed Eve as his spouse if he was to exist eternally. In this sense, a woman is a man's subject partner. On the other hand, a husband has charge over his wife.

The power by which a man has charge over his wife, and a woman has charge over her husband, is love. No power other than love can enable a man and a woman to dominate each other. The only way they can dominate each other is with love.

God, too, exists with dual characteristics. God can exist eternally because these two distinct aspects engage in give and take action centering on love. God's love is absolute because His dual characteristics completely submit to each other in love. We must know that perfect dominion is only possible through love.

God does not stop after forming a vertical reciprocal realm of love. God created the existent world as the stage upon which horizontal love can exist, based on this vertical realm. In order to connect to the horizontal love relationship, He created the world as plus and minus, ultimately man and woman. Consequently, God would have dominion over the created world, centering on human beings through love.

My earthly parents give birth to my physical body, and my vertical parents give me eternal life. Love alone makes it possible for the horizontal parents and the vertical parents to unite. Where a perfected man's love and a perfected woman's love become one at the center of God's genuine will, that is where God's love dwells and where my life is conceived and brought to birth.

The reason God created everything in complementary pairs was so that they could receive God's true love. God wanted them to receive this one love. As a man and woman are a complementary pair, they will definitely become an ideal husband and wife once they perfect God's love, connect that love to their own self, and share that love with each other from the same ground of complementarity as God.

God's love and human love are essentially the same. People love each other to become one. Why do man and woman long for each other? It is because a man can possess God only through woman, and a woman can possess God only through man.

Considering that God is the origin of the dual characteristics, we should praise the sacred value of man and woman. Such is the exalted value of God that we should never cease praising Him.

In the heart of a man, there is a woman whom God loves. In the heart of this woman, the man's object, there is also a man loved by God. When they praise each other, God would watch and rejoice, and the whole creation would rejoice. The element of happiness with which the man and woman embrace would become the joy of both heaven and earth. As they love and embrace each other, the whole universe unites into one. This is the appearance of the original creation according to God's ideal.

Man was created to meet a woman who could make him happy, and woman was created to meet a man who could make her happy. Furthermore, their meeting should transcend the two of them, a time when God and all creation would watch and rejoice. All existent beings in this world would mobilize for the sake of this couple, and would want to be governed by them. The birds would sing songs for them. The butterflies would flit about and dance for them. God would rejoice, humans would rejoice, and all nature would rejoice. If the human ancestors had met in this way and started human history from this meeting, then the world would have become the original ideal of creation.

Who on earth is the owner of love? Who is the master of love? From a man's point of view, neither love nor anything else can exist if there is no woman. The standard of a man's love is a woman. The standard of a woman's love is a man. However, the standard of love based on one's counterpart is not the standard of absolute love. We recognize that our partner is a transient being. Our partner is not a being whom we can acknowledge as having the value of the subject of love. The owner and master of absolute love is God. A thief who stole love, instead of trying to perfect God's love according to His will, committed the crime in the Garden of Eden.

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