Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

9) If Adam and Eve Had Not Fallen

If the first human ancestors had not fallen, whose sons or daughters would you be? From birth, you would naturally be sons and daughters of God.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, all humankind would be true sons and daughters of God. We would not be people mocked, dominated, or accused by our enemies. As the sons and daughters of God, wherever we go we would have absolute authority to represent God's unlimited omnipotence. Were such sons and daughters to form a family, it would be the family of God, to which everything in the universe would submit. Again, were this family to form a tribe and spread abroad, the whole creation would come to guard them and be absorbed by them. However, because of the Fall, human beings instead became the objects of mockery by their enemies.

As they are totally under enemy occupation, human beings are not in a position where God can intervene.

Suppose the first human ancestors had not violated the original law of God, but instead had become one with God eternally. No one would then be able to pull Adam and Eve away from their unity with God. Having been born as a son and daughter of God, and having matured in their relationship to Him, then even if someone challenged Adam and Eve, pointing to someone else and saying, "Hey, who is your father? Isn't he your father?" and even if he tried to persuade them with theories and doctrines, nothing could make them deny their relationship with God. No one could make them deny their relationship with God, not even with a gun or a knife.

If there were no Fall, the original heavenly family would have formed in the Garden of Eden and prospered within God's dominion. Satan would have no grounds to accuse this family.

Because Adam and Eve fell, they could not understand God's heart. But, suppose Adam and Eve had grown up, perfected their character, and then stood in front of God. If Adam and Eve had reached maturity as perfected beings, then God would have blessed them and bequeathed His heart to them. God intended to raise them as a heavenly husband and wife who could share His love and heart, forming a family in His lineage.

If the first human ancestors had not fallen, what a world this would be! If Adam and Eve, protected in the embrace of God's love, had reached maturity and perfection, then God would have given them the Blessing of marriage. For this God created them man and woman. If this had happened, then instead of being the fallen human ancestors, Adam and Eve would have become the sinless people who could receive God's love. They would have become the completely perfect, true ancestors of humankind. They would have become the True Parents living on this earth. In other words, they would have emerged as the true bride and bridegroom whom God could truly love on this earth.

From the love of Adam and Eve, who, not having fallen, would completely support God's will, true brothers would have been born on this earth. As sinless parents, Adam and Eve would have given birth to sinless children and thus have formed a family on this new earth centering on God. Once this family had expanded into a sinless tribe and race, nation and world, then this earth would have become a world governed by God, in both name and reality. God would then have become the King of all humankind.

Had this happened, we would not need a savior, religion, or prayer. We must understand that only because of the Fall do we need a savior, religion and prayer. These came as gifts of the Fall.

Let us imagine what the unfallen world that God originally intended would have been like. Adam would have become the True Parent and brought forth true children. They would have become the true lineage of Adam's tribe. The culture of that world would be Adam's culture. That world would be a unified world.

Whatever is united in God's love cannot be divided. Even in this fallen world, people who love each other would rather die than be apart. How much more would this be true of two people who have become one in God's love in the unfallen, good world. When united with God, the body and mind become one and do not separate. The reason it does not happen this way is that something went awry.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have received God's complete love. As a son and daughter receiving God's complete love, if Adam and Eve had united in God's love, they would have given birth to children who were centered on God's love. Therefore, in the true love of God, they would have set up the tradition of a husband, the tradition of a wife, the tradition of a son and the tradition of a daughter. By establishing the tradition of a family centering on God, they would have accomplished God's will.

God originally desired that this world become a garden of love. Adam was the floral fragrance representing God's right side and Eve was the floral fragrance representing God's left side. The day when these two sides were to have met, the fragrance of love would have filled the whole of heaven and earth. However, because of the Fall, a terrible stench pervades this world. We must not become such foul-smelling people.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, but had fulfilled God's will, this world would surely have become a God-centered world with a single culture. It would be the world of Adam and Eve's culture, the world of Abel and Cain's culture. Therefore, instead of many different languages, traditions and cultures, this world would be one global nation, which attends and serves God.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, what kind of world would have been established? It would have been one nation over which God has direct sovereignty. Instead, because of the Fall, the world was established under Satan's dominion. Therefore, we need salvation, belief in God, and a religious life.

Adam and Eve were supposed to become perfect according to God's will, receive God's blessing, and establish God's nation starting from their family. They should have achieved their perfection through true love. If Adam and Eve had attended God and had become His horizontal counterparts, then the world fulfilling the purpose of creation would have begun and expanded to the far reaches of the universe.

After becoming one as husband and wife, Adam and Eve were to establish one world based on that tradition. However, Adam and Eve abandoned God's will and fell.

After being created and brought to birth, Adam and Eve were supposed to learn and master everything in order to one day govern all things. If Adam and Eve had teamed about natural law and the nature of living things, they would have understood about good and evil. They then would not have acted in such a way as to fall.

In order to restore the fallen world established by Adam and Eve to the original world, God has been walking the course of indemnity. This is called the "Providence" and the "Way of God's Will."

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