Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

8) The Consequences of the Fall

Eve united with the archangel through an immoral and adulterous relationship. Then Adam united with Eve, who had become one with the archangel. Adam and Eve thus established a family through a conjugal relationship centered on Satan, rather than God. Consequently, all their descendants stem from Satan's bloodline.

Accordingly, although the sons of Adam and Eve were supposed to become the first and second sons of God, because Eve had an immoral love relationship with the archangel, they became Satan's property instead.

In the original ideal of creation, love determines ownership. According to the Divine Principle, when people make a love relationship, the subject and object partners of that love establish a clear right of ownership over each other. Looking carefully from this Principle viewpoint, we thus recognize that because Eve fell by having an immoral love relationship with the archangel, the right of ownership over Eve's descendants belonged to Satan. Satan could then justifiably claim them as his own.

John 8:44 reads, "You are of your father the devil."

Due to the Fall, the first human beings had no choice but to submit to Satan, their false father. Human beings exchanged fathers. They abandoned God, the true Father, and united with Satan, the false father. Thus, the first man and woman became the son and daughter of Satan.

Adam and Eve unlawfully became husband and wife under Satan, without the blessing or permission of God. Therefore, when Adam and Eve had children, their children were under the same false father as they were. Their children were born not as the children of God, but as the children of Satan. From Adam onward, people have multiplied children carrying the Original Sin and formed the sinful world. All this was the consequence of the first human beings not keeping themselves centered on God.

This world is a world of sin, a world of distrust, a world of crime, a world of hatred and war. Nations destroy other nations without pity. This is hell on earth. In fact, the master of this earth is Satan, not God. Thus, it is written in John 12:31, "Now shall the ruler of this world be cast out."

We all know that God created the universe. We also know well that God created human beings. However, God could not become our lord. This is because human beings exchanged lords. Human beings rebelled against God and united with the false lord, Satan. Therefore, Satan has been the father of humankind.

Adam and Eve, the first ancestors, disbelieved God's Word and fell. They therefore could not become each other's true ideal counterpart; they lost the true husband-wife relationship.

God's original purpose for Adam and Eve was that they marry as a good bridegroom and a good bride, becoming husband and wife. As husband and wife, they were to become parents. In spite of this purpose, they fell and their relationship was ruined. This is why the providence of restoration began with their children, Cain and Abel.

Our lives are not supposed to be situated in a history with such a beginning. We cannot help but resent being born into such misfortune, such an unbearable situation. You should protest and reproach your ancestors for it.

Because Adam and Eve fell, God cannot regard them as the ancestors of a true humanity, as the parents of humankind, or as His son and daughter. Although Adam and Eve were God's only son and daughter, they descended to a position where God could not treat them as His son and daughter. God had intended to bless Adam and Eve as husband and wife when they grew up. He wanted to find in them object partners who would offer filial devotion. Nevertheless, Adam and Eve proved themselves unfilial as a son and daughter, as well as unfilial as a bridegroom and bride.

God had great hope for Adam and Eve's future. He had been investing a great deal in them and was looking forward to the future. Nevertheless, because Adam and Eve fell, God was unable to feel from them the heart of filial piety as children or the heart of filial piety as bridegroom and bride, that is to say, as husband and wife. God expected that Adam and Eve would establish the position of loyalty and filial piety, and thus become the ancestors of a hopeful future and the king and queen of all humankind. However, you must know that Adam and Eve did not become the object partners who would offer filial piety to God.

As a consequence of the Fall, human beings lost the true love of a father, the true love of a husband, and the true love of a brother. Since Eve's fall caused this loss, women have had to suffer so much through history until they find these loves.

As a result of the Fall, we lost true parents, true husband and wife, and true children. Eve and the archangel caused this loss.

Consequently, women living on this earth are dependent upon archangel-type fathers, archangel-type husbands, and archangel-type brothers. Therefore, women are very miserable. It is like the daughter of a rich man who lives with a house-servant. Driven from her parents' home, she and her children are considered members of the servant's bloodline.

Since women never received love from their original husband, original father, and original brother, the person who comes as the Lord brings these kinds of love. Due to the Fall, three kinds of love relationships (with a father, a husband, and a brother) could not be perfected, and consequently women could not become happy daughters. Therefore, the Lord has to come on this earth with these three kinds of love combined.

Because the order of love was trampled down, we cannot bring happiness to the world until we restore the order of love.

People in the satanic realm have no relationship at all with God's lineage. In other words, while human beings were supposed to be born as the children of good parents, in reality they were born to evil parents. From that evil center, one family spread out to a tribe, nation and world.

The Fall might seem to be a problem limited to Adam and Eve. However, because Adam and Eve are the ancestors of humankind, they are like a spring whose waters flow to influence every subsequent individual, family, tribe, race, nation, and world.

The fall of Adam and Eve was not a fall just of Adam and Eve; it was the fall of human history altogether. That is to say, as a consequence of their fall, Adam and Eve became evil parents instead of good parents. From evil parents, evil children were born. These evil children formed an evil tribe, evil nation and evil world, which today numbers over three billion people.

The history of humankind living in this satanic realm has not been joyful, but very sorrowful. The present condition of humankind in this satanic realm is not joyful, but very sorrowful.

Because Adam and Eve fell, God's ideal of creation was not realized. Rather, Adam and Eve became the fallen parents and multiplied children with Original Sin. The history of humankind has developed from this family, expanding to the tribe, race, nation and world. The ideal of True Parents who can stand having perfected God's original will has remained unfulfilled ever since the Fall. The ideals of the true family, true tribe, true race, true nation, and true world centering on True Parents remain unfulfilled as well.

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