Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The Ideal World to Be Created through Adam and Eve

God created one male and one female. After they became perfect, God planned to raise them as one heavenly couple, that they might live a heavenly married life.

God planned to make Adam and Eve the very first husband and wife, and then to build the Kingdom of heaven through them. If this had happened, then the blessings "Be fruitful and multiply" would have been realized at that time. God had given Adam and Eve the ability to multiply His children. The children of Adam and Eve then would have been sinless, perfect human beings.

What else would Adam and Eve have become? No sin would be passed down through the generations of human beings. Through their children, Adam and Eve would have become the God-centered True Father and True Mother of all humankind.

If Adam and Eve had reached perfection without falling, they would have become perfect not only as individuals; their perfection would have had universal and historical significance. Moreover, they would have been able to start a new family centering on God's love. From this family, expanding to a clan, a tribe, a race, a nation, and a world, humankind would have established one big family, with God dwelling in their midst.

The center of this great family would have been God and Adam. The life course of Adam's family, including their lifestyle, customs, practices and the setting of their life, would have remained as an historical tradition in that world. It would be the tradition intertwined with God's love. Because God's love is the origin of life and the source of all ideals, humankind would not be able to leave God's bosom. If they ever departed from it, they would long to return.

Even in this fallen world, when people leave their parents or siblings, they always feel lonely and miss their family. Similarly, once people are intertwined with the love of God, who is the subject of life and ideals, they can never leave His bosom. If they were to leave, they would feel lonely, sad and bereft of joy. Therefore, there is no option other than to become one with God in the realm of His love.

In such a place, a person can be proud of these things: First, God is my Father. Second, we are God's sons and daughters who can receive His love. Third, I am the heir of the universe created by God.

In this world, a person is proud just to marry the daughter of a rich man. However, if God is my Father and if I can receive all of His love, is there anything of which a person can be prouder?

If Adam and Eve had established a God-centered ideal family, then God's will would have been accomplished. Adam's family, attending and serving God the Father above, and as the ancestors of all humankind below, would have become the family that established the starting point of unified love. To realize the ideals for which God created Adam and Eve, their family should have become the foundation upon which to bring everything into unity through love.

If God's will had been realized through husband and wife's love and children's love, then this would have been the foundation for a realm of unified culture to be established on this earth centering on Adam's family. Instead of numerous peoples forming their own cultures and civilizations as exist today, the world would have a single culture, a single philosophy and a single civilization centering on Adam. If history had begun in this way, then our culture, history, customs, language and traditions would be one.

Again, we would have established the ideal family, ideal tribe, race and nation in the realm of God's love, and as this expanded even more, we would have formed one ideal world according to the ideal of Adam. The root, trunk and leaves of a tree are all connected as one life. The worldview from the standpoint of God's will is like this. Centering on love, we should attend God as our Father above, and below, we should transform all humankind into our brothers and sisters sharing one life, the life of love. Afterwards, we should establish the eternal ideal world centering on God. The people living in such a world do not need salvation or a Messiah. They are God's good sons and daughters.

If Adam and Eve had established the first God-centered family, then centering on that family the God-centered tribe, nation and world would also have been established. In that world, God alone would be the sovereign ruler. Then from the very beginning and for all eternity, the world would have abided under the perfect sovereignty.

If this had been accomplished in the Garden of Eden, then there would not be the many different nations and languages we see today. Everyone would be included in Adam's tribe, following the one tradition set up by Adam. The language spoken by Adam would be the language of the world. Indeed, the whole world would live as one nation under God. This was God's plan, that all humankind be born in the Kingdom of heaven on earth.

We are meant to enjoy a heavenly life here on this earth. After our physical life, we are supposed to enter heaven in the spirit world and abide there forever. This was the original design of God. In such a world, there would be no Satan, no evil and no hell.

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