Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) Adam and Eve's Growing Period

Adam and Eve were created with the possibility of becoming perfect without any sin. They were to grow to perfection by obeying God's law. During the growing period, on the way to becoming a mature man and a woman, they were meant to remain as brother and sister. They were to establish the true tradition of living as brother and sister.

During the period of adolescence, the love between man and woman begins to ripen. God must have been waiting, watching and anticipating the day when they could embark on the road of mature love. In the Divine Principle taught in the Unification Church, this period is called "the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle." Without completing the growing period, one cannot establish the foundation for mature love. God waits for human beings to complete the growing period, for the time when He can directly rule them with love. This is why the growing period is termed the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle.

The reason God told Adam and Eve, "Do not eat" was that it was not yet time for them to love each other. Since Adam and Eve were still in the growing period, God gave them the commandment to wait until they had matured.

When a person is born through parents, he or she is not born ready-made as a husband or a wife. Rather, he or she is born as a son or a daughter and is educated about love. Through education about love, people learn how to unite with each other.

Therefore, we must stand before God in order to receive education about love that is centered on God's love. We should receive this education of love until we understand the standard of all value, and until we become mature.

From this point of view, one might ask whether Adam and Eve were growing up in God's love. There is no mention of this in the Bible. Instead, the Bible begins with a story about the Fall.

What attitude should Adam and Eve have shown in order to receive this education? Because God the Parent related with Adam and Eve as His children, Adam and Eve should have followed wherever God went and should have remained under His supervision.

However, they left their position as the children of God and departed from the proper attitude. Because God is the absolute Being, Adam and Eve should have followed and obeyed Him absolutely. God was the Mother who gave life to Adam and Eve, and God was their Guardian. God was their Protector against any threat to their lives.

Moreover, it is obvious that God would have enjoyed seeing Adam and Eve attain maturity and love each other more than they loved Him. Why! God is their subject partner. When God's object partners become the wonderful embodiments of love, God as the subject partner will feet much greater value in loving them. Therefore, God's joy would increase.

This is the very first law of creation for human beings. However, since a fallen human being cannot receive this education of love, he cannot even approach that position.

Adam and Eve were to be the lords of all creation. Yet they should have waited until the time decided by God, their Father; that is, they should have waited until they had matured both physically and spiritually. God also said to Adam and Eve, "Be fruitful and multiply." This means that after their physical and spiritual bodies had matured completely, they were to become husband and wife and to love each other, multiplying sons and daughters.

While they were physically growing up, Adam and Eve spent much of their time together. When something frightening happened, Eve said, "Oh! I'm scared," and she threw herself into Adam's arms or hid behind him. Eve was relieved when Adam embraced her, but at the same time, she received strong masculine stimulation from Adam. Adam also did not dislike this feeling, and received sexual stimulation from Eve, a being different from himself. At that moment, who made the sexual advance, Adam or Eve? Eve was the one who, afraid and jumping into Adam's arms, made the sexual advance. From that moment on, they gradually fell in love.

God created the world with love. Adam and Eve, centering on God's love, were to make the world a well-ordered chain of love, connecting everything to God. Adam and Eve had such a mission. Therefore, they should have always considered what attitude they needed if they were to possess the love that God would one day permit them to share. Because the issue of love was so important, it would determine their life and death.

Every human being, having been conceived centering on one moment, begins during adolescence to look forward to such a moment. We should understand why a man and a woman have to wait before they can have that one moment. A man and a woman can fall in love at any time, yet why do they need to wait? They need to wait because of love. The fullness of love in maturity requires fulfilling the necessary conditions in the growing period, during adolescence.

When Adam and Eve became sixteen, seventeen or eighteen, they naturally awakened to the opposite sex. just as when flowers bloom, people are intoxicated by their fragrance, when Adam and Eve reached adolescence, they began to think about the opposite sex. God also was caught up in this fragrance. Then the three God's love, and Adam and Eve's minds and bodies -- were to become one, at a point which would have become the core of universe. They would then have entered the original orbit, which was to have controlled all love. However, Adam and Eve fell from this point. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have become completely one. If they had become one, God could never leave them, and Adam and Eve could never leave, either. From that point, all the generations would have been connected, realizing the ideal tribe, nation and world. This world would have become a world of splendor, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen upon reaching adolescence around age sixteen or seventeen -- but instead had become one with God's love, then their minds and bodies absolutely could not have divided. With perfect life and perfect love, Adam and Eve would have become a true man and true woman living in a true environment. After the Fall, Adam and Eve always remembered the feeling of anticipation, hoping to stand in that position. Throughout their lives, they longed to find that original position and to think, to live and to love as they were intended to. They surely wanted their children to live in that world.

When can human beings become completely one with God and receive the direct dominion of God? It is the time when man and woman individually become perfect and begin to have give and take of love with each other, in an environment equipped for the reciprocal relationship of subject and object and for the original human love, matured in all aspects. When it happens, God and human beings form a complete whole centering on love and start revolving around the eternal original orbit.

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