Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The Realization of the Ideal of Creation through Love

If we ask God why He created the world, He will surely answer, "because it was good." It was good and joyous. God created the world because He wanted to obtain joy.

How, then, does one attain a state of well being? How does one obtain joy? It is only possible through the way of love. Therefore, we can conclude that God created the world to obtain joy through the realization of love.

God created the world in order to realize love. God wants to feel joy by watching human beings and all things unite centering on God's love and establish a world of love. God wants to feet joy by watching human beings unite as true husband and wife in a relationship centering on God's love and establish true families, tribes, nations, and a world. God wants to experience the joy of love by becoming one with human beings in love. This is why God created the world, and this, indeed, is God's ideal of creation.

God's only dream was to realize the ideal of love. However, God cannot realize the ideal of love by Himself alone. No individual can attain love, happiness, and joy living by him or herself. One can never attain these things without a counterpart.

Although God is the absolute Being, He needs a partner who can be His counterpart of love. God's love partners are human beings. When human beings, as God's love partners, stand before God with perfected love, God becomes a happy God who has found the ideal of joy.

The cosmos operates by the principle of give and take. If one is in a high place, then he will eventually go down; if one receives, then he will eventually need to give. Therefore, to experience absolute love or to become an absolute subject, one needs to stand in the position of the counterpart.

Thus, an absolute person as the subject cannot help but seek an ideal counterpart of love. No matter how great a person is-a scholar, an artist, a politician or a saint, even one with worldwide authority-he cannot feet joy by himself alone. One can attain joy only where there is a reciprocal relationship.

Let us imagine where God's joy first emerged. God is the absolute Being. If He is the end, He must be the very end. Because God stands above the highest height, He cannot help but seek His counterpart below.

Where there is sunlight, every object casts a shadow. Similarly, God as the absolute subject wants to give to His counterparts, all things situated in a lower position.

Therefore, the reason God created all things in heaven and earth was to realize His ideal. God's objects for the realization of this ideal are interconnected, from minerals to plants to animals to human beings. Of course, nature is included, since God started His creation from the smallest entities and advanced to larger entities. Even the smallest particle is in itself a counterpart to an aspect of God.

For the absolute God, therefore, the initial point of love was when He took the smallest things as His counterparts. From that point onward, God must have felt increasing degrees of stimulation as He related to things of ever larger dimension.

The natural character of the original mind, which expresses God's infinite love centering on His purpose, is the heart. The value of heart never changes. If one wishes to discuss the value of God's existence, one has to discuss and grasp the meaning of God's love. Something's value can only be determined when it fulfills its role as a partner in a reciprocal relationship.

Joy originates from God's heart. Where, then, is the purpose of God's heart realized? It is realized through human beings. The invisible heart of God is manifest in the heart of visible human beings. Moreover, when a man and a woman with such a heart expand horizontally and establish a family, that family will expand to the world and become the center of the world. To establish such a family, God gave Adam and Eve the blessings to be fruitful and multiply. The Cosmic Teaching is established on the foundation of human beings' being fruitful, multiplying, and having dominion over all things.

Why did God create the world? God wanted to experience joy through the created world. Although God is an absolute being, He cannot feel joy by Himself. This is because one can feel joy only when there is a counterpart.

God does not need knowledge, money or power. God, who is absolute and omnipotent, does not need such things. No matter how much science advances, it can never catch up to, much less surpass, what God has made. The universe revolves according to its lawful order. When we think about the fact that God created and has been operating this vast universe, which is far beyond our scientific understanding, we can say that God also is the ultimate scientist. Furthermore, nothing in the world can stand against the power of God, who is omnipotent and whose power is absolute. God is also eternal and self-existing. If God wants something, what would that be? If not money, knowledge, or power, what could it possibly be? The one and only thing that God absolutely needs is true love. Both God and human beings absolutely need true love.

God does not need knowledge because He is the One who created knowledge. God does not need power because He is omnipotent. God does not need money because He can make diamonds and gold as He wishes.

Oh, God, what do you need? God would say, "The one and only thing I need is love." Can God feel love by Himself? One might think that God could love as He wishes. Not at all! Above all, God needs a counterpart with whom to share His true love. We have not understood this point.

Since God is the absolute Being, what was the reason that He created human beings? It was not to gain money, knowledge or power. Rather, this was the only way by which God could feel love.

Seen from this point of view, God the Father and human beings as His sons and daughters establish an axis. Connected by this axis, God and human beings forge an unbreakable bond of oneness in love. Do you think that a person who has tied a rope to God's original love and tasted that love would ever separate himself from God ~ In spring, bees come to taste the sweet nectar. Even if you pull off the bee's rear end, it will not stop its sucking. What would do if you taste God's love? Even if you were on a journey to somewhere, you would turn around and come back to immerse yourself in it.

Thus, the whole of creation forms a common base and begins interaction connected to this axis of love. The family becomes manifest as individually perfected man and woman become one centering on love. Tribes become manifest, then races, nations, and a world centering on this love axis.

However, what passes for love has become self-centered in America. Men and women date as casualty as they greet each other on the street.

The reason God created human beings was that God cannot experience any stimulation by Himself. joy springs from the relationship with a counterpart. By oneself, one cannot obtain the stimulation of joy. When we stand in the position of God's counterpart, we for the first time can receive the highest love. Then God's internal nature becomes embodied in us. If God feels sad, we, too, cannot but feel sad. Thus, we become inseparably linked with God. No matter how much we research, we will come to this conclusion.

Why does God need human beings? If someone asks you why God needs us for the realization of His ideal, you can reply that God needs us in order to complete God's love. What is God's love? God's love is the love by which human beings love each other eternally and the love with which God loves human beings eternally. Human beings are God's eternal partners of love.

From the very time God created Adam and Eve, God wanted to love them as His object partners. He wanted to see them again and again and again, to be with them again and again and again, and to live with them again and again and again. God's ideal of creation is to have such object partners.

How does God's love arise? The Divine Principle taught in the Unification Church explains that God's love arises through completing the Four Position Foundation. What does it mean to complete the Four Position Foundation? Parents' love should flow to the children and be felt by the children. In the Four Position Foundation, one can distinguish the three stages of parents' love, husband and wife's love and children's love. However, when we look at the Four Position Foundation from above, the loves of the parents, husband and wife, and children are all interconnected and united. The parents' love at the center of the Four Position Foundation embraces the children, unites the husband and wife, and finally brings all into oneness with God's love. This completes the Four Position Foundation.

Adam was supposed to become one with God, linked by love. A human being represents the existing world on the earth plane, and God represents the three dimensional world. Love is the cord eternally linking human beings and God.

When human beings with physical bodies become one with God, God's heart and emotion partake of the physical experience of infinite ecstasy. Finally, God and human beings become one in love. Human beings and the world become one in love. This is the starting point for the realization of the ideal world, which is God's purpose of creation.

The original human beings were meant to become one with God, feeling love substantially. Satan aimed at the center of this love, making Adam and Eve fall. After that, the cosmos drifted away from God, becoming chaotic with no relationship to His love.

God's ideal begins for the first time from new, God-centered love, from the position where love is manifest in accordance with the law of creation.

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