Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) God's Will and the Completion of the Four Position Foundation

Many people talk about God's will. Although the term "God's will" sounds straightforward, when one is actually asked about the meaning, it is very difficult to answer. Moreover, devout people have been praying, "Dear God! may Your will be done." We are now walking the religious path to fulfill God's will. However, it is illogical to pray and live a life of faith for the fulfillment of God's will when we don't really know the meaning of God's will.

Therefore, I would like to define the term "God's will." I define God's will as "to fulfill the ideal of creation." What does "to fulfill the ideal of creation," mean? It means to fulfill the ideal of humanity. Specifically, it was to be realized when the whole creation would become one in God's will centering on Adam and Eve. God's will is to fulfill the ideal of Adam and Eve. According to Unification terminology, God's will is to complete the Four Position Foundation.

What is the Unification Church or Reverend Moon's understanding of God's will? God's will is the ideal for which God created the universe, that is, the completion of the purpose of creation. When God created all things, He created them with a definite purpose. Completing this purpose of creation is God's will. Who was the center of this purpose? It was Adam and Eve. That is why I see God's purpose as the realization of the ideal of creation centering on Adam and Eve.

What, then, is the realization of the ideal of creation? It is the establishment of the Four Position Foundation. The Four Position Foundation is the family foundation of God's ideal in which Adam and Eve, centering on God, become completely one in ideal conjugal relations and multiply children. When this Four Position Foundation is established, Adam and Eve, who are one in conjugal love centering on God, would never be able to leave the realm of God's love.

What was God's purpose of creation? God did not create Adam and Eve merely to watch them. Nor did God create man and woman that they may merely grow old and die separately. God's purpose of creation was for Adam and Eve to grow and, when they recognize their feelings towards the opposite sex, make a love nest centering on God. Thus, they would establish humankind's true Kingdom of heaven on earth. Here, Adam as a male would represent heaven and Eve as a female would represent earth. Had Adam and Eve as two separate individuals become one horizontally, heaven and earth would have unified as one. By their becoming one centering on God's love, the spiritual and the physical worlds would automatically have united into one.

More important to God than the moment of creating Adam and Eve was the precious future they were to realize by completing the Four Position Foundation centering on love. That would be the completion of the purpose of creation.

God created His son Adam as the representative of all entities with plus character and loved this son the most. God loved him with a love that included a feminine quality. Likewise, when God loved His daughter Eve, He loved her with a love that included a masculine quality.

When two separate individuals become one, they produce a third starting-point. In other words, had Adam and Eve formed a complementary union based on their relationship with their first partner (God), then centering on the unity of these three loves, there would have arisen the impulse for a new beginning of love. This was to have been their children. This is why children are the objects of love whom we regard as the starting-point of new hope.

Adam and Eve were born as substantial beings, the incarnations of God's love and parents' love. Therefore, their children were to be loved by God, Adam and Eve. You all know about the Three Object Purpose. The Three Object Purpose is formed this way.

God's will for human beings is to fulfill the purpose of creation in order to realize the ideal of creation. The realization of the ideal of creation does not end when a man and a woman marry and become one through love. Afterwards, they should experience having sons and daughters. This is because the principle of heaven and earth is that everything is linked through relationships of high and low, front and back, etc. If there was a yesterday, there is a today; if there is a today, there will be a tomorrow. Everything must be connected. If there were no tomorrow, everything would end. If husband and wife are the higher position, then there must be children at the lower position. If there were no lower position, [the family] would end. Thus, the principle of heaven and earth unites high and low and left and right; husband and wife become the left and the right.

Therefore, parents understand that they have fulfilled their responsibility when all their sons and daughters have married. When their children have married, the parents-the husband and wife as a couple-and their children can completely realize the relationship of high and low. Only when they establish such a relationship of high and low do they realize the ideal. Though husband and wife have united in a left and right relationship, only when parents and children have vertically united in a high and low relationship can they realize an ideal spherical world. Furthermore, when brothers and sisters connect to this relationship, the sphere fills out in the third dimension. Thus, in order to complete the realization of the ideal, both the horizontal and vertical axes of the sphere must be established. When a man and a woman experience this realized two-fold realm, they can finally say that they are living in the ideal.

What does this mean? That is what the Unification Church calls the Four Position Foundation. Therefore, to complete the ideal of creation means to complete the Four Position Foundation.

A person should not remain alone. Starting from "myself," a person must pass through three stages. These three stages are: myself, my spouse and my child. The relationships between myself, my spouse, and my children, centering on God, constitute the Four Position Foundation. Completing this Four Position Foundation is God's purpose of creation.

According to the Divine Principle of the Unification Church, the completion of the purpose of creation is, for human beings, the completion of the Four Position Foundation. The Four Position Foundation cannot be established unless the parents, who have become one in love, have God's love dwelling in them. At the same time, they must transmit God's love to their children through their absolute love. God's Four Position Foundation is completed only when, according to the original order Of heaven, love is substantially transmitted to the children through the family as intermediary, forming a lineage. Therefore, parents must teach their children that God is a God of goodness and teach them how to love. As a wife, one should become exemplary in loving one's husband and thus teach the children to love. As a husband, one should teach the children about God's love, and through loving one's wife and educating the children, teach them to love. In the Unification Church, this is called completing the loves of the Three Object Purpose.

What was God's ideal for the first human ancestors? God's ideal was to unite an ideal man and an ideal woman to establish an ideal family. Then, what was to be the center of this ideal family? The center was to be neither man nor woman. A family is, after all, a group consisting of parents and children, husband and wife. The center of the group is God's love. Therefore, we can conclude that God's will is for a husband and wife to become one centering on God's love, and to establish a family centering on God's love.

If Adam and Eve had become perfectly one centering on God's love, their love would have been an absolute love, because, in a position of object, they would have become one with the absolute Being. The children born in that realm of absolute love would have received love through absolute love and would have dwelt in the realm of absolute love.

In the realm of absolute love, there is no contradiction or opposition. When we enter this realm, absolute love dwells in us and rules us.

In this ideal, children would grow up in a peaceful realm secured by a fence made with love. In this place, the atmosphere allows them to compromise with their parents and with their brothers and sisters. This is the place where everyone together can praise God's love. Such a family meets the standard of what in the Unification Church is termed the Four Position Foundation.

When the Four Position Foundation is established, that is, when mother, father, sons and daughters become one, the absolute realm of love is formed. Heaven is the realm where people express love's absolute value unlimitedly in three dimensions.

To form the Four Position Foundation, one must first experience the heart of husband and wife. Only then will one be able to have the heart of children and then the heart of parents.

God's ideal of creation was for Adam and Eve, the ancestors of humankind, to multiply good children and to establish one world centering on God.

God's will is the ideal of a family centering on one love, that is, to establish the family that Satan cannot accuse, and to build a tribe, a race, a nation, and a world of God.

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