The Words of Young Oon Kim

Excerpts from a letter from Korea to the Washington DC Unified Family

Young Oon Kim
December 2, 1970
New Age Frontiers - December 1970

... Another event is the mobilizing of 1200 women for witnessing campaign. They left to the appointed places on December 1 and are not supposed to come home for a full two years. The 1200 women (approximately) are the wives of all the blessed men so far. (This causes a lot of problems at each family, but Master would not give excuse to anyone.) This means a complete abstinence for two years. Master formed 120 teams and each team consists of ten women. Those who were blessed this year (777 couples) are included in it.

A recent event was an open (public) debate between Professor Su of Yonsei University and two other theologians, one from Methodist Seminary and the other from Presbyterian Seminary, on the Divine Principle and our church. This was held on the campus of Seoul University. After that debate their argument continued on the newspapers. Professor Su's criticism was rather affirmative and positive even though he does not accept the Principle nor believe our leader's mission. The other two men's criticism was totally negative and derogative. Mr. Su’s positive criticism of our church entailed causing strong antagonism against us among Christian ministers. This still continues and they condemn our church and try to destroy us by some means. On the other hand that debate stimulated and challenged inquiry about our principle.

So Mr. Lee, who is in charge of inter-denominational work and inter-religious work, arranged and invited young theologians for two days to hear our lectures. We paid their hotel expenses. There were twelve men who came and heard the lectures. The atmosphere was not easy, however they were surprised to see a wonderful system of teaching and could at least understand Professor Su's positive criticism. Mr. Su's debate with two theologians took place on November 13 and 14 at the Green Park Hotel.

Another event was that HSA President (Mr. Young Whi Kim) invited 250 pastors to come to hear the principle for three days. Twenty-eight young pastors responded and came. This was held at Academy House (a nice hotel). They were also surprised to find many good points. But most of them were Presbyterians.

Some said it needs further study. Some said we need reformation in the church. Is this the answer? All of them asked "after all who is Mr. Moon?" In general this meeting was successful because they expressed the desire for further opportunity of dialogue in the spring. The open debate between Professor Su and two other theologians was held under the auspices of CARP of Seoul University. 

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