The Words of Young Oon Kim

Report from Seoul, Korea

Young Oon Kim
April 1970
New Age Frontiers

There are a number of events going on here.

(1) The training of directors of regions and districts. They are divided into three groups, and each group takes two weeks training. At present the second group is in training. This training is conducted by the Dept. of Education of HSA. The lectures given to them for two weeks are Divine Principle, anti-Communist and special lectures, such as my talk, Prof. Lee's "Doctrine of God" or someone else's Economy and so on.

(2) The construction of a large lecture hall and a dormitory to accommodate 200 people. Also 200 folding arm chairs are made to use there. As soon as this construction is finished, anti-Communist lectures will be given to 200 high school graduates at a time and this session will continue with different groups.

(3) About 400 applicants for the blessing have arrived. They are introducing themselves through speeches and singing and other talents. On the other hand, the Leader is examining them one by one. He is planning to bless 700 couples chosen from 7 nations because this is 1970 (7,7,7). From Japan around 100 couples will come to marry. The blessing will be given in Seoul toward the end of September.

In Tokyo from September 21st to 25th the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) convention will be held. The WACL was organized by the proposal of Syngman Rhee and the first conference was held in S. Korea in 1954. The last one was held in Thailand in 1969. At that time Mr. Kuboki proposed that the next one be held in Japan. Presently about 50 nations are represented in WACL. About 25 anti-Communist groups in the U. S. are invited to attend the WACL convention this year including one or two senators and congressmen. FLF is invited. The Japanese Family is now preparing $250,000 for the expense including travel expense for some speakers and delegates.

Your card for my birthday arrived on March 27th. I looked at each star and read each name on it. It was beautifully designed. And I read carefully the Psalm 23, which inspired me again even though I had read it many times. Is that Dr. Lamsa's translation? Thank you for the gift, which was too much. I'll tell you how my birthday was spent here. I put on a new Korean costume and greeted the Parents at 8:30 A.M. They invited me for breakfast and our Leader had come back from the factory for that morning to have breakfast with me. These days he often stays there over night.

For lunch over 30 women gathered together and celebrated my birthday. They had prepared noodles (signifies long life) and other kinds of food and sang a lot for me and we laughed a lot. Our Leader again invited me for dinner He and Mother and a few others took me to a fancy modern restaurant and treated with Western Chinese dinner It was my first time to have tasted that kind of food.

Whenever I sit with him, he leads our conversation around the American Family Then he insisted to go to a movie, which was a sad and serious one. He cried in heart a lot. I wiped my tears many times. It was a very impressive one. He started talking about the movie by saying "Wasn’t it a sad movie?" We talked on and on, on the way back. On the next day of my arrival he and Mother also took me to a Chinese restaurant and then to a movie, which was also a sad and tragic movie, but a very good one too.

The day after tomorrow is Parents' Day (April 6th) I gave him $2040 as a contribution including mine. Mr. Kuboki's couple and four other women are coming to celebrate the Parents' Day.

I have been watching TV all day to see the Japanese airplane which has been hijacked. I am thinking of returning to the U.S. as planned.

Warmest greetings to all,

Young Oon Kim 

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