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Young Oon Kim
September 1968

In previous editions I said Jesus was the same as any other man. This is the simplest way of looking at it, and formerly our Leader didn’t explain the deeper aspect. Apparently, however, the question was raised by devoted Christians: How could Jesus be the same as other men? So he added the explanation.

There were three sets of two brothers in Old Testament history in which the younger son fought for the birthright. First, Abel -- by subjugating Cain in love was to restore the birthright. Though he was slain by Cain instead, his offering was accepted. Jacob and Esau fought in their mother's womb, but after birth Jacob subjugated Esau with love and took back the heavenly birthright. The third story is in Genesis 38:27-30. Perez and Zerah were twins and though Zerah was almost born first -- he actually stuck his hand out first -- Zerah overcame him in the womb and was the firstborn in actuality. Thus, he took back the heavenly birthright, even in the womb. In this series of three incidents, the restoration of the birthright became more and more literal, until finally the younger brother actually became the elder. Through such lineage, Jesus was born with the heavenly birthright.

Another point is that there were four adulterous women in Jesus' 1ineage. They were Rahab, Tamar, Ruth, and Uriah's wife, who became King Solomon's mother. The action of these four women made restitution for Eve's fallen act. Thus, indemnity was paid for one to come as the Messiah in that lineage. On these conditions Jesus was free from original sin. But to fulfill his mission to be the father of mankind, he had to fulfill his blessed marriage. He died as the son of God, not as the father of mankind. To fulfill the blessing he had to subjugate Satan. Our Leader was born from a different lineage, but he has done very unusual things, paid indemnity for original sin, and subjugated Satan. Our Leader’s subjugation of Satan opened the way for each one to subjugate Satan, which is our five percent to fulfill. So each one has to subjugate Satan for himself, by applying the Principle.

God’s care is always there through angels. When Ham saw his father's nakedness, however, God didn't intervene. Nor did he intervene when Abraham failed to cut the birds. God didn't intervene when Moses struck the rock twice. Even today God doesn't intervene to interfere with man's responsibility. When it is necessary God always manifests -- either through angels or spirits. But this is different from the Direct Dominion. The Direct Dominion is possible only through the blessing of our Leader. Through his blessing, we are restored to heavenly lineage. Then we enter the Direct Dominion.

On Teaching the Principle

We can’t lead people higher than where we are. We cannot convince others more than we believe. You must really believe to live the Divine Principle, so you can move and touch others,

By maintaining a strong prayer life, you will deepen your relationship with God. You will have more dynamic depth to convince people. You will increase your inner power and authority and you will really taste the Divine Principle,

You must learn to lecture effectively, not just recite the words. Through strong prayer you must establish a strong relationship with the living God. You must experience the Principle. To do this, you must really teach and raise people. By raising them, you will face problems, and you will grow. To be mature means to know yourself and other people, and to know God.

If you establish a prayer habit, you will be able to talk the Divine Principle from the heart. Give your whole self to the person you are teaching. Develop the skill to give yourself away.

I want you to be likeable to everyone. I want you to be people of whom Father is proud. Women must be like women and men like men. You must be integrated physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Father is perfectly integrated. 

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