The Words of Young Oon Kim


Young Oon Kim
August 1968

From Letters: On Leadership

Our movement is not just an intellectual teaching. When there is lack of binding love, a center is just an assembly of individuals. When individuals are only assembled without binding love which harmonizes them, there is no power in that assembly. When they are harmonized by their love and dedication, they produce energy as a group.

Father's standard of leadership is very high. When you are just a follower at the center, Father is concerned about you less. But if you are in the position of leader, he sets a high standard. If you don't rise to it, Father chastises. This is not just for your sake, but for the sake of the whole group. It is a mistake to think that by becoming a leader you are free and there is no one above you.

A leader works harder than others, receives criticism rather than praise and appreciation. If you are not prepared for this, you haven’t grown mature yet.

The first and last quality to be a leader is inclusiveness or the capacity to embrace everybody, giving them opportunity to develop their ability and thus to grow in their dedication. A poor leader always excludes somebody, assuming he can do everything all by himself.

I am sure that at times there will be much difficulty in carrying out all responsibility as a leader. Sometimes your nerves will be worn out. Many times you will cry to God, but it is your privilege to suffer with the Father, carrying all the troubles and loads on your shoulders. Thinking of your heavy loads, I think of you every day in my prayer. Many times you would have felt that no one in the world understands you. It is exactly the heavenly Father's course. Even now, no one understands the depth of His sorrow and frustration.

With Father's heart, in the shoes of a servant is the hardest way because you serve and serve and serve, and love and love and love, and yet no one understands you and no one rewards you adequately.. You have to love and serve others until you are exhausted. Then you must forget completely what you have done. Otherwise you will be more frustrated. Forget the good things you have done yesterday and start again each morning with Father's love, in the shoes of a servant. Never expect reward in the visible future.

Farewell words to Linna Miller and Marie Leckrone on the eve of their departure for Canadian mission

Of course, your job is not an easy one. But think -- you are going to conquer a nation.

How can it be easy? And you are pulling the best person or persons from Canada. Until now you have been just a member here, but on arriving in Canada you will be father, mother, general and servant.

You will suffer mentally. emotionally, spiritually, and physically; but you will gain from it. Even in sleep you will think of it you feel you have to do something. Often I felt responsible even in sleep -- I thought of my work every moment.

The first missionary in India was William Carey, who came from England. He took a small boat from England and sailed around the Cape of Good Hope. He had a rough trip, was seasick and almost died. When he arrived in India he didn't understand the language and had a hard time communicating. He had to translate the Bible. The life work of such missionaries was to convert one or two! A famous missionary in China found one person in three years!

Now we travel by jet. This is the same with our spiritual pace. (I often thought of Paul’s long journeys -- how he must have suffered!) We are in a much better situation. We have no problems with language, food, and transportation. Also, the whole spirit world and Father are with us. Just think of the great pioneers of the Christian Church. Now you are taking their positions. They envy you. In a sense, your work is easier; but greater, and the suffering is less.

In Christian churches at a farewell party they sing, "God Be With You Till We Meet Again. " But we sing "Unified Soldiers" because we are marching in a heavenly war.

Discussion on revised Chapter I

Adam's creation was brought about through the extreme intensity of give and take within God. (God "begat” Adam.) Then Adam's loneliness and God's intense desire to fulfill that loneliness begat Eve. Thus, Eve was created by the longing of Adam and God. A child is born out of the climax of love between parents. The same climax of love within God created Adam. Eve's creation was the result of the strong desire in God and Adam. Everything is created of strong desire (not just out of clay).

Adam and Eve couldn't have been created together. In that case they would have been twins, and subsequently twin births would have been the normal pattern. Therefore they were born one at a time.

The man should be a little older because he gives power and life. The man has the muscle, power, and bone. He gives power and love by doing the heavy work. Woman is not a symbol of power. She will rest under the shelter of man. Narrowed down to the sexual realm, it is from man that the power comes. This must also come externally.

All prehistoric people are after Adam. Human beings were human from the beginning, however low their culture. What is civilization? It is not all good. Eating bananas half-naked is not evil. You can still have a spiritual life. Spirit and physical body grow together.

Spirit world was created before man. The physical world is a reflection of the spirit world. Man's feeling, thought, and will fill the spirit world. Therefore the spirit world was void and empty before man was created. -- It was only a frame for the picture.

How valuable life becomes as you participate in the whole work of creation!

Our Leader's famous statement is, "Before becoming the ruler of the universe, become the ruler of yourself!" As a young man, he took the position of servant. He cooked and served the other students. He prepared himself in this way to build his humility.

You have to shed your blood, sweat, and tears. Unless you have the experience of completely ruling yourself, you cannot rule any part of God's world. There must be perfect give and take in all human aspects: feeling and reason, body and heart, and in relationship with other people.

God is perfect. Why? He is the ideal mate and father to every person. He is perfect in all human relationships. He is perfect in heart. Therefore He is Father of all Russians, Vietnamese, everybody. For this perfection, group life is very good training. You are forced to correct your attitude and human relationships.

Always be prepared to see a better member than yourself. Let them go ahead of you. Always stand back, for then you will be always peaceful. You are the only one to play your role in the whole cosmos. The cosmos is like a great body and you are a cell. Why do you want to do something you are not meant to do? Why hinder or block others' ways? Open their ways -- let them go ahead.

How do we block others? In heart. We are uncomfortable if someone does better. But for Father whatever is better, is better. There is always competition between those who are close in ability and talent. But it is good also to have competition, otherwise you become lazy.

Another aspect of perfection of character is to get rid of original sin. You must change your status. Up to now you have been enrolled in the Satanic world. Now you must enroll in God's world. Before the fall, only the perfection of character was needed. But now we must also get rid of original sin.

Forming the four positions on earth is so important because it is through them that we develop all dimensions of love fully. The dimensions of passive, mutual, and parental love are all contained in the four positions.

Who is your enemy?

There are two concepts;

1.) Those that hurt or destroy you personally. (Jesus talked about these.) I can still love them. I don't dwell in the feeling of being hurt. I forget and forgive. I always think of how Father forgave me when I hurt Him. This makes me very generous. So I can forgive my enemy. Often it is God who then judges that person.

2.) God's enemy, therefore my enemy. I must watch this person and prevent him from acting. I feel no personal animosity. This is really another dimension of love. We must have many enemies in this sense. Thus we become like stones and are not easily hurt. 

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