The Words of Young Oon Kim


Young Oon Kim
April 1968
New Age Frontiers

Excerpts From Miss Kim's Letters

Dreams are sometimes reflections of the subconscious. Or they can be a recollection of past experience which expresses itself in a dream as memories sometimes express themselves in thoughts when you are awake.

Thus, it doesn't necessarily mean that the things in your dream are still part of your life. However, once we have done anything, it is not easily erasable from our memory. Therefore, we like to store only good things in our memory. This is why every day's life -- every action -- is so important. No one chases after us, but our memory makes us happy or sad. Nevertheless, I wouldn't suffer from a guilt complex because of dreams. Once you have turned away and started new life, then the old, sinful life is no longer reality, but only memory. I would rather strengthen my will, being reminded by the memory not to repeat the past actions, but do enough good to make up for them. So I would laugh at Satan, who brings me back the painful memory, and tell him, "I will never yield to you again."

I can well imagine the sexual license in your present situation. In order to justify their own actions, people must laugh at you and ridicule your refusal to participate. For them it is a casual action, but for you it is a matter of life and death. Just think that one action of Adam and Eve brought the tragic human world and this long frustration and grief to God. In order to restore what was done through one action, how much righteous blood has been shed throughout history! Even today, our Leader and all of us are working so hard. When you think of the entire implication, vertical and horizontal, you won't even feel sympathy for or inclination toward their action.

Supposing you yield once. From that moment, your prayer will lose power and you will feel distant from God. Not only is God distant, but you lose the inner earnestness by which you can draw God closer to you. How could you ask Father to protect you each day while you are undeserving of His protection? Can you see the serious consequences one action can entail? If you waste your energy in such dissipation, you will be more tired and will be hindered in carrying on your duty. You never know what emergency you will encounter. Therefore, by all means you must save your energy.

Just think that the hosts of heaven are envying you for the opportunity you have on earth. Just think what a great mission the Father is expecting you to fulfill in your life. Just think all our Family in America and elsewhere are praying for you daily. How can you yield to Satan who will come in a subtle or natural way to you? You must be exceptional. A few hundred members in the West are gleaned out of several million people. You must be one exception out of millions. We have a higher ideal than the secular people. Our joy is different from their joy. We have a goal to reach and a mission to fulfill. For this, I renew my vow every day before God. You must do the same thing.

God is trying you to build your will power. Therefore, you are battling on two fronts. You must not be defeated on either one. Both enemies are deadly. I hope to see you with a triumphant spirit -- with a memory of your life which will bring happiness and joy to the Father and to yourself for years to come.

To be a leader you have to have many qualities. You must have 100 percent dedication and an exemplary life to others in all aspects. Because you cannot raise people higher than what you are, you must strive to be exemplary. If you are not clean, neat, diligent and orderly, you cannot make others clean, neat, diligent and orderly.

Being stubborn and disobedient to the Father, you cannot make your followers obedient and responsive to you. Therefore, you must be an example to others in all respects. You must be a good organizer and administrator to direct even a small number. Organization is constantly needed in activities of your group life. If you are a poor organizer, your followers will not trust your ability in your work.

You must be constantly self-motivated and a source of inspiration. They may express frustration and depression at times, but you should be so firm that in these times you are a source of their stimulation and determination. Therefore, you must endure and persevere far more than your followers. When you don't have all these qualities, you cannot bring a successful result. If you don't bring successful results, you would often feel more frustration and depression. Can you examine yourself where you stand?

It is important to have cheerful and comfortable surroundings, even physically. Cold, damp and terribly inconvenient surroundings cause constant depression. Why should one have such unnecessary adversity to overcome constantly, thus wasting energy? Besides, who will come to find spiritual rest and comfort where you don’t find them yourself?

Our Leader likes clean, neat, cheerful and comfortable surroundings and personalities. He doesn't make any exception on this matter. He always stresses personal cleanliness and good grooming. This is very typical of our Leader. He wants all of us to feel the same way because our body is the temple of the Father, and we are the children of the Most High and we have to reflect our Father in every aspect of our physical life.

You may think of the life of St. Francis or that of John the Baptist and consider that it is saintly to neglect physical care. But this is a mistake. Our time is different from their time. Physical restoration and physical manifestation of God's will is an important aspect at this time. 

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