The Words of Young Oon Kim

Leader’s Conditions

Young Oon Kim
March 1968
New Age Frontiers

One of our Leader’s conditions for blessing has been that one must be in the Divine Principle for three years as a faithful member, following with utmost devotion. This is not just the symbolic number three, You can never trust people until you have lived with them at least three years, Also, you need at least three years' experience to change every part of your personality. The Divine Principle must soak into every cell of your body. It must settle in your life. The Divine Principle and you must become one, If the Divine Principle is the truth, you must see if you can live with it; otherwise neither you nor Father nor anyone else will be happy,

Our Leader’s blessing means that he is removing you from Satan's territory and giving you to God's kingdom forever. This is a great responsibility our Leader has; therefore, he must really be able to trust us, that we may be qualified members of the Father's house.

We have to pay indemnity for our sins. Also, we have to pay for our nation, and restitution for the world. The foundation members are required at least to pay restitution for their nation because they are to be the fathers and mothers of the new America.

We cannot be complacent! We think we have come to the end of the world! We haven't even started! We sing, "Have Thine own way, Lord!" Do we really mean it? God's way may be completely different from what we think.

I want you to be different from the average American. We are reforming America in the truest sense, through love and sacrificial prayer. We must come out of the average way of thinking and living, yet be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. We must meet people at their level, yet we must also get along with God. Spirits can't do this. Human beings can get along with the Spirit Father and Satanic people. We have a magic power! We must say, "I will! I will! Therefore, I can!" When we are determined, we can do everything.

We need organization, a pattern, tradition -- an organization founded on eternal goodness. We need to establish this very firmly; then any person can be a leader in that institution. Jesus was the greatest leader on earth, but he didn't have the organization or tradition behind him.

We must be the ones to establish the pattern, which must be an eternal and absolute one and must be perfect. If the tradition is weak now, ten years later we will still be struggling. If we make it perfect now, it will be easier and easier as time goes on, and the movement will really grow. You must live, think, and act exactly as you want your posterity to be. You must look ahead -- you must maintain this pattern. The pattern itself will teach them. This is what our Leader is working so hard for. Very conscientiously and genuinely we have to do this.

If people don't do their job, God must intervene. In the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham prayed for God to spare the cities if even ten people were found righteous. How God trusted Abraham! So you must be trustworthy. Each one must pray to God in this way, to become one of the ten righteous people for America. Then we can ask Father to withdraw His wrath.

God's wrath will come in different ways than in Biblical times. It may drain the gold of America. Your dollar should be used for the highest purpose, the purest work. Ask God to use yourself as a ransom to restore America. Any sacrificial offering must be clean, pure and perfect to be acceptable to God. Use your years to save America. You can relieve Father. Our Leader can't do much for America directly. It is you God is using.

Will you work hard from now on? 

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