The Words of Young Oon Kim

The Washington Center

Young Oon Kim
January 1968
New Age Frontiers

Washington Center serves as U. S. Headquarters of our movement as well as the nerve center for the entire Western world. Hence, the members in Washington Center have a dual responsibility. Besides the regular Center activities, Washington has functions which differ from those of other Centers. For instance, the printing and the distribution of the New Age Frontiers and other teaching materials require full-time work. To print anything, you must write and edit. These things require special talent and skill, with wholehearted devotion and an enormous amount of time.

When we receive good news from the local Centers, we share it through the New Age Frontiers. However, we receive not only good news, but letters loaded with problems. Then we put in any amount of energy and time to solve them and be of help. We consider this a privilege, but it is certainly not an easy task. We receive orders from our Leader because he considers Washington the headquarters in the U. S. However difficult these instructions may be, we have to carry on. This is certainly a great privilege, but at times it requires great courage and determination.

We carry on financial responsibility far greater than any local Family can imagine. We share this financial responsibility with you to some extent, but we in Washington share the large portion among ourselves. We make the maximum effort to meet the great demand. It is a wonderful experience for us to do this, because the more we give, the more abundantly we are blessed both in spirit and materially. We extend our invitation to each of you to come and spend some time with us.

It is our Leader's request that we standardize our teaching. To introduce anyone to the Divine Principle, we may use a variety of approaches; but teaching should be uniform. Therefore, I want each one of you to come to Washington for your vacation, to share the method we are using as well as to share your method and experience with us. Not only in your teaching, but in your understanding of our movement and our Leader's dispensation, you need close contact with us. Therefore, we would like to have you with us any time of the year. For that purpose, whenever you come we will devote our time to you. I want you to take this invitation personally and feel obliged to come, making definite effort to come and visit. Much misconception about the Divine Principle and misunderstanding of our organization will be clarified.

Some people think that those in the Washington Center exercise undue authority by making plans and decisions on various matters. Do you not look to us for direction and guidance? We make plans and decisions only in order to respond to your desire. It is not exercising authority or power over you. It may appear assuming authority and power, but for us it is simply assuming heavy responsibility. When we find dedicated and capable members, we confer a certain amount of responsibility on them. When they successfully carry on the responsibility, we trust them more and more and leave them alone to do their work. If they neglect their responsibility or do a poor job, then we naturally watch them closely, even advising or interfering with their work. This is inevitable, because we cannot fail the Father because of some individual.

We must always be ready to kill our personal pride before the absolute matter, the fulfillment of the Father's Will. Before claiming any authority or position, you must be trustworthy in your dedication, responsibility and capability of carrying out your mission. Day and night I am looking for men and women of this caliber.

We are so deeply concerned about all of our Family in America and Europe. We are eager to send you some inspiration, encouragement and comfort that you will successfully, joyously, and victoriously fulfill your mission wherever you are. This is our sole desire and daily prayer and endeavor.

Those in the Headquarters are not superhuman in ability and talent. Sometimes you seem to expect almost too much and be disappointed. All of us have full-time jobs and are carrying a double or triple load physically and spiritually. It is impossible for anyone to continue such strenuous work if the flame of love and dedication to the Father is not burning within him. Because of the flame, we can do and have been doing far greater work than we could possibly do with our own ability. We are only grateful for this privilege to offer our tears, our sweat, and our blood for the Cosmic Restoration of our Father's Kingdom. 

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