The Words of Young Oon Kim

To Be a Religious Leader

Young Oon Kim
August 27, 1967
New Age Frontiers

On Saturday evening, August 27, the Family in Washington gathered for singing and prayer and farewells to Orah Schoon and Martha Vertreace, who left the following afternoon to establish a Center in Gary, Indiana.

At that time, Miss Kim spoke to them about their life as Center leaders and as pioneers for the Father. We would like to share a summary of her words with you:

To be successful as a religious leader, there are two things that one must be most careful about: sex and money. If you are suspected by others in moral life, you can have no authority. If this is so in monetary life, if your monetary life is mysterious, people won't trust you. It's better not to borrow at all; but if you do, you should pay it back conscientiously. In these two things, you must be pure, honest, sincere, trustworthy. Remember, all your life, your conscience must be free in these two areas to be successful.

Last night I spoke about ups and downs. Impulsive, emotional people have many ups and downs. They go up, then down. Then up only 80 per cent of before. Then down. Then up only 60 per cent of before. They can't grow. Rather, make your life steady and fast. Steadily grow in spirit. Then when you reach a climax and feel that you need a rest, by no means rest. Hold on. If you can't go further, hold fast on a plateau.. Don't slip backward. From that plateau, go on even further.

How do you maintain a plateau? Negative feeling or talk is bad. It just pulls you down;. Don't give up. Maintain discipline, even if it is mechanical. Be happy in this discipline. If you do your best, asking God's help, out of genuine faithfulness to God and your mission, spirit world will be obliged to help you. When you can pray honestly, having given 100 per cent, having done your best, and thus feel that God is listening to you, you can be helped by God. If it is only lip prayer, without all-out effort, spirit world will laugh. You must do your utmost to receive any help. Spirit world must wait until you do all you can.

Always think, "I am working for America and Father... God and country. Attribute all good results to Father, and assume responsibility for all faults." This is the quality of a leader, to assume all responsibility for failure. Don't take credit for good and attribute evil to Satan.

If you are filled with compassion for others, you won't be tired. If you look for temporary reward, you will be tired, But work for God. His dispensation doesn't change. Make a foundation in Hammond. Work hard. Until a Center is established in Hammond and Chicago, don't leave that area.

If you have strong desire, a way will be opened. If you have only lukewarm desire, your way will be closed. Strong desire for Father's will is prayer. Don't depend on anyone. Depend, rather, on God,

We must know how to "close the sale." Quickly teach, read with them, invite them to witness and bring their friends, sign membership, and take the test. The membership will give them a sense of belonging.

Ask, "Would you like to become our member -- one of our Family?" Send them to Washington to participate in the life here and share in the whole responsibility. Let them make a commitment. Quickly let them subscribe to the newsletter and send their testimony. Don't wait for them to inquire. Take the lead! Many are shy. Share the good news from Washington and other Centers with them.

Sometimes you two will disagree. Be one always. Talk openly, frankly, when there are problems. Be one in Principle. You must be united for spirit world to help.

Feel independent, but be cooperative, giving way to each other. Power is given according to degree of dedication. There is nothing miraculous about it. Pray often together.

You must enjoy self-discipline. The disciplined life must become your second nature, your habit, yourself. If you are here and discipline is there, there will be struggle and there will not be joy. There are many qualifications for leadership in the field. There will no longer be anyone to motivate you. You must take the initiative. There will be no one to tell you what to do. If you want to, you can sleep until twelve o'clock. You can go to bed at nine o'clock. No one will say anything. But if you are living your mission, you will not do this.

Because the greatest qualification of a leader is a sense of responsibility. If you continually think of your responsibility to the mission, to God, you will not have to think, "Where shall I go now?" But wherever you are, there will be opportunity to witness. Opportunity will be created.

Communicate often with us here. Don't always expect an answer. But let us know of the activities in your territory.

A Leader doesn't look for others to help. You must pray strongly in order to be a channel for God. Every evening and morning, pray for your mission. Put God first. If you constantly do for yourself first, then for God, God will retreat further and further, and finally will be altogether gone from your world.

A leader does not expect sympathy from others because he knows that everyone else wants comfort, love, sympathy, and protection. We must be energetic. People feel energetic in the presence of energetic people. If someone is not energetic, how can he help others to feel energetic? What is inspiration? It is produced when energy is communicated to others. If a leader spends his time in bed, his followers will also. He must be up and about. It is even nicer to be with a healthy person than a beautiful person.

We need people who are older than you. Especially in Hammond, you will find these people. They are so necessary to back you up. Be especially humble always to them. Respect their experience. Talk slowly and listen very carefully to them.

Be realistic. They have lived much longer than you. Don't speak in fantastic terms. Stand and serve them. Attend them. Don't sit back and let them move around. If you lose these people, you won't be successful. Maintain this attitude: "Yes, I know more about the Divine Principle than you. But about life, you know far more than me."

Gradually, slowly, realistically, humbly, approach them, Yes, give them the better seat. Physical action is important. A leader must always have these two contradictory feelings: Confidence: I can do this; and humbleness: I can do nothing without You, Father. 

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