The Words of Young Oon Kim

Young Oon Kim: The Leader Will Judge Us By The Preparation We Have For Him

Sylvia Rogndahl (Norton)
June 1967
Washington, D. C.
New Age Frontiers

One recent evening, the day after her announcement that our Leader might be coming in June, Miss Kim came down to dinner looking quite serious. After dinner she began to speak.

She said that the Leader will judge us by the preparation we have for him on this trip. If our preparation is not adequate, it will take many years to clear from his mind the bad impression of our laxity. Our preparation must be thorough. Some of us remember his last visit when some were not completely prepared. We remember his anger at that time. If he comes and sees lack of preparation this time, his anger will be much greater and much longer-lasting.

In this way, we in Washington hear much about the coming of our Leader and the way he will be when he comes. We have all heard that he will come this time as a judge. On January 22, while Miss Kim was convalescing from her foot surgery, she shared some thoughts with us which we'd like to pass on.

The following is from notes of several people at the gathering. Although it is not verbatim, it is nearly so.

He is different from all other men. Although we follow our Leader's example, his course is not our course. He suffered, and we should suffer. However, his glorification is not our glorification. He is unique. He is not thrifty. In theory he is supposed to spend more than anyone else in the world each day. Because he represents God, he is to spend at least enough to satisfy and relieve the grudge of God.

God has never used His creation as He desired. This doesn't mean we should not be thrifty. We must be three times as thrifty. Our Leader is quite temperamental and is easily angered. However, he doesn't mean for others to be temperamental. Temper, jealousy, stubbornness, and pride are for us the four gates to hell. Yet, I think he is the number one stubborn man. To show his absolute authority he must yield to no one.

He must stubbornly teach others, opposing their beliefs. You may stumble at this quality. Also, he is the number one arrogant man. He's intolerant. He is number one in jealousy. As Jesus said: "He who loves those more than me is not worthy of me." Our Leader is the same. So you have to really understand the Principle. Your life must be based upon the Principle. You must be firmly rooted in prayer life to withstand the judgment. He scolds those whom he loves. His scolding is preparation for the responsibility he wishes to give them.

He never says thank you, but returns what you have done in a divine way. Don't expect him to appreciate anything. Do and do for him, and be prepared to be scolded. Your faith in him must be absolute. Never, never expect anything like I did toward you from our Leader.

From her words, we begin to see the preparation we must make in our hearts for our Leader. Let us expand our love for him.

This month in Washington there has been equal emphasis on the physical and spiritual aspects of the work and preparation. We set concrete goals for witnessing and for business gains. The motto here has been: Let us take the heart of the Father to His children, and the hearts of the children to their Father.

Neil Salonen is our new brother, and Cindy Efaw our new sister. Both have moved in. We are expecting a visit of Fred and Jacque Stock and Leonard and Wilma Edwards from the St. Louis Family. They will be here over Memorial Day weekend. We send our love and greeting to all of you again this month. May our preparation be with our whole heart in one heart. 

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