The Words of Young Oon Kim

Message For 1966

Young Oon Kim
January 10, 1966
Washington, D.C.
New Age Frontiers -- January 1966

The year 1967 will be the 7th year since 1960 and will be the 21st year since our Leader set out on his ministry. Consequently it will mark another significant period for the new dispensation. This is the reason that some people are expecting a striking, superhuman phenomena to take place in 1967. However, the significant event in 1960 passed without drawing much world attention, despite the fantastic anticipation of some groups. By the same token, we should not expect the same kind of thing, although the year 1967 will be tremendously important and mark a new stage.

This year of 1966, therefore, is a most important one for the preparation. Hence, our Leader blessed ground in the capital cities of all provinces in South Korea by the first of January this year. He thus made a total of 120 Holy Grounds; including the places in 40 countries which he blessed during his world tour. There are now 120 places in the world which have been dedicated to the Father.

He has also commanded the group in Korea to double their membership in a three-month period, so our Korean Family is now engaged in a crusade of multiplying the membership. Can't we, in the United States and Europe, focus our efforts in doubling our membership? Let us parallel the movement in Korea, praying and working for the same goal.

In announcing this plan, I want to make a few remarks for those in the United States. Some members still seem to be interested in developing ESP; they fast and meditate a great deal. For the past long period of preparation for this new age, people had but to meditate and fast a certain amount. However, the new age has now dawned and we are in the Age of Action. The harvest is ready, and Father is now extremely busy in finding laborers to reap before it is too late.

When people asked Jesus "Why do John's disciples and the disciples of the Pharisees fast, but your disciples do not fast?", Jesus said to them, "Can the wedding guests fast while the bridegroom is with them? As long as they have the bridegroom with them, they cannot fast. The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast."

Now is the time that the sun is high above your head. Don't just crawl and cry out, saying, "Show me light!" Lift up your eyes and see the light, and rejoice! Now is the time to act! Cease your fasting and meditating, but stand up and go forth to meet the Bridegroom and take up his orders! He has paid indemnity for you. You also have paid enough by fasting and suffering. You should not: waste your energy in paying indemnity for indemnity's sake. I want you to use all your energy in activities, in meeting people, and teaching and raising them.

Your suffering for God must have a definite purpose. Blind suffering, or suffering for the sake of suffering, is destruction of your life. Our suffering for the cause must have a definite purpose -- for success, for victory, and for achievement. It is most foolish to suffer for obvious defeat and failure.

I remind you, my beloved Family, that your bodies are part of the Father's, and are His precious vessels for Him to work through. Take care of yourselves for the greater and further mission yet to be fulfilled.

Some members seem to have misunderstood this point, and have chosen low paying jobs and low positions in order to pay indemnity. This situation must be corrected immediately. To meet people with the Father's heart and in a servant's shoes does not mean at all to have a low paying job. This is a terrible misunderstanding. Obtain a job as high as possible in pay and position, or you cannot meet the leaders of this country.

Our movement is rapidly expanding in the United States, Asia and Europe. We are going to have various projects to reach out to the leaders, the youth s and the, masses in this country; therefore, we need money. Why should you choose a low paying job? Our indemnity is paid enough by working hard in full dedication to the Father. Unless you have a decent job, you can't win decent people. I want you to improve your income and improve your social status by all means. Hold dignity as the children of the Father. Use all your energy to find people and teach them.

We must use our common sense on these points. We must cultivate our common sense in the light of the Divine Principle. Then the common sense will become a better and more wholesome guide than ESP. I want you to equip yourselves with deep and broad understanding of the truth, rather than depending on ESP.

Let us double our membership by winning leaders, youth and masses for Father. Let us improve ourselves and make the year 1966 a most successful and victorious year for Him. 

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