The Words of Young Oon Kim

Children's Day Message 1965

Young Oon Kim
October 23, 1965
From notes taken at La Honda Camp~ California.
New Age Frontiers January - February 1967

The ideal of creating all things was to have a physical center on the earth. God was to bless Adam and Eve when they became mature. Then when they had children this would make four positions. Each position would have three objects for give and take of love. With the four positions you can draw two lines -- one horizontal and one vertical.

This creates a center or axis at the cross of the lines. A line can also be drawn through the center from the back to the front creating spherical give and take. This family was to be the basic unit for give and take in a circle. Around this basic family circle would form a clan, tribe, society, world, and cosmos. In this way God, a spirit, would have an axis on earth among people. Adam didn’t do this. Jesus couldn't do it. Now the third Adam is being established as the Center.

Adam was to be the Lord of Creation g the King of Kings, the King of Lords. All men were to be lords. God is infinite in the spirit world and unseen even in the highest realm. Jesus was God's representation. God wanted Jesus to be His finite representation so people could see Him.

To qualify as the third Adam, our Leader had to pay a high price. He did not qualify just because he was chosen or had ordinary faith. Some people suffer because they are lazy, stupid, or stubborn. Some people suffer for their own salvation. A few have suffered for mankind. Our Leader's suffering was not necessarily the greatest in quality -- but it had the greatest meaning.

Some people fast for themselves. Some people fast for others. Some people fast for the sins of the world. Each has a different meaning.

Jesus suffered on the cross like the thieves but it had a different meaning. The Master paid a high price to qualify as the center of the whole universe.

Some people have asked, "What will happen in 1967?" That is the twenty-first year of the Leader’s Jacob course. He has paid to indemnify sins of man past and present. In order to fulfill, he had to indemnify the events in Genesis. He had to have an Eve and children.

So the marriage in 1960 took place. Thus the Marriage Feast of the Lamb in Revelation 19 was spiritually and physically fulfilled. He must produce real and restored children. After the first blessing, the Leader then blessed three couples representing Noah’s three children.

In 1961 he blessed 36 couples. This represented the twelve children of Jacob and disciples of Jesus times three because this was the third dispensation. Jesus would only have needed 24 couples.

Our Leader is Father in relation to Jesus. He needed true children to be a true parent. We also need children to be parents. April 1 (on the lunar calendar) was established as Parents ' Day to commemorate the first true parents. October 1 became Children’s Day after that position was fulfilled. The Leader has to bring all things to God.

May 1 was established as the Day of All Things. There will be one more day. It will be God's Day or the Day of God. This will be the final festival and victory for God. We also celebrate the birth of our Leader on January 6, but this has not been made official.

Our Leader is still fulfilling the position of true Father. But he cannot show only fatherly love for us in this stage. He must indemnify the sins of men past and present. He must establish restoration. He has to play the role of cosmic judge. This is the hardest role. You have already seen not only the moving aspect of the Leader. You have seen him in other aspects. I now have to prepare you to receive him as a judge.

We have to pay indemnity to be the foundation for people past and present. The role of early members is hard. The blessing is great. The saints of Christianity were peaceful, humble, serious, and pious. The Leader has also other aspects. He may act as a prideful tyrant. Can you still be humble to him? We despised God through his humble servants in history. Jesus and Paul were masculine men but they often cried.

Many suffered. Many escaped to preserve their lives. By despising these servants, the people therefore despised God Himself. The Leader must reject when we do our best. We must be grateful and humble though he is like a tyrant. This is his unique role. The Leader may say one thing and then something opposite. We have been inconsistent with God. Our Leader often betrays us as we have betrayed God. He will continue this for a time until we prove ourselves as his true children. When he accepts us he seals us as God seals us. So he has to select his own children, as God’s children.

Often I was very hurt by things our Leader would say. Sometimes for a few days he would say nothing. Once the Leader told me, "I have to blow the anger of God to someone, so I will do it to those nearest to me."

Next year our Leader comes as a judge. This year he was very polite. Just think, he must retrace the whole path of restoration. When I led Mr. Pak to the Principles, the Leader would tell me, "Say something rude and harsh to him." I couldn’t do it. But the Leader purposely and really does it. Your heart suffers and bleeds. He expects us to taste, feel, and experience the suffering and sorrow of our Leader and our Father in heaven because of mankind.

Read the lives of the prophets such as Jonah, Isaiah, Amos, and Jeremiah. Discover their feelings when you sorrow, God feels it. When you cry, God feels it. When you suffer, God feels it. So it was when the prophets suffered with them.

On our way down here we drove by Half Moon Bay. Doris and Pauline once ran away from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay. The Father felt this. I was angry but felt for them also.

You must be hungry to feel the hunger of others. You must go through the same situation that God went through. Otherwise you cannot feel His suffering and cannot identify your heart with His. This helps meet the purpose of being close and one with Him. The purpose of restoration is the restoration of heart. All others did not teach like the Divine Principles. The Leader must put us in the same situation.

Just a few months or years now can equal 6000 years.

The purpose of the Divine Principles is to restore the hearts of men -- not just the minds. If it works in you, it must work in all people. Then it is a universal truth.

Our Leader is in the role of Father and Judge. You must pass the test he gives you. He cannot judge everyone in the future. The Leader will use his children to judge the world just as God is working through him to judge us.

Judgment means paying indemnity. Judgment means separating good from evil. The payment becomes less and less but it is still necessary. It is our privilege to pay much. No one can get this privilege later. If we don't pay the price now, we will feel ashamed later.

For there to be a Center on earth, one was chosen at this time. We have all been chosen for this great task. We must fulfill it. Be grateful. Work through the task quickly. Pave the way for the rest of mankind. This way we will bring comfort to God. To ease His heart we must work hard. Generation after generation will envy us because of our suffering. 

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