The Words of Young Oon Kim

News from San Francisco

Young Oon Kim
New Age Frontiers - June 15, 1963

My dear family:

I do thank you for your prayers and love while I was in hospital with appendicitis. I came home after a week, have now recovered and feel almost normal.

Gordon completed the news letter of this month and Elke typed it for me. So I am glad that I can send it out on time.

On May 31, 1963, our group in Korea was officially recognized by the Korean government as a legitimate religious group. The license no. is 261. All other church denominations and religious groups also received a license on the same day. However, it was a marked victory for our group to receive government recognition at this time. Thank you for your cooperation sending telegrams of congratulation.

On July 24th, 120 new couples will be blessed in marriage. They are going to rent a newly-erected civic auditorium for the occasion and are inviting distinctive guests from the government as well as the 240 families of those blessed, most of whom have been opposing the couples' new faith. After this wedding these 120 couples will serve as crack troops for the restoration of Korea.

Herbert Kregel and his mother have moved into our 2nd story flat. He has been suffering from pneumonia and has been in the hospital. But recently he came home and is now recovering.

Carl Rapkins has gone to Fresno to join Douglas. Their new address is 2611 Mariposa Ave. Fresno.

Gordon has moved into the house in San Francisco and has been making itinerary trips in the Bay Area.

Pauline stayed in San Francisco to help with the cooking during my illness and visited Sacramento on weekends. She will move to Sacramento on July 17th. Several prospects are now studying the Principles in Sacramento.

The feeling of urgency increases day by day and the demand for good teachers of the message is becoming greater and greater. To meet this urgent and great demand, prepare yourselves completely be most effective teachers of the Divine Principle as quickly as possible. Let us pray a lot asking The Father for mighty spiritual power and a flood of devoted workers for the cosmic restoration! 

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