The Words of Young Oon Kim

Encouragement From Our Leader

Young Oon Kim
New Age Frontiers - April 15, 1963

News from Korea

The 15th Training Course was finished in Seoul by the middle of March. The final 40 day movement of the 3 year course will be held from April 13th till May 22nd. They went out covering all of South Korea.

On the 40th day after the birth of the prince 26 married couples who had followed over six years were blessed. On the 100th day (April 7th) after his birth 29 couples who followed over 3 years, were blessed. On Parents' Day, 40 single women and 1 single man, over 60 years old, and who had followed more than 6 years, received a special blessing. With this blessing they can marry either on earth or in the spirit world.

During the ceremony host of spirit men visited and watched over the ceremony. They applauded with great excitement, rejoicing and dancing for those who were blessed, because those who were blessed may marry with anyone, for the first time in the spirit world.

News from Japan

After a 40 day training course in the Tokyo Center, the leaders of the Buddhist group have been reforming within their own organization. They organized a world youth group and commissioned Mr. Nishikawa to commence leadership training.

A Political College president, who has been following the Divine Principles, offered a large building in Odahara Beach for the purpose of a training center, in which our group in Japan will open a seminary. However, for the time being it will be used as a 40 day training center for workers. As there are too many applicants from the Buddhist group they had to give a test for the selection of the applicants.

Recently Mr. Takahashi, now 60 years old, a famous religious leader in Japan with Shinto background, has been born as a new member of our group. He said that 211 world religions can be unified through the Divine Principles, which completely clarify the essential doctrine of Japanese Shintoism. Mr. Takahashi is a tutor of the Japanese Royal Family. Mr. Nishikawa had a two day conference with Mr. Takahashi in an exclusive hotel for the royal family.

At the end of the conference Mr. Takahashi humbly begged forgiveness and said, "I apologize all the sins of Japan to you Mr. Nishikawa, who represent Korea. Please forgive me on behalf of all of Japan." So Mr. Nishikawa prayed for him laying his hands upon his shoulders. Mr. Takahashi introduced him to the Emperor's only uncle and opened a way for Mr. Nishikawa to enter the Emperor's palace. He is also preparing for Mr. Nishikawa to lecture the Divine Principles to the royal family. The group in Japan now has the fund for the establishment of the new world in Japan. As a unified group consisting of Buddhists, Shintoists and the Divine Principles, they are planning for the world mission.

Our Leader sends us in America these words of encouragement; "Don't be beaten by Japan. 

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